"Power Rangers: Psycho Matrix"

Book Two: "Twisted Element"

Chapter 6: "End the Hatred"

Disclaimer: Zordon, Dimitria, and the Psycho Rangers do not belong to me. Everything else does.

Author's note: All right, it's the end of Power Rangers: Psycho Matrix. It's been a long, arduous journey for our favorite antiheroes but like all journeys, it must end. It'll end with a bang, though, as the Psycho Rangers strive to defeat the Kirai once and for all. I must warn you that some elements will be borrowed from the finales of Space, Time Force, and Ninja Storm, but only because they kicked so much ass.

"Tsukimaru!" Psycho Yellow screamed, leaping from the cockpit of the Psycho Megazord and racing to where the Eclipse Winger and Kirai mecha had exploded.

The other Psychos came after her. "There's nothing left, Kaitlyn," Psycho Pink said. "The explosion completely atomized both the Winger and the Kirai mecha. Even Tsukimaru couldn't survive that."

"He can't be gone," Psycho Yellow moaned, falling to her knees as she demorphed.

Psycho Red placed a hand on Kaitlyn's shoulder. "I'm sorry, but he is."

"Tsukimaru . . ." Kaitlyn whispered, tears in her eyes. She remembered the last words he'd spoken before the explosion.

"I love you."

"I love you, too," Kaitlyn whispered.

Elsewhere, four armored figures stalked toward a desolated field. They were the Kirai, and they had survived the destruction of their mecha through a last-second ejection.

"Is this the place?" Yuna asked.

"Yes, it is," Kanika replied. "Once we break the seal, we will be able to unleash the wrath of our fallen warriors on the Earth."

The four Kirai stood at four points and fired warp-blasts that connected to form four corners of a star. Kanika moved to a fifth point and fired the blast that completed the five-pointed star. A ring of black energy encircled the star, and then the star itself began to glow black.

"Yes, perfect," Kokure said.

"But it needs one more thing," Kanika replied. "A tribute." She summoned her Kiraihime Rapier.

"Sister?" Kokure asked.

Kanika's only response was to attack Kokure and her two lieutenants at blurring speed. She slashed them until they fell upon the black star, their blood pooling inside it.

"Sister . . . why?" Kokure asked weakly, extending a hand to her. However, she was too weak from blood loss and her hand fell, signifying the end of her life.

Xaran and Yuna powered down from their armored states. For the first time, Xaran's true face was revealed. He was a handsome young man with silver hair, the only thing detracting from his attractiveness being the scar on his cheek.

Kanika just smiled as black energy exploded from the star.

"It has begun."

Back at the Neji Chamber, the Rangers were reeling from their shocking loss.

"I can't believe it," Darien said. "I can't believe he's dead."

"It's hard to accept," Kieran said, "but we have to. There's no way for anyone to survive inside a Zord that's been blown to atoms."

"Shit!" Faith exclaimed. "What the hell was he thinking, pulling a stunt like that!"

"It was no stunt, Faith," Liam replied. "He was trying to protect us. Think about it: The Kirai set the self-destruct on their mecha for the sole purpose of taking us with them. If Tsukimaru hadn't done what he did, they'd have succeeded in killing all of us."

"The only good thing is that the Kirai are gone for good," Kaitlyn said.

"I sensed a presence in the vicinity of the explosion," Dimitria said. "However, the overwhelming evil presence I felt prevented me from discerning who or what it was."

"Evil presence?" Kieran asked.

The Neji Chamber's screen flared to life, with Kanika's image.

"Kanika!" Darien exclaimed. "She's supposed to be dead, along with her buddies!"

"Surprised I'm still here, Rangers?" Kanika asked mockingly. At the same time, her image could be seen on every television set and public television screen in the world, regardless of whether or not they had been on or what they were showing previously. "This message is for the leaders of Earth's governments. I am Kanika, the Kirai no Hime, Princess of Kirai. From this moment forward, your planet is no longer yours. It belongs to the Kirai! You have until dawn to officially surrender control of this planet to me, or my army of fallen warriors," the image briefly shifted to a massive array of armored warriors, "will overrun your planet and I will take that control by force." She smirked before continuing.

"Also, I require that the Psycho Rangers surrender to me at dawn as well. If they do not, then they will get front-row seats to the destruction of their precious city, and the inhabitants will always know that it's all their fault."

The image vanished.

"Where did that army come from?" Faith asked.

