Summer Vacation

This starts near the end of the movie where Alan has just caught the Hood from falling. Jeff Tracy and Lady Penelope are still locked up, Tin Tin has fainted and Alan is finding it hard to hold on.

"Dad, I can't hold onto him much longer" cried Alan as he struggled to hold on. Jeff Tracy felt hopeless as he watched his Son struggle.

"Uh, Jeff" said Lady Penelope, still handcuffed to the bars.

"What Penny?" asked Jeff hopefully.

"If you get me out of these handcuffs, I could get us out of here" she smiled sweetly. Jeff mentally whacked himself for not letting her out sooner.

"Sorry Penny" he smiled as he quickly freed her. She flashed him a smile as she took a hair grip out of her hair and wiggled it in the lock. The door sprung open and Jeff ran to his son's side.

"Here, let me" he took the Hood's arm from Alan. Alan took this opportunity to run down to where Tin Tin was lying on the ground.

"She'll be fine" smiled Lady Penelope kindly.

"I know" agreed Alan as he lifted her up. Lady Penelope smiled as she walked over to where Jeff was with The Hood.

"You'd better help Alan take Tin Tin to Thunderbird one" sighed Jeff.

"No" smiled Lady Penelope sweetly. "You had" Jeff shook his head.

"And leave you alone with the Hood? No way Penny"

"Oh come on Jeff. I'm a big girl, I'll be fine" she smiled.

"You sure?" he asked, not wanting her to get hurt.

"Absolutely" she confirmed. "Oh, and tell Parker to alert the Police"

"OK." He gave in. "I'll be back as soon as possible" he sighed reluctantly.

She nodded as he followed Alan out of the room. Lady Penelope watched them leave, only now realising the actual danger that Jeff had foreseen. She turned slowly to see the Hood staring evilly at her. He grinned before using his mind powers to retrieve her gun and handcuffs. She tried to punch him, kick him, even scream. But it was too late, he was controlling her every move, she was at his mercy.