It was summer, and Mokuba was walking passed a swimming pool, he was enjoying his summer vacation, When ran up to him, and started hands fulls off what every was near "What are you doing Brother?" whined confusedly

"Get that knowledge, you are not losing 2 1/2 months of grade level after what I pay for you to go to school" said Kaiba shoving grass into his brothers, And looking sinister doing it.

"But that was a earwig" Mokuba cried.

"Now to beat that knowledge back into your brain" Kaiba said pulling out a sledgehammer, "hold still while I make you never lose anything taught to you" he goes on to beat in his brother's skull.

"Make Sylvan a Part of Your Summer Schedule" Said Yugi walking out of nowhere. Only to be jumped by Kaiba.

"Give back my brother Mukuba's brain you funny haired gnome" said Kaiba beating Yugi to death with his own appendages.