"The Seal of Darkness kept the Nightmare Chasm, which contained the essence of evil warriors of generations past, closed," Dimitria replied. "However, Kanika has broken the seal and the warriors have arisen once again under her command."

"If she survived . . . then that means Tsukimaru gave up his own life for nothing," Kaitlyn stated, rage in her voice and expression. "I will not let that be true. We'll defeat Kanika, if we have to give our own lives to do it!"

"We very well might," Kieran said. He paused, in deep thought. "We have to tell them."

"Tell who?" Liam asked.

"Our parents," Kieran replied. "I don't want to die with secrets between us."

"My mother's better off not knowing," Darien spat. "She disapproves of me enough as it is."

"I'm with Kieran," Liam said. "I don't want to go to my grave with this secret hanging over my head."

"My mother's always been there for me," Kaitlyn said, "and she's always been my closest confidant, the one I could always go to about anything."

"As much as my parents get on my nerves, I wouldn't like them to spend the rest of their lives bitching about how rotten they are because I couldn't come to them about this," Faith conceded.

"Fine," Darien sighed. "I guess I'm outnumbered."

"Consider what you are about to do carefully," Dimitria advised. "You are about to break the most binding tenet of your Ranger status."

"We've thought about it, Dimitria," Kieran said. "And we've decided. We're going to tell them."

"If you must do so, Rangers," Dimitria conceded.

At only an hour before dawn, the Rangers' parents received a message telling them to go to the local park. They didn't understand why, but something compelled them to go.

So, they were assembled by twenty minutes to dawn. Kieran's mother and father, Darien's mother, Liam's parents, Kaitlyn's mother, and Faith's parents and brother were together. Also, the parents of Liam's girlfriend Sophia, as well as Sophia herself, were present.

"Someone sent you a message, too?" Mrs. Kyle (Darien's mother) asked.

"Yeah," Mr. Grayson (Kieran's father) replied.

"Aw, man, this is boring," Richie said. "I wanna go home and sleep."

"It's probably very important," Mrs. Blackwell (Kaitlyn's mother) said.

"It's probably just some idiot's idea of a joke," Mr. Darkchilde (Faith's father) said.

"It's not a joke . . . Dad," a twisted mechanical yet familiar voice said.

Psycho Pink stood in front of him. Next to her were Blue, Red, Black, and Yellow.

"Psycho Rangers?" Mr. O'Connor (Liam's father) wondered.

"Yes, we're the Psycho Rangers," Psycho Blue confirmed.

"Why did you call us here?" Mrs. Kyle asked, sounding more annoyed than anything else.

"Always annoyed with me," Psycho Black said, resigned annoyance in his voice. "Oh, well."

"We called you here to tell you a secret," Psycho Red replied. "Specifically, the secrets we've kept from all of you since this madness started."

"What secrets?" Mrs. Blackwell asked.

"This," Psycho Yellow replied, removing her helmet and shaking her hair loose, revealing Kaitlyn's face in the process. "Hi, Mom."

The other Psycho Rangers removed their helmets as well, showing their faces.

"Faith?" Mr. Darkchilde exclaimed. "You're Psycho Pink?"

Mrs. Darkchilde looked ready to faint.

Richie exclaimed, "My sister's a Power Ranger! Cool! Wait until I tell all my friends! They'll be so jealous!"

"That is the one thing you can't do, Richie," Faith said. "And it's Psycho Ranger, not Power Ranger."

"So that's what you've been up to all this time!" Mrs. Kyle exclaimed. "I just thought you were off getting high with your punk friends, but this is even worse!"

"You don't get it, do you?" Darien replied. "We're trying to save this planet from getting its life force sucked out by that crazy woman you saw on TV!"

"So that's why I haven't seen as much of you lately," Sophia said to Liam. She smiled slightly. "Blue always was my favorite color."

"This is insane!" Mr. Darkchilde exclaimed. "What possessed you to do this, Faith?"

"Try saving the world," Faith replied.

"We were chosen, the five of us," Kieran explained, "to hold the essence and powers of the Psycho Rangers. We're using that power to defend this planet from Kanika."

"Kaitlyn, sweetheart, couldn't someone else have been picked to do this?" Mrs. Blackwell asked.

"We have to do this," Kaitlyn replied. "You didn't see what the Kirai have done, what they're capable of doing, what they plan to do. We have no choice. We just have to stop them."

"You know, son," Mr. Grayson said, "I'm torn between being really proud of you and being really mad at you for not telling us."

