Chapter 1


"Ugh," I moaned as I rolled out of my bed. What do they want now?

I fished my cell out of my pocket and flipped it open.

"Mastriani," I said into the phone.

"Jessica, sorry to wake you, but we have an assignment for you." Great, a stupid frigging assignment at three in the morning. Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, I am an FBI agent. Yes, I work for the people whom I used to despise when I was sixteen, but that was three years ago. I am an adult and am making pretty good money. I'm basically a newbie and I'm making over a hundred grand a year.

"Ugh. Alright, what is it?" I queried.

"Well, um, it seems there is a murderer, no serial killer on the loose in um…well you see—"

"Dr. Krantz, please just cut to the chase. I don't have all night, actually all morning, but whatever."

"I know. Well, the serial killer is on the loose in Indiana." Indiana? Shit, I can't go back there. No, I just can't. Just mentioning the name brings back too many memories. Imagine what actually going there will do. No wonder he was hesitant.

"Listen, Krantz, I…" How do I tell him? I mean he doesn't exactly know what happened there. "…I can't go back there…"

"Jessica, I know something horrible happened there but this is your job and you are the only one who can actually do this." He was right.

"….okay…" I trailed off again, "…well, what part of Indiana exactly?"

"Your hometown." That was when I dropped the phone. My hometown? Ok, Indiana in general is bad, but my hometown?

"JESSICA!" I heard Krantz scream into the phone.

I hastily picked up the phone and said, "I'll do it."

You must think I'm crazy, right? Well, I haven't been back to Indiana in almost three years. What better time to face my fears? I knew this day would come sometime; I can't keep running from my past.

I'm really sorry this chapter is so short. I promise the next one will be longer.