"Well? Whose wedding?" asked Tin Tin impatiently.

"Your's and Alan's" smiled Lady Penelope.

"Huh?" she asked.

"You two got married at the age of five" laughed Scott.

"Apparently" added Alan quietly.

"Don't you remember? He gave you that plastic ring" laughed Virgil.

"I was the Vicar" squealed Gordon.

"No, you wanted to be the Vicar. Scott was the Vicar coz he was the eldest" sighed John. "You were her bridesmaid"

"Don't be stupid" moaned Gordon.

"Don't you remember the flowery pink dress Penny leant you?" asked Jeff.

"You mean I really was the bridesmaid?" asked Gordon.

"Sorry" smiled Lady Penelope.

"Who was my maid of honour?" asked Tin Tin who had taken a seat next to Alan. She had gotten over her original embarrassment thanks to Gordon.

"I was" smiled Lady Penelope. "You said there was no one else you'd trust with the job" still touched by the young girl's words.

"It's true I guess" admitted Tin Tin.

"What about best man?" asked Alan.

"Your old man of course!" laughed Scott.

"Hey, I'm not old" complained Jeff.

"Yeah!" scoffed Vigil. "Tell it to the judge"

"What were John and Virgil then?" asked Alan suddenly.

"I was the page boy" smiled John.

"And I was the wedding planner slash photographer" laughed Virgil. "Actually, I still have the photos somewhere"

"Well let's keep them there" said Alan quickly as the others laughed.

"Chill out Alan." Laughed Tin Tin. "We were five, that's a good excuse"

"I suppose" he groaned.

"When you get married, you'll look back at your first wedding and laugh" smiled Lady Penelope.

"Wait, what do you mean, first wedding?" asked Alan suspiciously.

"How many weddings do you'll think we'll have?" added Tin Tin.

"One real, two fake" smiled Lady Penelope.

"Why do you know this" shrieked Alan.

"What have you been saying?" accused Tin Tin.

"Me? Why is everything always my fault?" whined Alan.

"When isn't it?" argued Tin Tin.

"Calm down you two" sighed Jeff.

"Your acting like an old married couple" smirked Scott.

"Married to her? Hah!" said Alan.

"Like you're such a big catch" Tin Tin snapped.

The rest of the table laughed as Jeff looked at Lady Penelope with his eyebrow raised.