"I'm sorry, Dad," Kieran replied. "I couldn't tell you."

"And why couldn't you kids tell us?" Mrs. Darkchilde asked. "This isn't the kind of work kids should be doing. Why couldn't the military take care of it?"

Faith burst out into laughter, which died down to snickers at her mother's glance. "Sorry, but that was funny. It'll take centuries for the military to come up with the weaponry needed to take down the Kirai. We're the only ones who can stop them."

"Well, what if I don't want you to be one?" Mrs. Darkchilde asked.

"Excuse me, Mom, but the whole world doesn't run on your say-so!" Faith yelled. "We're talking about the fate of the world! And you're bitching about what you want!"

"Amen," Darien muttered.

"What was that, young man?" Mrs. Kyle asked.

"I'm sick of it, Mom," Darien confessed. "I'm sick of you always bagging on me because I'm not the perfect, clean-cut kid you wanted. I can only be who I am, not who you want me to be! My friends and I have spent the past several months defending this city from the Kirai, and you're still disappointed!"

"I refuse to listen to this," Mrs. Kyle declared angrily.

"Tough luck!" Darien snapped back. "You're going to have to deal with it. The only reason we bothered telling you at all was because we're probably going to die doing this!"

"You're going to die?" Sophia's mother asked. She'd always liked Liam, kind and caring young man that he was, and the thought of him dying was distressing.

"Die?" Sophia asked. "Liam?"

"Yeah, Sophia," Liam confirmed sadly. "When we go into this fight, we might not make it out alive."

"Don't talk like that, Liam," Sophia said. "You're going to make it out alive."

"How do you know?" Liam asked.

"Because I have faith in you, Liam," Sophia replied. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Sophia," Liam said. They kissed, and Liam wrapped his arms around her, his gauntleted hands entwining in her hair.

"You see that?" Mrs. Grayson asked. "If that girl can have faith in Liam, then we need to have faith in our children as well." She looked to the other parents. "I know this isn't what you wanted for your children. I know my husband and I didn't want this for Kieran, but whoever chose them probably had good reasons to do so, despite whatever persisting ideas you might have about them. Now is the time to rally behind them, instead of continuing to nag at them because we don't like what we're doing." She looked up at the sky. "It's almost dawn now. When dawn arrives, our children will have to go out there and fight to stop that horrible woman from desecrating our planet. We have to believe in them."

For a few minutes, the parents of the Rangers considered Mrs. Grayson's words.

Finally, Mrs. Kyle spoke. "I don't like this but sometimes, people have to do things they don't like, just because it's the right thing to do. And I know that you're doing the right thing, Darien. I'm proud of you."

"Thanks, Mom," Darien replied, not being sarcastic for once.

"Now go out there and save the world," Mrs. Kyle admonished.

"The same goes for you, too," Mr. Darkchilde said to Faith.

"Go get her!" Richie exclaimed.

"I will," Faith replied. She ruffled Richie's hair. "And don't tell anyone I'm Psycho Pink."

"I won't," Richie conceded.

Liam and Sophia finally broke their kiss. "Come back to me, Liam," Sophia said.

"I will, Sophia," Liam replied. He gave her one last kiss, and then backed away.

"Good luck, kids," Mrs. Blackwell said.

The Psycho Rangers put their helmets back on and ran away at super-speed. They arrived at the metropolitan area of the city.

"Just one more minute until dawn," Psycho Pink said.

They waited out the minute, and when the sun rose at last, Kanika's image appeared on the public television screens and TV screens all over the world.

"Have you surrendered yet?" Kanika asked.

There was a pause, during which an incensed expression made its way to her face. "You mean you're not going to turn this planet over to me?" she asked.

"No, we will not," the Japanese prime minister's voice could be heard saying. "Do whatever you wish to us; we shall never capitulate to your demands."

"Then prepare to have this planet torn from your hands!" Kanika replied.

The swarm of fallen warriors began to descend upon the city, heading right for the Psycho Rangers.

"Let's do this," Psycho Red said.

The Psycho Rangers summoned their weapons and charged into battle, fighting their way through the multitude of fallen warriors.

"Psycho Sword, Phantom Fire Blade!" Psycho Red commanded, swinging his sword in such a way that it sent a fiery arc through the fallen warriors, reducing them to ashes.

"Vulgar Earth Shaking!" Psycho Black commanded, sending a shockwave through the ground, knocking down several warriors.

