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AUTHOR'S NOTES: What's up everybody? I'm having some writers block on my current Love Hina fic Visitor from the Known World, but I got this idea in my head to write this story revolving around our favorite ronin being turned into a vampire. I know this has been done several times before by others and I've read those stories and enjoyed them all, especially the ones were he became a vampire from the World of Darkness, though I prefer Kindred over Kuei-jin myself but that's beside the point. Anyhow that's my idea so I'll get on with the story.


It was a normal day in the life of Keitaro Urashima, normal in that he was seen sailing through the skies of the town of Hinata. Now why he was sent through the sky needs little explanation. After gravity decides to bring Keitaro back to the ground and he pulls himself from the small crater his impact created he dusts himself off a bit beffore he sees that he has landed just outside of town.

"Man Naru must have pulled her punch today, she usually sends me alot further. Still maybe I should stay away for awhile and let her cool down. In the meantime I guess I'll just walk around town and get some things to fix the hole in the roof on my way home." says Keitaro.

Keitaro's afternoon goes by rather quietly, he has lunch at his prefered beef bowl stand, and even picks up a few books to help with his studying before going to make his purchases from the hardware store. When he leaves he realises that the combined weight of the items he bought will make his trip back to the Hinata take longer than normal. When he left the store the sun had already begun to set and as he makes his way home it now becomes night. What Keitaro does not know though is that three people are following him and from the way they dress mean nothing but trouble.

"Oh man this is going to be an easy one." says one of the three.

"Yeah this guy is a skiny little wimp, this is gonna be fun." says another.

"Alright you know the drill. So let's get this over with ok." says the third.

"You got it bro." says the first.

"On three we surround him and get him in the alley, got it." says the third as the three walk towards Keitaro.

"One...Two...Three!" says the third as the three surround Keitaro and force him into a nearby alley.

"What do you want?" says a frightened Keitaro as one of the three points a gun at him.

"We want your money just hand over your wallet and maybe you won't get hurt." says the one with the gun.

"Of course if you don't we'll just kick you ass and take it anway.Personaly I'm hoping you'll give us a reason to beat you up." says the second as he smiles.

"Ok just don't hurt me, please." says Keitaro as he reaches for his wallet.

However at the same time directly above them someone has been watching all that is happening. Because of the lack of light save the moon it is difficult to tell what this person looks like.

"Well now, I was looking for a little fun as well as a meal and it would seem that a get both in one encounter, lucky me." he says as he seems to dissapear from sight.

"This is just great! I can't believe I'm getting mugged, though I shouldn't be surprised not with my luck. I just hope I can get through this with put getting killed." Keitaro thinks to himself as he hands his wallet over to one of the muggers.

"Thanks pal we apreciate your generosity." says one of the muggers as he goes through Keitaro's wallet before he frowns a bit.

"What is it?" asks the mugger with the gun.

"This guy has only a few bills in his wallet. We wasted our time." says the mugger with Keitaro's wallet.

"Dammit! Well since you have wasted our precious time your gonna pay for it." says the mugger with the gun as pulles on the gun's hammer. Keitaro seeing this does what any person in his situation would do.

"Please don't kill me!" says Keitaro with fear in his voice.

"Quite your winning you little sissy. You think that's gonna work, hell we were gonna kill you anyway. Any last words before you die?" says the mugger.

Keitaro can't think of anything to say, the only thoughts that go through his head are what will happen to the girls with him gone. There won't be a manager for the dorm and they all might half to leave, and he'll never get to fulfill any of his promises. As this is going on fog begins to kreep into the alley and surround it's occupants.

"Now last words huh. Well tuff, kiss your ass goodbye pal." says the mugger with the gun as he is tapped on the shoulder.

"Hey bro something ain't right here. There's all this fog in here with us and it's a calm night, you know." says one of the muggers with a hint of fear in his voice.

"So there's some fog, so what. Don't be such a wimp ok." says the muger with the gun as his attention returns to Keitaro, but his attention is soon drawn away again by someone speaking.

"Well now aren't you three the pillars of courage trying to steal from an unarmed man in the dead of night." says a man at the entrance of the alley. His features are hidden by the shadows but he appears to be wearing a long coat.

"Who are you and what the hell do you want?" says the mugger with the gun.

"Who I am is not something that you three are worthy of knowing. As to what I want, I'm in search of a meal and some entertainment. I thought you three could help me with both." says the man in the coat.

