Title: Dolls, Malls, and Christmas Promises



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Part 1: Online Journals and Christmas Invitations.

'Logan Huntzburger is the bane of my existence.' Rory reread the line, frowned and deleted it.

'I hate Logan Huntzburger.' She inwardly laughed at the statement and deleted that as well. She sighed and got down to business. She positioned her hands over the keyboard and began typing.

'Lets start at the beginning. I was six years old. My mother and I went to my Grandparents house for their yearly Christmas party. I had taken my porcelain doll that my father had given my only hours beforehand from his brief visit. I cherished that doll. My mother had gone off the 'Mingle' when really I knew she was looking for Grandmas apple tarts(Who wouldn't.) She left me to wonder the house. I walked into my mother's old room and began playing with my doll when they came in. Seven years old and cute as buttons as my mother would say. Logan Huntzburger and his two cronies Finn Bradshaw and Colin Davis. They talked amongst themselves , wondered the room, talked some more. It happened so fast. They grabbed my doll and ran off. I ran off after them and found them in one of the guest bathrooms. I watched as my beautiful doll swirled into the toilet. Since it was at an unusual angel it spun out and hit the floor with a resounding crash that echoed on all the walls. that was the first and only time they had made me cry. My mom found me minutes later and yelled at the little twerps grabbed all three ears and lead them to their parents explaining to each and every one what they had done. I watched as their parents dragged them out of the main room and found privates ones to talk to them.

Years later I ran into them again at another one of my grandparents parties. I was thirteen at the time and we were introduced much more formally. I still disliked them for what they had done to my doll. I disliked Logan with his smirk and smug attitude. Finn with his sexy Aussie accent and carefree attitude and Colin with his...Colinness. I guess it was pretty immature of me to not like them over a doll but I did. Gilmore's can hold grudges for very long periods of time! They didn't remember me till I reminded them. They had a good laugh, then apologized...after laughing mind you! That made my dislike grow immensely! I stalked out of the room. That was the last I saw of them for a while. I heard later on that they were sent to a boarding school over in Switzerland. As my grandfather had put it, 'If they were to wreak havoc might as well be anywhere other then Connecticut'

I went on with my life forgetting I ever knew them. When I applied to Yale and had decided to go here rather then Harvard and follow in my grandfathers footsteps I knew I was in for the time of my life. I ended up with Paris Geller as a roommate. We still have our differences but we're the best of friends. I got through my freshman year with little incident. Then came my sophomore year. I would have never guessed that I would ever run into them again. But there they were. Colin was in my Creative writing class, Finn in my Western Civ class and Logan in my philosophy class. They all remembered me. They all tried talking to me. And I ignored them. I thought of them as snobby and stuck up rich boys. And they were but when Logan got a part in the Yale Daily News I have to say that I started talking to him. It started out with constant bickering, then debating, then him inviting me to a pub him and his friends frequently visited. I went after much convincing on my mothers part. She said I should give them a chance so I went and I got to know him, Finn and Colin and found that there was more deep down. They apologized once again for the doll. Saying that they were only trying to have fun and they didn't think that the doll would actually fly out the way it did. I just laughed and apologized for the way I had acted before.

Now we're seniors in college. Graduating in June. It's December now and I'm really excited about the end of the year. Logan and I are the closest of all of us but Finn, Colin and I are close in other ways.. Finn with his sexy Aussie accent and his care free attitude. Colin with his logical thinking and his way with words. Logan with his smug expressions and smirk.

Unfortunately we're the best of friends. I've bailed Finn out of Jail when he streaked at an alumni meeting. I got Colin out of a jam when he got in a fight with a tattooed biker in a biker bar and I've helped Logan with his articles at the Yale Daily News. All in all I'm happy with them. I still wish I had that doll though. She was really pretty. Sigh Instead I've got the three stooges.'

Rory smiled as she reread what she wrote for her online journal. She pressed post just as her cell phone rang.

"Hello?" She asked as she skimmed the other entries from different people. She found Finns and clicked on his.

"Oh daughter of mine!" Lorelai Gilmore said on the other line.

"Hi mom."

"Hello. What are you up to?"

"I just finished typing on my online journal I'm reading Finn's at the moment."

