He had always loved her, at first like a little sister and then something more. Smiling, he remembered the first time he had seen her. Long black hair drawn in two matching pigtails, her dark eyes smudged with tears and uncertainty. As her mother and half-brother fought in the other room Midnite sat her on his lap and soothed her with stories he had been told as a child. Unlike her brother, she had trusted him from the start. It hadn't been easy for Constantine to accept the responsibility of a three year old and Midnite had played surrogate until Constantine finally accepted the role. Still, they had never lost that bond formed so long ago.

Midnite looked across the room at Adrianna's huddled mass. Concern swept his brow as he watched her shiver on the floor. With long strides he came beside her, lifted her in his arms, and started towards the bedroom.

"What are you doing?" Adrianna whispered, her speech choppy as it escaped chattering teeth. "I was fine." She tried to wiggle out of his grasp but his arms were like iron.

"You have a fever." Midnite threw the covers back on his bed and slipped her inside. Adrianna weakly attempted to get up but flopped back down with exhaustion.

"Stop punishing yourself Adrianna. Just like your brother, always playing the martyr." Midnite clucked in a motherly tone as he draped another blanket on top of her.

"I'm fine." Adrianna shivered. Midnite smiled at her stubbornness.

"Stay here, I need to grab something to kill your fever." Midnite sorted through a dark closet containing rare herbs, relics, and random odds and ends before he found what he was looking for. When he entered the room Adrianna was standing weakly, swaying back and forth, wrapped only in the musty blanket that had covered her for days. "Adrianna-"

"No, I'm fine." Adrianna insisted, trying to hide the wobble in her voice. Slowly she stepped towards the doorframe his tall frame inhabited. Midnite set the medicine he had just retrieved on the neighboring dresser and crossed his arms.

"If you can get past me, I'll let you go lay on the floor again." With a surprising burst of strength Adrianna shoved him out the door and walked past him towards the couch. Midnite grinned with pride. In two strides he had her strung over his shoulder, avoiding her kicking legs and pounding fists. Without being gentle he threw her on the bed.

"Fuck you!" Adrianna seethed, eyes flashing in the dim bedroom light. Midnite smiled down at her in satisfaction. Heading back to the dresser he grabbed the medicine.

"You need to take this Adrianna." She glowered at him.

"Don't make me force it down your throat because I swear you won't like it." Adrianna grabbed the vial from his hands and drank it down. An odd look crossed her face as she passed the empty vial back to him.

"What is in that?" Adrianna gagged. Midnite ignored her question, shutting the door behind him. From behind closed doors he heard her roar in frustration.

After a full night of attending to business Midnite returned to his quarters beneath the club to check on Adrianna. He found her restlessly asleep, legs hugged close for warmth. Despite three down blankets and the medicine he had given her she still shivered with fever. Midnite silently stripped down to his undergarments and lifted the comforter to enter the bed. Adrianna's eyes flew open as she felt his added weight.

"What are you doing?" Adrianna whispered hoarsely. Midnite lay down beside her but she scooted away.

"You need more warmth to break the fever."

"Like hell I do." Adrianna spat, pasting herself to the edge of the mattress. Forcefully he closed his arms around her and held her tight until she stopped fighting him. Eventually she stopped struggling and he loosened his hold. The smell of her, the feel of her in his arms was intoxicating. As sappy as it sounded he could lay like this forever. The thought that a musty blanket was the only thing separating their bare skin killed him. In her sleep she pressed her body closer to his and he froze. Was he insane? This was John Constantine's little sister! He had known her since she was three and was nearly a decade older than her! He looked down at her sleeping face and felt the intense connection they shared. Originally he had denied the feelings he had for her, pushing her way. At the time she was fifteen, he twenty-seven, and his feelings for her left him feeling perverted and dirty. For a time she had given up on him, instead falling for someone more her age. When Darius had died she had gone crazy for a time, to some extent she still was. Sex, drugs, and booze had consumed her and it had killed him to watch her destroy herself. When he learned of Constantine's child, saw what it was, he instantly contacted her and their bond was there still. He found her changed that night he first contacted her. She was older, wiser, jaded but still stubborn with a sharp wit. Deep beneath the scars she was still the Adrianna he had denied so many years ago.

Adrianna snuggled closer to his warmth and he moved to accommodate her. As a shaman, a man of medicine, he ached to heal the damage life had inflicted on her. He hoped he could.

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