"Psycho Axe, Bizarre Ice Spin!" Psycho Blue shouted, spinning with his Psycho Axe at super-speed, slashing every fallen warrior that was in his path.

Psycho Yellow made a running jump onto a car and somersaulted backward, firing bolts of green lightning at the fallen warriors.

Psycho Pink was firing energy arrows out of her bow, and her deadly aim spared no one.

Psycho Red stabbed his sword into the ground and sent waves of emerald electricity through the ground, striking down all the fallen warriors in his path.

"Vulgar Earth Rising!" Psycho Black shouted, sending another shockwave into the ground but this time, spikes rose from the ground upon the shockwave reaching its targets.

Unfortunately, Blue got his Axe kicked out of his hand. He went after it, but another warrior intercepted him and kicked him into a car.

Yellow had drawn her sling and was firing it like nobody's business. Unfortunately, she also lost her weapon at the hands of a fallen warrior. She then fought barehanded, striking with green and gold lightning and her own fists and feet, utilizing her skills and powers to deadly effect.

However, even with those taken out by the five Rangers, the fallen warriors were still far more numerous. Soon, each one found him- or herself surrounded.

A warrior raised his sword, preparing to bring it down and slay Psycho Yellow. However, he was interrupted by a warped-air blade that pierced him through his chest, killing him instantly. His body disintegrated into nothingness.

Blasts and blades of warped air flew everywhere, killing fallen warriors and forcing them away from the Psychos.

"What the . . . ?" Psycho Blue wondered.

"Miss me?" a familiar voice asked.

The Psychos looked and saw a longhaired figure stalk toward them. On closer inspection, they saw that his hair was so long that it reached past his knees and that it was black with violet highlights, not to mention that some of it hung in his eyes. He was wearing only a pair of torn-up black pants and the rags of a gray shirt hung from the waist. He looked up with blazing golden eyes.

"Tsukimaru!" Psycho Yellow shouted, joyful and surprised. "I thought you were . . ."

"The reports of my death were greatly exaggerated, my love," Tsukimaru replied. "No time to talk now." He dashed forward at warping speeds, fighting through the fallen warriors.

Their spirits renewed by Tsukimaru's return, the Psycho Rangers resumed fighting as well. Psycho Blue somersaulted off a car with his axe spinning in the air, shooting crescents of ice energy. He caught the axe upon landing and slashed the warriors in his path with it.

Psycho Black stabbed his rod into the ground and began kicking his opponents in a circle as he rotated on it.

Psycho Yellow was doing all sorts of acrobatics as she fought the warriors in her path. While doing a sideways somersault, she fired a bolt of green lightning at several warriors.

Psycho Pink summoned a storm of rose petals, which exploded upon contact with the warriors.

Psycho Red kicked several opponents and then leaped onto a skyscraper and shouted, "Come and get me!"

A warrior took him up on his challenge and jumped up after him. As he got halfway up, Psycho Red leaped off the building and kicked the warrior, slashing him repeatedly with a green lightning-charged Psycho Sword.

Very soon, the fallen warriors were defeated.

"De-Fusion!" the Psychos shouted, demorphing. They then proceeded to surround Tsukimaru.

"Man, are we glad to see you," Darien said.

"Yeah, we thought we were goners for sure," Kieran said.

"Uh-huh," Faith agreed.

Liam said nothing. Neither did Kaitlyn. Then she surprised herself and the other Rangers by practically tackling Tsukimaru in a hug.

"I'm so glad you're alive," she said in hushed tones.

"I am, too," Tsukimaru replied, stroking her hair gently.

"How'd you survive?" Liam asked, finally finding his voice.

"The Eclipse Winger ejected me at the last second," Tsukimaru replied. "However, it didn't eject me far enough away to avoid getting caught in the shockwave of the explosion, which is how I account for the sorry state of my clothes."

"Oh, well," a cruel feminine voice said. "Guess that means I can kill all six of you at once."

The six Rangers turned to the sound of the voice and saw Kanika, smiling evilly at them.

"You!" Tsukimaru exclaimed, rage in his voice.

"What is it, Tsukimaru?" Kaitlyn asked.

"You wanna know how Kanika opened the Nightmare Chasm?" Tsukimaru replied. "She sacrificed Yuna, Xaran, and her own sister Kokure!"

"Shit," Faith said. "I knew you Kirai were evil, but I didn't think you'd go that far."

Kanika just smirked. "It matters not. You may have defeated my army, but there's no way you're beating me."