"Yeah whatever. Would you two get rid of this guy he's starting to piss me off." says the mugger with the gun as his two friends move toward the stranger with knives with an obvious intent to kill.

The stranger remains still as the two muggers rush him and plunge their knives into his stomach. However the muggers get a suprise as they see the stranger's face. His eyes look almost like a preadator's as they begin to glow red, and the smile on his face shows a pair of fangs.

"It has been a while since I have been stabbed, it feels somewhat refreshing. I suppose it's my turn now." says the stranger as the muggers are lifted off the ground by an unseen force and sent flying into a wall, when the muggers hit the ground the stranger stretches his arm out towards the two muggers as if he were beconing them to come to him. Their bodies convulse momentarily as a stream of blood comes from their bodies towards the stranger and enters his mouth.

"No way that didn't happen. You're some kind of monster, don't come anywhere near me!" says the remaining mugger as he pulls the trigger on his gun and fires at the stranger hitting him dead on. However the mugger can now see him clearly and the wounds from were he was stabbed and shot are dissapearing as if nothing happened. This causes the mugger to grab Keitaro and put the gun at his back.

"Don't come any closer or I'll shoot him you hear me." the mugger says frightened for his life. It is only now Keitaro realises what is going on as his life was a moment ago flashing before his eyes. He notices that the other muggers are lying on the ground unmoving and that there is some man standing probably ten feet away from were the mugger has him, and the man is walking towards them.

"Back off or I shoot him you hear me." says the mugger but the man does not seem to care.

"His death will be on your hands." says the mugger as he pulls the trigger of the gun and fires. The bullet rips through Keitrao and sprays blood on the alley floor as the mugger drops Keitaro's body and turns to run away, but only gets a few feet before the strange man is right in front of him and punches him in the stomach knocking him out cold.

"How sad, that wasn't as much fun as I had hopped. Well I suppose I should see to the young man who was shot." says the man as he places an arm around the mugger and walks over to Keitaro and puts the mugger on the ground. The man then turns Keitaro over and looks at him as if studying him.

"It would seem he still has much he want's to live for, good then perhaps I can help." says the man.

"Can you hear me?" says a voice in Keitaro's mind.

"Yes, who are you?" says Keitaro.

"That is not important right now. You have been shot and are going to die most likely, I know you don't want to die, I can save you but know this if you except my offer you will never be the same. Now tell me do you want to die or go on. The choice is yours." says the voice.

"I want to go on. I have to for them and for my promise." says Keitaro.

"Very well. Remember though that the choice was yours." says the voice. In the alley the strange man holds Keitaro in his arms and lowers his head to Keitaro's neck and sinks his fangs in an begins to drain him of his blood. When he finishes the man pushes the sleeve of his coat up and bites his own wrist and puts it to Keitaro's lips as he instinctively begins to drink on his own for a few moments before the man pulls his wrist from Keitaro's lips and Keitaro rises with a feral look on his face.

"Still hungry I see well I believe I can solve that problem." says the man as he holds Keitaro by the back of his neck as he tries to bite at the man. The man then picks up the mugger and places him before Keitaro who bites into his neck and begins to feed until every drop of blood is gone from the muggers body. When Keitaro comes to his senses he see the body of the mugger lying at his feet and tastes the blood on his lips, it is both sweet and disgusting at the same time. It is then that Keitaro realises what he has done.

"I killed him. I killed another human being, I'm a murderer. Oh God what have I done." says Keitaro as he drops to his knees and covers his face with his hands.

"You have done only what is in your nature to do. I understand taking a life like that must make you feel horrible but if it is any help both he and his friends have done many evil things. They have killed and rapped more than one person. So think of yourself as having done society a favor, those three were irredeemable." says the man.

"That dosen't make it right. You've made me a monster." says Keitaro.

"I only did what you asked. Remember I gave you a choice. You chose to go on, I said you would never be the same again and you excepted it so do not blame me. You could have chose to die and go to the other side but you didn't, so now you must learn to live with what you are. I will help you if you will let me." says the man.

"And what am I?" asks Keitaro.

"Nosferatu, the undead, a vampire." says the man.

"A vampire. So does that make you my master?" asks Keitaro.

"No I am not your master. I am your sire, your father so to speak.I do expect you to listen to what I tell you in regards to your new state of being. Oh by the way my name is Lucian Zaharia." says Lucian.

"Well nice to meet you, I guess. My name is Keitaro Urashima." says Keitaro.

"I know your name already, but I apreciate the proper manners." says Lucian.

