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You can skip this: Fraternal twins are non-identical twins, in other words, two eggs were released from the mother's body and both were fertilized. Identical twins come from one fertilized egg that splits to create carbon copy babies. Contrary to popular belief there is no hard evidence at this point that identical twins are passed on geneticly however fraternal twins can be passed on from parents to their daughter (it is the woman's body that decides to release two eggs and has nothing to do with the father). Therefore Hermione would likely have ancestors that also had fraternal twins.

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Luna ended up marrying at the age of 26. Her husband was a writer for the Quibbler that enjoyed searching for mythical animals. He was a nice man and not nearly as odd as Luna. They had two children, a boy and a girl whom they took with them on their adventures. When her father retired at the age of 96 Luna took over the Quibbler.


Professor Severus Snape married former charms Professor Adonis Purr in 2006. They reunited and romance sparked she came back to teach in 2003. They had one child, a boy named Stephen. Snape continued to teach and terrorize students until his death in 2098.


Colin and Melissa lived happily ever after. Colin became an Unspeakable and Melissa was a housewife who raised their three children. All three of the children were magical and attended Hogwarts where they were friends with the Potter and Weasley children.

Emily born in 2000

Kaylee born in 2002

Stanley born in 2004


Alice and Frank Longbottom slowly recovered and were eventually able to function and take care of themselves. They were never completely well nor as competent as other adults their age because much of the damage that was inflicted upon them was permanent. They were able to enjoy their son and his wife along with their grandchildren.


Neville and Padma lived happily ever after and had three children.

Ashley born in 1999

Parker born in 2002

Hailey born in 2003


Remus and Pru had one more child after Ben, a girl that they named Josephine who was born in 2002. Remus always struggled to find work but was eventually given a position in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures Office in 2007. Pru continued to be a top Auror.


Liz graduated from Hogwarts with honors and went on to have a career at the Ministry in the Improper use of Magic Office. She married a classmate also from Ravenclaw and had one daughter named Alice who was born in 2005.


Mr. and Mrs. Weasley both lived to be nearly 200 years old, enjoying their home and many grandchildren.


Bill did resign from Hogwarts in 2003 after the school year to take Tyler to France. While there he met an English widow named Jane Pollok and her daughter, Farrah, who was just a few months younger than Tyler. Jane was a complete opposite to Fleur. She was rather plane and soft spoken but she was extremely intelligent and it was obvious that Bill was head over heals in love with her. They married in 2005 and had two more children. Devon was born in 2006 and Maxwell who was born in 2008. They stayed in France investigating the mystery surrounding da Vinci for fifty years before returning to England.


Fred and Merri had five sons:

Lyndon born in 2000

Kent born in 2001

Isaac born in 2003

Hilton born in 2005

Garret born in 2006


George and Maddie also had five sons:

Landon born in 2000

Keane born in 2001

Israel born in 2003

Hunter born in 2005

Grayson born in 2006

Did you notice the pattern? The children were also born on the same day!


Ron and Hermione did very well in their careers. Ron became Head of the Auror Department when he was 53 and Hermione became the Head of the Department of Mysteries when she was 50. They had four children.

Trey and Todd were born in 2000

Vance was born in 2002

Rider was born in 2003


Harry and Ginny continued to live at Hogwarts until Harry retired. He was offered the Headmaster's position but declined, preferring to continue working closely with the students. Ginny was the most sought after Matron and her abilities as an Amulain helped her to save and cure countless numbers of lost people. She even delivered all of her nephews and her one niece. In all they had twelve children.

Erik eventually became a professional Quidditch player and married at the age of 20.

Emily married right out of Hogwarts and was a homemaker while her children were small before going to work at the Daily Prophet as a columnist.

Nicole grew up and decided to become a dragon keeper in Romania, much to her grandmother's chagrin. She married at the age of 26.

Serenity was born in 1999. She grew up to have messy black hair and green eyes just like her father. She was the only girl in the family who was tall.

Nellie was born in 2001 (red hair and green eyes)

Amber was born in 2003 (red hair and brown eyes)

Blythe, Brooke and Brandy were born in 2005 (identical triplets- black hair and green eyes)

Willow was born in 2006 (black hair and brown eyes)

Molly was born in 2007 (red hair and brown eyes)

James was born in 2008 (black hair and green eyes… the spitting image of his father.)

Erik was 13 by the time Jamie made it in to the word and he was thrilled to finally have another brother since he had ten younger sisters. Harry had just smiled amusedly as his eldest son held the youngest son. He rather liked having all these daughters. Girls were really confusing but they had a way of making life interesting.