Part 21: Details

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Logan woke up with the sun shining through the curtains. He was about to turn over and get a bit more sleep but found he was unable to due to his arm being unable to move. Once he located the source of the weight he smiled. Rory had her head on the crook of his arm and her back against the couch.

"Ace." He whispered. She slowly stirred and looked up at him with sleep filled sapphire eyes.

"Morning." She said hiding her mouth behind her hand.

"Why are you hiding?"

"Morning breath." She whispered closing her eyes again. Logan smirked.

"Ace, as much as I like the position we're in at the moment, I need my arm."

"For?" Logan contemplated. He was already awake, no point in rolling over and going back to sleep.

"Coffee. Got to make some." Rory smiled and noticed the silence beforehand as if he was thinking of the right response.

"Good boy. You can have your arm back." Logan laughed.

"Why do I have the feeling that you are now changing my name to Fido?" Logan asked as she sat up a bit to free his arm. Rory shrugged.

"Go make coffee, Jeeves." She teased. Logan just shook his head and kissed the top of hers as he went to the kitchen. Rory turned around so that her face was towards the cushions and closed her eyes only to open them again. She sighed and got up and walked to her bathroom to brush her teeth. She walked out to the kitchen and found a note from her mom on the table, then looked at the clock. It was already nine, too early even for her.


You two looked so cute sleeping on the couch together I didn't want to wake you. I went to the inn for a couple hours and Luke is at the diner. I'll call you later. Love you lots-Mom

P.S.: I want details of that date when I get back!

Rory laid her head on the table.

"Tired?" Rory shook her head.

"Wide awake thanks to you and your arm." Logan smiled and set down a cup of coffee.

"Yes, well, I woke up cause of you and your..."Logan trailed off at her glare and gave her a charming smile.

"I'm immune, Logan. Now that I've got you, that smile of yours just doesn't do it for me anymore." Logan laughed.

"Right, well, I'll work on a new smile just for you."

"Looking forward to it." Rory said. They heard a thump at the front door and Rory got up and opened the door to see the paper at her feet and Kirk riding off on a rusty old bike.

"Thanks, Kirk!" She yelled after him. Kirk turned back and tried to wave, but lost his balance and fell off his bike.

"I'm okay!" Kirk yelled. Rory shook her head and closed the door going back to the kitchen, Stars Hollow Gazette in hand. She opened it up and began reading sipping on her coffee. Logan sat across from her reading the sections that she didn't want which mostly consisted of the town gossip.

"Huh." Logan said. Rory looked over at him.


"Babette got a new gnome."

"Weird, I didn't see one out there."

"Jeez, you weren't lying when you said your town was small."

"You've stayed here for the last three days."

"I know. But I think reading this made me realize just how small. I mean there's a whole article about Jackson's new rasquats." Rory smiled.

"Those things are good." She said. Logan shook his head. Rory laughed. "What! They are. They're these cross-pollination fruit. It's a raspberry and a kumquat. It is sooo good. And then Sookie being the genius she is makes this rasquat short cake. Even better than her blueberry one."

"It's amazing, you know."

"What is?" Logan shrugged. "What?"

"I just think it's really nice." After Rory's look of confusion he laughed. "The fact that you'll always have someone to turn to."

"You have that. With Colin, Finn, and Steph. And me."

"But you have the whole town."

"True." She shrugged. "I guess I take it for granted. The fact that they're here and that they'd do anything for me and my mom. But you're right, it is nice." Logan nodded and continued reading.


Logan pulled up to the Stanford mansion and got out of the car and went around to open Rory's door. She was wearing jeans and a purple turtle neck to keep the cold out while he wore jeans as well and a brown turtle neck. He grabbed her hand and helped her out. He closed her door and walked up to the door with her. Rory rang the doorbell.

"So what are you planning on doing?" Logan asked wrapping his arms around her waist. Rory shrugged.

"I don't know. Shop, have lunch, talk about you boys, then shop some more."

"Do girls always talk about guys they're seeing?" Rory thought about it a second then nodded.

"That and clothes. It's like guys talking about sex."

