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Chapter 4 of Lightning Never Strikes the Same Place Twice


They hit the ground with a resounding thud. The air was knocked out of Scarlett's body and for a minute she couldn't breathe. Then, suddenly, the room began to dim around her and went black within the next instant. The last thing she remembered was Rhett's tanned face looking down at her strangely beneath him. He hurriedly clamored off her small body and peered down at the closed eyelids before him.



"Scarlett!" he called again, anxious for her eyes to flutter back open. She always wanted attention, just like a child. "Scarlett!" he practically yelled, beginning to think maybe she might not be only craving attention. Dear God, what was wrong with her and what was he supposed to do? Gently he scooped her into his strong arms and deposited her on the top of the rumpled bed. The creamy white skin of her alluring body peeked out at him from under the sheet she had been wrapped in and he hastily added more covers atop her. He leaned over her and gently tapped her cheeks with both hands, praying her consciousness would return quickly. At his touch, her eyes flickered and then opened wide.

"Rhett! What are you doing here?" She asked, sounding alarmed and quite disoriented.

At her words, his heart questionably stopped beating. It was as if it forgot what its job was—at her question it froze, and in the split second after it began to beat faster. What was wrong with her? She couldn't have lost her memory, she had been unconscious for only a moment and she couldn't have fallen that hard…yet even though his logic could not be faulty, she was still staring at him with questions in her eyes.

"I…I…" he didn't know how to respond. She must see Dr. Meade at once, but he didn't want to upset her. Telling her he was relatively certain that she had lost her memory—or at least temporarily—seemed a sure way to cause her to be upset. He thought for a moment, delicately choosing his words. "I'm just visiting, Scarlett. Come on, you must get dressed. Dr. and Mrs. Meade are expecting us to call on them shortly," he lied. Lying wasn't exactly the way he had meant to restart their relationship, but he didn't seem to be left with much else of a choice. He caught himself at his own words. Restarting their relationship? Those were certainly not his intentions. He had come back solely to keep up an appearance. That was the entirety of it. He inwardly cursed Atlanta and its damned nosy, judging society.

"Oh, yes, of course," Scarlett said a bit unsteadily. She tried to stand up, but found herself instead staggering around the room, too dizzy to complete the process. The sheet covering her fell and Rhett felt a wave of desire shoot through him. Why wouldn't that woman's body stay covered? He reached out towards her, and she felt Rhett's arms grab her shoulders to steady her, and she was reassured on a level that wasn't purely physical. With Rhett's aid, she made her way to her dressing room and watched him enter her spacious closet. He quickly scanned the rows of garments she had organized by color one rainy afternoon and grabbed a simple visiting dress of a light blue color. He handed her the garment and she stood awkwardly staring at him, waiting for him to leave her alone to change. She cleared her throat delicately and he seemed to understand her wish for he moved to the window on the opposite side of the room. While Scarlett made the necessary adjustments and dressed herself he found himself lost in thought. How bad off was she? He glanced over his shoulder and saw her staring at the laces on the dress as if she couldn't remember how to tie them. Oh dear Lord, what had he done?

"Scarlett honey, would you care for me to help you?" he asked, trying not to appear worried. Or amused. The situation was not at all funny, he upbraided himself. Scarlett's not being able to recall how to dress herself was a serious matter. One that he was trying desperately hard not to laugh at.

"Yes, it's these darn buttons. They get me every time," she replied, staring down at what were clearly not buttons. She walked towards him, and like a small child let him dress her. It didn't take long to finish her toilette and the couple was soon descending the stairs which had been the partial cause of so much pain in their lives. Heading outside into the daylight, Rhett's most fervent prayer was not only that Scarlett would be okay, but it partly consisted of a hope that he would somehow find a way to explain the whole incident to Dr. Meade.

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