"Oh what's it say? What's it say?" Her mother asked. Rory sighed.

"Just a sec." Rory found the latest post and smiled. "' Went to pub with friends, got really drunk, now cursing the sun and Colin for waking me up.'" Rory read.

"That's all it says."

"That's all he wrote." Rory said.

"Aww that poor guy."

"Poor guy my foot." Rory smiled as she scanned for Logan's

"You saying he deserves having a hangover. My Finn."

"He's not your Finn mom."

"Right, what was I thinking? The boy declares his love for me and he's not mine."

"Mind you he was drunk at the time." Lorelai gasped.

"I should take offence to that." Rory laughed

"No sorry I need another cup of coffee. Did you need something mom?"

"Yes just wondering if you were going to make it to the town meeting tomorrow?"

"Of course! Taylor and Luke duking it out. You've got to love the re-enactment."

"Yes, Yes. Luke fidgeting in his seat as Taylor gives us a play by play."

"Luke adjusting his hat as Taylor tells us about the whore."

"Luke standing up and yelling at Taylor."

"Taylor yelling at Luke to sit down. You know sometimes I wonder why we don't just record it. That way we can watch it year round."

"You see I've thought of that, but then I thought 'Lorelai if you do that then you have nothing to look forward to come next year.' So in the long run I decided it's worth waiting for year round." Rory laughed.

"Of course."

"So I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow. Hey mom?"

"Yeah kiddo."

"You sure We shouldn't feel bad about mocking your boyfriend."

"Nah. We've mocked Taylor for years why should he care now." Lorelai said before hanging up. Rory smiled. She scanned once more to see if Logan or Colin had posted anything. When she found nothing she shut down. She grabbed her purse with a book and some cash and her winter jacket and scarf and went out in search for some coffee. Her mother and Luke had been dating for almost two years now. And every year they mocked him for his outburst at the town meetings and every year he confiscated the coffee in revenge. Rory smiled it had become a tradition between the three of them.

She was glad that Luke had called earlier that week to tell her he was planning on proposing to her mother during the winter holidays and had asked for her blessing. She had thought it sweet and when she had asked why he had asked for her blessing he had explained that He wasn't just proposing to Lorelai but to Rory as well and it didn't seem right if he didn't ask her permission and her blessing before hand. She had happily given him her blessing. Luke was already like her father so why not make it official. Rory's smile got wider as she thought about maybe having a little brother or sister soon.

"What are you so happy about Ace. "Someone whispered in her ear. She jumped in surprise and whirled around to Logan Huntzburger in all his glory with a cocky grin firmly in place. She sighed.

"Nothing much." She said she ordered two coffees and turned to Logan.

"What?" He asked upon looking at her small smile.

"Your treat Logan." Rory said as she sipped the coffee with a smile. Logan sighed,dug out his wallet and paid for the two coffee's. She handed one to him.

"I knew I should have come up to you after you had paid."

"That would've been smarter."

"Every time Gilmore."

"Every time." They began walking no where in particular.

"So what we're you so happy about?" Logan asked taking a sip of his own drink savoring the moment as the warm liquid heated up his insides.

"Luke's proposing." Rory said with a grin. Logan smiled back.

"That's great, congrats, but what about your mom?"

"Shut up Smart ass." Logan laughed as she shoved him with her elbow.

"When?" He asked

"Sometime during this coming holiday. Said he wants me to be there."

"That seems nice. You're going to Stars Hollow for Christmas?"

"Yep. Tomorrow, after my last class. I have to be there for the town meeting."

"Of course you can't miss the town meeting."

"Don't diss the town meetings until you've at least been to one."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"What are you doing this winter vacation?"



"Nothing. My parents went down to the Caribbean for their anniversary, which was last week. And Matt is staying with his girlfriends family in New York."

"So you got stuck here huh?"


"What about Finn and Colin."

"Finn is going back to his home land." Rory laughed

"Going down under huh?"

"Like he hasn't been there before." Logan muttered. Rory shoved him again when she caught on to the double meaning.

"You know what I meant. What about Colin."

"Going home." Rory nodded. Then she smiled again.

"What are you so happy about now."

"I have an idea."

"What's that Ace."