"Really?" Kieran retorted. "Ready?"

The other five Rangers nodded.

"Psycho Spirit Fusion!" the five Psycho Rangers yelled, inserting the key-loops into their morphers.

"Twisted Aura Exchange!" Tsukimaru yelled, inserting the golden key into his Auramorpher.

Fire surged around Kieran and appeared to consume him, dissipating to reveal Psycho Red.

The earth itself exploded beneath Darien and died down to reveal Psycho Black.

Mist, snow, and hailstones swirled around Liam, obscuring him and then dissipating to reveal Psycho Blue.

Lightning struck around Kaitlyn, creating flashes so bright as to momentarily obscure her, only to fade to reveal Psycho Yellow.

Rose petals swirled around Faith so fast as to block all sight of her, and when they swirled away from her, Psycho Pink was revealed.

A cyclone raged with Tsukimaru in its eye though he couldn't be seen through the raging winds, and then it died down to reveal Psycho Silver.







"Psycho Rangers!" all six shouted, doing battle poses, with their colors exploding in the air behind them.

"Cute," Kanika sneered. She leaped into the air in a whirling aerial cartwheel, kicking Blue and Pink. Black and Yellow attacked, but Kanika flipped out of the way of their attack and fired blasts of warped air at them, sending them both flying into a nearby van. Then she landed and turned her fury on Red, firing a powerful burst of warped air at him that ran through him like a knife. He stood there for a moment or two before slumping to his knees and landing a prostrate position.

"Now for you, traitor," Kanika said, smiling cruelly.

"Psycho Blazer!" Silver shouted, summoning the gun-blade combo weapon that was his trademark.

Kanika drew her rapier and then she and Silver fought furiously at blurring/warping speeds. Silver leaped onto the roof of a car and Kanika jumped on after him. Their blades clashed there, but that wasn't where the fight ended. They were jumping all over the city, moving at super-speed. Finally, they landed at the field where Kanika had viciously murdered Kokure, Yuna, and Xaran.

"How fitting," Silver said. "This is where you killed Kokure, Yuna, and Xaran and this is where you plan to kill me."

"Smart boy," Kanika replied and slashed him viciously. The force of the strike sent him spinning as he flew through the air. He landed hard on the ground and warping silver light consumed him before he painfully force-demorphed, his Auramorpher fused.

"Goodbye, traitor," she said, raising her rapier to bring it down for a fatal strike. Suddenly, she found her Kiraihime Rapier blocked by a familiar black blade.

"I don't think so," Psycho Red hissed before kicking Kanika. The other Psychos raced up to join him, with Yellow breaking away to Tsukimaru.

"Are you all right?" she asked.

"I'll live," Tsukimaru replied.

Yellow extended her hand and Tsukimaru took it, rising up from the ground.

"Fine, I'll take you in his place!" Kanika yelled, firing a vicious blast of warped air at Psycho Blue. He flew back and landed hard, a warping blue glow around him before he force-demorphed, his Psycho Morpher fused.

It was little more than a repeated process after that. Each of the remaining Rangers would fight Kanika, and Kanika would reply with a vicious pounding that left them force-demorphed and with fused morphers.

Finally, it was just Red and Kanika. The two warriors charged at each other and began fighting.

"Give up," Kanika ordered, pushing her own blade against Red's.

"Never," Red replied, pushing back.

"Then die," Kanika said, giving him a brutal slash with her rapier. The slash was powerful enough to force him out of morphed form and leave his morpher fused like the others'.

"Six powerless Rangers," Kanika purred, "just ripe for the slaughter. Who shall I kill first?"

The six Rangers got up and dog-piled her. Unfortunately, that wasn't a really wise strategy as Kanika simply threw them off her telekinetically.

"You couldn't beat me when you were morphed," she sneered. "So what makes you think you can beat me as you are now?"

"Because we have something you don't," Kieran replied. "We fight for the people we love, not for selfish greed and power lust!" He shifted into his post-morphing pose. "Phantom Fire!"

Darien shifted into his post-morphing pose as well. "Vulgar Earth!"

"Bizarre Ice!" Liam shouted.

"Sofia Lightning!" Kaitlyn shouted.

"Jealous Rose!" Faith shouted.

"Eclipse Wind!" Tsukimaru shouted.

"Psycho Spirit Powers!" the six Rangers shouted, channeling their energies and firing them right at Kanika, blasting her back.