"Guys don't talk about sex."

"Fine, sex and food. Geez."

"That's not all guys talk about."

"And you would know this how?"

"The fact that I'm a guy."

"Oh, that's right. So what do guys talk about?" Logan thought about it for a second. "Five bucks says the first thing that popped into you head was sex."

"That's only cause we were talking about it beforehand and it was inevitable that it popped in." Rory nodded.

"Right, of course." The door opened to reveal a flushed Stephanie.

"Sorry we were... um... I was... come in." Rory laughed as her and Logan walked in, their hands clasped. They saw Colin walking down the stairs, his shirt untucked and buttoned wrong.

"Hey, Logan." Colin said. "Ready to go?" Logan raised an eyebrow as Rory tried to contain her laughter.

"Yeah. You might want to fix yourself up there, Colin." Colin frowned and Steph winced as she fixed his shirt for him.

"You want to tuck it in too or should I do that?" Colin asked sarcastically. Steph rolled her eyes.

"Jeez, sorry." Steph said as she backed away. Colin tucked in his shirt and ran a hand through his hair.

"So, Rory, you're spending New Year's with the LDB?" Colin asked. Rory nodded.

"That's the deal. We're going to wherever it is after the End of Winter Festival in Stars Hollow." Colin nodded.

"Okay, I'm ready."

"Good. I'll pick you up around three, Ace."

"Is it really going to take that long to put everything away?"

"No, but I assume you girls are going to shop. I've been shopping with you. It's going to take way longer than two hours."

"I'll see you at three." She said kissing him softly.

"Use it wisely." He whispered as he pulled back. Rory frowned, then shrugged.

"Awww." Steph said as they pulled away. Rory rolled her eyes and let go of his hand. Colin and Logan said their goodbyes as they walked out of the house. Steph turned to Rory.

"I want to hear all about it!" Steph said. They giggled like little girls as they ran up the staircase and up to Steph's room where Rory would recount every detail of the previous night.


"So what happened last night?" Colin asked as they pulled into the Park's parking lot. They got out of the car and started down the trail to the clearing.

"We had dinner and we watched a few movies, that's it, Colin."

"Oh, come on, Logan. What else?"

"Nothing. We got back to the house around two. I didn't even get a chance to kiss her goodnight. Lorelai interrupted us."

"Okay. And then you slept."

"And we slept."


"We talked. She woke up in the middle of the night and we talked. That's it. We ended up falling asleep on the couch."

"After you guys..."

"Get your mind out of the gutter, you ass." He laughed as they went over and started helping Seth with getting things down.

"I hope you had fun last night. Jules was pissed that I had to get up early this morning." Seth said referring to his girlfriend. They had been together for five years after meeting at boarding school. She went to Harvard and he to Yale, only getting to see each other during holidays.

"We had a great time." Logan said helping them roll up the makeshift screen. He smiled as he remembered the look on Rory's face when she had seen it. Yep, lot's of fun.


"So what did you guys do?" Steph asked as they made their way through the mall.

"Dinner and a movie." Rory responded as they entered Gap and started through the racks of clothes.

"Come on, Ror. This is Logan we're talking about."

"I'm serious. We had dinner, we saw movies and we went home. We didn't even get a chance to kiss goodnight. My mom interrupted."

"So you went to a restaurant and the movie theater."


"But you said…"


"Rory, stop beating around the bush." Stephanie said frustrated. Rory laughed.

"Okay, okay, he took me to this LDB camping grounds."

"He took you camping? In that dress and those shoes?"

"Steph... were you the one that wanted to know what we did?"


"Then let me finish." Rory laughed.

"Sorry... camping grounds?"

"Yes. And there he set up a picnic and a huge movie screen. That's what Colin and Seth were helping him with."


"So we sat down on this like blanket and I opened the picnic basket and he had all of my favorite foods. Luke's, Indian. And Pie." Steph laughed.

"What movies did you guys see?"

"Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Willy Wonka and Sleeping Beauty."

"Odd choices.."

"Willy Wonka is my favorite movie."