"Well I was thinking..."

"Uh oh."

"Shut up, anyway I was thinking. Last Christmas I spent it with you and your family in Baja which I loved."

"I'm glad."

"So this year why don't you spend Christmas in Stars Hollow."

"Stars Hollow?"

"Come on Logan it'll be fun. You can watch my mom and I make fun of Taylor and Luke, Watch the re-enactment which consist of Taylor and a cross dressing Kirk stay inside the cathedral for half the day and watch me and mom make fun of them while Luke rolls his eyes. And you can see Luke purpose."

"Well when you put it like that. Sure why not."

"Great. When's your last class?"


"Then we'll leave at four and make it just in time for the town meeting."Rory said with a smile. Logan nodded.

"Okay then. I'll start packing."

"Good. I'll see you later I got to get to my philosophy class." Logan nodded.

"See ya Ace."

"See ya." Rory said as she walked away. Logan sighed. He walked towards his dorm room. What the hell had he gotten himself into. Spending Christmas with Rory and her family. But then again he had taken her to Baja last year and she had to deal with Finn's drunken antics. He sighed It was only fair that he spend Christmas with the Gilmores. He opened the door to his suite and immediately saw Finn on the couch nursing a hangover and Colin reading the paper.

"Just wake up there Finn?" Logan asked taking in Finns appearance. His hair was sticking up in ten different directions and was wearing his robe and a pair of red silk boxers.

"Woke up about an hour ago mate." He answered

"Even then it's rare for you to be up before noon what's up?" Logan asked as he sat down in the chair across form them.

"Blasted sun woke me up. Someone opened my curtains." Finn turned an accusing eye towards Colin who was too distracted by the Financial section of the newspaper to bother with a retort.

"Colin what's your take on this?" Logan asked

"I plead temporary insanity." Colin said flipping pages. Logan bit back a smirk as Finn got a murderous look in his eye. "I mean, what was I thinking waking Finn up before noon I just thought he would want to get an early start on packing."

"I was going to pack later on tonight." Finn growled.

"That's what you say every year and then we end up having to wait for your lazy ass every year because you got too drunk the night before to pack." Colin explained. "I just thought 'Hey this year I don't want to wait for Finn, lets wake him up tell him to pack and then we can actually get to airport on time.' By the way are you coming with us or staying here?" Colin turned to face Logan obviously done with the angry Finn.

"I'm actually going to Stars Hollow." Logan admitted.

"Stars Hollow?" Finn asked forgetting his anger towards Colin "What for?"

"Ace invited me."Logan answered drinking the last of the coffee and standing up to throw it away. This obviously got the attention of his two friends for they stood up and followed him into the kitchen. They sat in the stools at the bar and watched, as Logan kept busy in the kitchen.

"So let me get this straight. Rory asked you to go to Stars Hollow for Christmas and you accepted?" Colin asked. He felt like Logan was holding a key piece of information.

"Well yeah." Logan turned around and leaned against the counter. "I mean my parents are in the Caribbean and Matt's in New York so she invited me to stay with her family since I would be stuck here all alone."

"I invited you to go to Australia mate and you didn't accept my invitation." Finn said feigning hurt. "I'm hurt that you accepted Rory's invitation rather then mine. When I clearly asked you first." Finn said his hand over his heart.

"Well I took her to Baja last year."

"Baja!" Colin said now seeing how this all added up.

"Yeah remember you two were there."

"Yes I remember and why did you invite Miss. Gilmore?" Colin asked now catching on.

"Because she's our friend. And she'd never been so why not?"

"Because she doesn't run in our social circles." Colin stated

"Her grandparents are the Gilmore's."

"Technicality." Finn said waving it off. "I mean she doesn't hang out with our group"

"She hangs out with us and she's always hanging around with Steph ever since she met her last year." Logan said "That is our group"

"You're missing our point mate." Finn said "You like her."

"Like I've said before she's our friend of course I like her." Colin began hitting his head on the counter and Finn rolled his eyes.

"He's hopeless." Colin said.

"Completely and utterly." Finn responded

I hope you guys all like this. It's my first Gilmore Girls story. But hey the idea popped up and I had to write! Please any feedback and/or comments would be appreciated!