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Lightning Never Strikes the Same Place Twice

The thunder let out a loud clap as the lightning lit up the night sky. It was a beautiful backdrop curtained by the sheets of pouring rain. It was somewhat typical of the southern summer weather, yet Scarlett O'Hara was scared. She was quite alone in the Peachtree Street mansion, with not even the servants at home. Scarlett, experiencing a huge burst of independence, had sent all of the servants to Tara. She was now beginning to regret it as the lighting once again illuminated the outdoors, casting shadows on the walls. Maybe it wasn't her independence that had prompted her to send the servants away. Maybe it was stupidity. How was she going to get dressed in the fancy clothes that she owned, not to mention the numerous other activities she was involved in on a daily basis requiring another set of hands? Where was her mind?

She knew where it was—she had been mad when she banished her servants, and true to herself, she acted irrationally out of anger. All she wanted was some time alone, to think.

It seemed as if every time she would sit down to review her ledgers, or even her thoughts, something would come up. Ella would burst through the door wanting to play, or it would be Mammy wanting Scarlett to come eat…Scarlett simply felt as if they were suffocating her. She had to come to realize that she loved Ella and Wade during the month that they had spent together.

Scarlett took delight in Wade's quick mind, and Ella was becoming quite a pretty girl—growing into her tall, skinny figure. She had Scarlett's dark locks and aristocratic features, but where Scarlett was petite and full-figured, Ella was tall and slim. But as much as she loved them, she wanted—no, needed—her space.

It had been a month, and a very long one at that. Scarlett immediately had put all of her efforts into the house and children, anything to help her push aside her inner agony. Yes, on the inside, she was screaming. Everyone she had ever loved in this world left her. Ma, Pa, Bonnie, now both Rhett and Melanie…it seemed like losing loved ones was her penance for loving….and so she had banished everyone away from the Peachtree Street house. She had to think. As sad as it was for her, she would have to learn that she needed to look back. Her thoughts were jumbled and confused, and she felt utterly alone in the world.

Brooding over the sorry state of her personal affairs, Scarlett practically jumped out of her chair when there came a pounding knock on the door. It was late; a quarter after ten, and Scarlett had absolutely no idea who could possibly be calling at this hour. The last time there was a night caller it had been Tony Fontaine running away to Texas. She found it hard to believe that anything good could possibly come of the situation. She was torn between opening the door or not—after all, she was a lady alone in a house, and it was very late at night, yet it must be of relative importance due to the insistent pounds on the door. Scarlett slowly made her way to the front door as the storm continued to rage. She undid the heavy bolt and cautiously peeked out into the dark storm.

"Damn it, Scarlett, open the door!"

Rhett! Her heart stopped beating as she pulled the door open the remainder of the way and Rhett rushed in out of the rain.

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"What the hell are you doing answering the door yourself at night? You didn't know who it was."

Yes, and I wish I had Rhett Butler because I would have slammed the door shut in your face."

"I have absolutely no doubts that you would my dear. Where's Pork?"

"The servants aren't here. I sent them to Tara."

Rhett abruptly stopped taking off his wet shoes and looked at Scarlett. "You wouldn't. You aren't capable of taking care of yourself, and don't stand there and tell me you were foolish enough to believe you could. Now where's Pork? Oh, and the cook. I'm starved."

Scarlett's eyes blazed and the lightning flashed once again, making her seem even angrier than she quite obviously was. "You, you, you…cad! How dare you walk back into my life, criticize my decisions…have you ever heard of a little thing called the war, Rhett? Because I can tell you one thing: there was no one, save me, at Tara who was capable of taking care of their self. Who do you suppose cooked and worked? You saw my hands that day when I visited you in that Yankee prison, you've seen Tara. Don't you stand there and tell me I can't take care of myself Rhett Butler because I assure you that I can. I sent all of the servants away to Tara, damn it, and if you don't believe me that's your own damn fault. Now. What do you want to eat? I'll fix it myself. And close your mouth. You look the fool."

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