"How did you know my name before I ever gave it to you?" asks Keitaro.

"I read your mind of course. I know alot about you just from a few moments of contact with your mind. I think though we should return to your home you could use some rest after all this." says Lucian.

"Yeah I think you're right, but what about them?" says Keitaro as he points to the bodies of the muggers.

"Ah yes. Well I suppose I'll have to dispose of their bodies won't I. That's easy enough though." says Lucian as he snaps his fingers and the bodies are soon engulfed in black fire. Within momments there is no trace of the bodies.

"How did you do that, aren't you worried someone saw?" asks Keitaro.

"That was but one of my powers, I will teach how to do that in time, and I am not worried that someone saw. I made sure that any who looked into the alley saw and heard nothing." says Lucian.

"I see simply amazing." says Keitaro.

"That was but a small sample of what I am capable of. Now though lets gather your things and return to your home, alright." says Lucian as Keitaro simply nods and gathers what he bought earlier and leaves the alley with Lucian walking next to him. As they walk Keitaro begins to realise that his senses are becoming much sharper as he takes his glasses off to see clearly, he can also hear people talking in their homes, and can smell the many different scents being carried by the wind, including the scent of blood from the few people walking the streets. The smell of their blood makes him feel hungry. Lucian notices this and makes contact with Keitaro's mind so they might speak freely.

"You can smell their blood can't you?" says Lucian.

"Yeah it makes me hugry. I don't like it." says Keitaro.

"Now that your a vampire, you have changed in many ways, as you have already noticed your senses have sharpened a great deal. Your strength, speed, and resilience will have increased as well. The things you're carrying don't feel very heavy do they." says Lucian.

"No they don't they're as light as a feather. Maybe this won't be as bad as I first thought." says Keitaro.

"Don't go thinking that just yet. There is much more to being a vampire than simply being stronger, and having heightened senses. One thing I will telll you know is that you will have to be very careful around humans." says Lucian.

"Why? No one knows that this has happened to me." says Keitaro.

"True, but if they do find out it will mean a great deal of trouble. So you must learn to resist the beast." says Lucian.

"The beast? What is that." asks Keitaro.

"The beast is the collective instincts and dark desires of a vampire. When you smelled those peoples blood and it made you want to feed on them, that was the beast. The beast can surface in many ways huger is but one. As a vampire you also have a much worse temper than any human has to the point were you will attack and try to kill the source of your anger, this to is the beast, resist it. The beast will also react in fear to fire because it is one of the few things that can totaly kill a vampire, it will also react in fear to the presence of holy objects or holy ground." says Lucian.

"It seems there are plenty of drawbacks to being a vampire." say Keitaro.

"Yes, vampirism is often called the dark gift, the curse that brings both power and suffering, and you will learn this to be true in time." says Lucian.

"I guess I will just have to learn to adapt. I guess this means I can't walk in the daylight dosen't it?" asks Keitaro.

"Oh, that old myth about vampires being killed by sunlight. Don't be silly, sunlight dosen't hurt us any more than it does a human, but our powers are greatly weakened by the sun and we are very lethargic during the day. So most vampires prefer to sleep when the sun is in the sky. Don't believe everything you see in the movies." says Lucian as he and Keitaro reach the the stairs of HInata and Lucian breaks contact with Keitaro's mind, the two then make their way to the top of the stairs.


AUTHOR'S NOTES: So what do you think? I just love vampire stories and I think I'll enjoy writing more on this. Just to let you know I will borrow some things from the World of Darkness for my vampires, like the beast being the instincts of a vampire below I'll give you the basic powers and such of my vampires. So until next time read and review.

POWERS: The basic powers of my vampires include enhanced strength, speed, resilience, as well as heightened senses, especially in regards to blood. They also posses increadible regenerative properties as well as a mystical link to the one who created them as well as any vampires the create. Vampires with time and training can learn many varied supernatural powers, including but not limited to telepathy, telekinesis, shapchanging, and of course mind control to name but a few.

WEAKNESSES: There weaknesses include having their powers greatly weakened bu the sun, the are greviously harmed by fire, wounds made from fire are harder to heal. They are also repulsed by holy object but only if the object in question is held by one who truley believes in what said object stands for, they also will avoid setting foot on holy ground that has been blessed by the truely faithful. Contary to popular belief vampires are not killed by a stake through the heart, only paralyzed, they also do actually have a reflection. Their greatest weakness is the beast, it can cause them to kill and harm others through anger,hunger and fear, unless the vampire can control himself.