The Yugi advantage

Mokuba puts his report card on a skateboard and slides it across the floor shouting "Seto"

"What did i say about skateboarding in the house" said Seto Kaiba walking into the room and seeing the skate, "aw your report card"

"I had trouble I use to have trouble reading until I went to sylvan and they helped me" said Mokuba.

"If your not allowed to skateboard in the house what makes you think your report card can Roland beat Mokuba till he cant stand" said Seto Kaiba.

"Eep" said Mokuba running away from Roland swinging a baseball bat.

"The sylvan advantage a program with teacher who love to teach" said Joey.

"What is the square root of pie" said Pegasus.

"Um seven" said Tristan

"Wrong now get in position" said Pegasus pulling out a wooden paddle.

"Do I have to" said Tristan.

"Now now I let you spanks me when you got it right and next lesson I am bringing bondage" said Pegasus.

"The sylvan advantage worked for me" said Tea

"and me" said Bakura as he is worked over with a whip by Mai Valentine.

"And it help even me I can threaten the pharaoh with better grammar ha ha ha" said Malik.

"That's the sylvan advantage" said Joey.