"Monty Python is Logan's... Sleeping Beauty?"

"I had a thing for the prince when I was younger. I told him once. He remembered."

"That is soooo sweet."

"I know." Rory smiled and stuffed her hands in her pockets as they left Gap not finding anything interesting. She frowned as she felt something plastic and rectangular in her pocket. She took it out and smiled. 'Use it wisely' was what he had told her. Oh, she planned to.

"Hey Steph, I think there were really nice clothes at Nordstrom."

"You sure? It's really expensive." Steph said knowing Rory's financial situation. She showed Steph Logan's Gold Card. Steph smiled.

"What an idiot." She laughed. Rory laughed as well.

"You'd think he'd learn." Rory said.

"Nordstrom, here we come." They smiled and made their way to the expensive store.


Seth, Logan and Colin sat down at a small cafe to warm up from gathering everything up from last night. They sat under a heating lamp and rubbed their hands together.

"You know it's weird." Logan said pulling out his wallet and examining it.

"What is?" Seth asked.

"I think I see a dent. Do you, guys?" Logan said putting his wallet down. Colin and Seth laughed.

"Did you not remember New York?" Colin said. Logan gave a shrug.

"I told her to use it wisely. And it's not like I don't have the money to spend."

"Rory is timid about spending your money alone." Colin said.

"But put her with Stephanie..." Seth said,

"And you've got a shopping spree on your hands." Colin finished. Logan raised an eyebrow.

"You know, the way you guys are finishing each other's sentences is really cute."

"Shut up." Colin and Seth said in unison, then looked away from each other as Logan laughed.

"Really cute!" Their coffee came and they lapsed into silence.

"So how's Jules?" Logan asked

"She's good. She actually went to go see her mom and sister," Seth said, "so I'm free for a few more hours."

"What did you get her for Christmas?" Colin asked.

"A ring." Logan and Colin looked at Seth.

"An..." Logan trailed off. Seth gave a nod.

"Yeah. I'm proposing on New Year's." Seth said. "I've already asked her father and her mother for permission. I've gone through twenty speeches on how I have to treat her right."

"You really love her." Colin said.

"Yeah, I do. It's not that I think I can make her happy. It's that I KNOW I can."

"Well, congratulations, man." Logan said.

"She hasn't said yes yet. But thanks."

"What are you giving her Christmas morning?" Colin asked.

"A sweater." Seth said. "I suck at giving gifts."

"She is going to be pissed." Logan said.

"The ring makes up for it." Seth said. "I hope. Enough about me, what about you guys?"

"I got Steph a necklace. It has a pearl on it."


"Yep. I'll give her another one next year. It's supposed to signify the years we're together or something like that. I liked the idea." Colin gave a shrug. "What about you, Logan? You're no longer single. What did you get Rory?"

"You remember that doll that you, Finn and I flushed years ago when we first met Rory?"

"Yeah, the one we got spanked for breaking. I remember. I remember very well." Colin said. Seth gave a shrug and Logan told him the story.

"When we first met Rory she was about six. She had this porcelain doll. Colin, Finn and I were very bored so we stole it and flushed it. We didn't think it would fly out. It did and crashed on the floor. She was really, really upset about."

"We all got grounded for a week. You should have seen Lorelai's face when she found out what we did. She was pissed!"

"I don't think pissed describes how mad she really was. See, Rory's dad gave her the doll for Christmas." Seth gave a nod.

"Okay... what's this got to do with Rory's present?"

"Well, we were shopping for Christmas presents the other day and I saw it on the window of a doll place. The same exact doll. I know why Christopher bought her that doll now. It looks exactly like her."

"So you got it?"

"I got it. But here was a chip in the arm. So I'm getting it retouched and all that. I'm getting it delivered to the dorm so that when we get back to Yale I can give it to her."

"Looks like we all did well this year." Colin said leaning back.

"That we did." Seth said raising up his coffee cup. They all raised them up and clicked them together.

"To 'A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year.'"

"Here, here." Colin said. Logan gave a nod and sipped. Yep, A Merry Christmas.


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