"No . . . I cannot will not be defeated!" she shouted.

"Too late," Faith said. "You just were."

Behind Kanika, the Nightmare Chasm opened and the Rangers blasted her into it.

The Rangers returned to the Neji Chamber on foot, as their morphers were no longer working and thus they couldn't teleport.

"Congratulations, Rangers," Dimitria said. "You have done well."

"So what now?" Darien asked.

"We tell the Kirai that this planet's off-limits," Tsukimaru replied. He went to the communications console and opened a link to the Kirai.

The image of the Kiraioh, the King of Kirai, appeared. He was a strikingly handsome man, with crimson hair and golden eyes.

"Tsukimaru, how have you been?" he asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"You failed," Tsukimaru replied. "We've defeated your daughters and stopped the invasion of this planet. Here's a warning: Send anyone else here and I can guarantee you that they will never come back."

He cut off the link.

"All right, I get the feeling that he's peeved," Faith said.

"'Peeved' is the least of it," Tsukimaru said. "Don't worry; I don't expect him to come here. If he does, though, we'll be ready."

"In the meantime," Dimitria said, "it is time for you to surrender your Ranger powers. As your services as Rangers are no longer needed, you can resume your normal lives."

"What about the Psycho Ranger spirits?" Kaitlyn asked. "Are they going to return to the Spirit World?"

"No," Dimitria replied. "Zordon decided that since the Psycho Rangers have redeemed themselves, they deserve a second chance."

The main five Rangers' morphers glowed and then floated off their wrists. The two parts of each morpher melded together in a bright glow that faded to reveal human versions of the Psycho Rangers. Red was now a brown-haired young man with hazel eyes. Black was a dark-haired Asian with dark brown eyes. Blue was platinum blond with ice-blue eyes. Yellow was a lovely brunette and Pink was a Native American girl with lustrous black hair and shining green eyes.

"Wow," Red said.

"This is nice," Black said.

"Very," Blue agreed.

Yellow checked herself out in a hand mirror. "Damn, am I gorgeous or what?"

"Quit being such a narcissist," Pink replied.

Tsukimaru removed his Auramorpher from his wrist and laid it down on the console next to his key. "From this point forward, Tsukimaru is dead and Terry Haller lives."

Beautiful white light began to swirl around Dimitria.

"Dimitria?" Faith asked. "What's happening?"

"I must depart this planet," Dimitria replied. "Since you are no longer needed as Rangers, I am no longer needed as your mentor. I am proud of you all for what you've done on behalf of this world. Farewell. May we meet again someday."

As she said those words, she floated into the sky and vanished from sight.

"Goodbye . . . Dimitria," Faith said.

Over the following year, life went back to normal for the former Rangers. Their counterparts had gone on to college and established lives for themselves. Kevin (Red) was majoring in computer science. T.K. (Black) had taken an interest in becoming an artist and was doing quite well for himself. Stefan (Blue) was majoring in political science. Gabrielle (Yellow) had joined Kaitlyn in Gold Thunder and now she and Kaitlyn were the lead vocalists of the band. Speaking of the band, they had decided to accept Kai Asaji's offer and had become quite famous over the year, not to mention very popular, unless the triple-platinum sales of their debut album "Electric" were misleading. Ana (Pink) had decided to take a year off from college to discover herself and was traveling around the world for that very purpose.

As for the Rangers themselves, Kieran had gone on to martial-arts competitions all over the country, often winning. Darien mended his relationship with his mother and went on to his senior year with great enthusiasm. Liam started competing in winter sports and had become an almost-overnight sensation. Faith hadn't changed very much, but her experience with and as Psycho Pink had given her greater perspective. As for Terry Haller, formerly known as Tsukimaru, he went on to college and he and Kaitlyn frequently communicated with each other. Whenever they could, they met up in whatever city Kaitlyn happened to be in at the time and went out together.

In fact, whenever the former Rangers could, they hung out together to have fun or to reminisce about their Ranger days. Even their Psycho counterparts, with the exception of the traveling Ana, joined up with them. However, no matter what happened, they would always remember the adventures, the tears, and the joys they'd shared as Rangers.

End Psycho Matrix

End Notes: So that's it for Power Rangers: Psycho Matrix. I hope you liked it. I am considering a sequel to this story, one in which the Psycho Rangers team up with the Space Rangers. That'll probably be tension-filled, considering that the Psychos repeatedly tried to kill the Space Rangers and were in fact created for that purpose.