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It has been several days since the encounter with the deranged vampire and all is quiet. Lucien has not been seen since the day after the incident. He has remained in his room ever since then and everyone who has loooked in on him sees the same thing him in a deep meditative state or that's what it appears to be. Though Lucien has been inacctive fo rthe past several days Keitaro has been quiet acctive he has continued his training with Motoko and when she retiers for the night he focuses on developing his Dark Arts or he studies. At this very moment he is hard at work in his room though not at his studies. He sits in the middle of his room with a bowl before him and Tama sitting on his head.

"Alright I haven't gotten this to work once yet but tonight for sure I'll get it just you watch Tama." says Keitaro.

"Myuh." replies Tama.

"Ok here we go." says Keitaro as claws extend from his right hand and he slices his left wrist and lets his blood flow into the bowl before him. For a moment he feels his beast stir at the sight and smell of his own blood but he ignores it and begins to concentrate. After a few moments the blood begins to swirl about and begins to take shape, and a very familiar shape at that. The blood begins to take the form of none other than Tama, three copies in all that look just like she does save the total red appearance they can even fly like Tama and begin to circle about their makers head.

"Alright I did it!" yells Keitaro however his yell attracts the attention off the rest of the apartments. The first to respond being Naru as she is right above him studying.

"Keitaro what are you yelling about?" asks Naru as she pokes her head through the hole that connects their rooms.

"Oh Naru sorry it's just I finally got something to work that I've been working on for a couple of days now, see." he says as he points to the Tama clones flying around his head.

"Oh wow that's something but why are they red like that?" asks Naru.

"Because they're made from my blood." replies Keitaro.

"Your blood, that's gross Keitaro! Well you can play with your blood all you want I have studying to do!" says Naru as she closes the whole connecting their rooms.

Just as Naru closes the hole between her room and Keitaro's the other residents of the Hinata rush into Keitaro's room having heard him yell.

"We heard you yell Urashima is something wrong?" asks a worried Motoko.

"I'm fine I guess i got a little excited after I was able to learn how to use this new ability of mine. Sorry if I caused you all to worry ." says Keitaro with a sheepish look on his face.

"Well it's good to know that nothing is wrong Keitaro. That yell had us thinking otherwise." says Kitsube with a luagh.

"So Keitaro what's this ability of yours huh, you lean how to control minds or something?" asks Su.

"No nothing like that Su. I wouldn't want to learn how to control people's minds anyway it's wrong. What I learned was this." says Keitaro as he points to the Tama clones flying around his head.

"Wow that's cool! Can I eat one them Keitaro?" asks Su with a hungry expression.

"No Su you can't eat them. Trust me when I say you wouldn't want to, alright." says Keitaro Su dosen't say anything she only nods in response though obviously saddened at being denied once more a meal of turtle.

"How cute they look just like Tama. Don't you think so Motoko?" says Shinobu.

"Yes very cute Shinobu." says Motoko as she tries her best to hide her fear of the turtles from the others.

'Oh crud I forgot that Motoko was afraid of turtles guess i need to get rid of them before she totally freaks out.' thinks Keitaro as he concentrates and the Tama clones simply vanish.

"Why did they disappear like that?" asks Shinobu.

"Well Shinobu I made them disappear. I can't play with them all night you know I have lots of other things that need to be done, sorry." says Keitaro.

"It's ok sempai we'll let you get to your work now, good night." says Shinobu as she turns and leaves. The others following after her with Motoko being the last one to go but before she does Keitaro puts his hand on her shoulder to stop her.

"Motoko sorry about that I forgot that you were afraid of turtles for a moment." says Keitaro.

"It's quite alright Urashima though next time you practice that power perhaps you could try something besides turtles." says Motokowith a laugh.

"YeahI think i'll do that. Before you go Motoko there's something I want to ask you." says Keitaro.

"What did you want to ask me Urashima?" asks Motoko.

"Well I was wondering if maybe you would like to go out with me sometime?" says Keitaro with a look of embaressment on his face. Keitaro's question leaves Motoko rather stunned and unable to respond for a moment.

'Did he just ask me out? I must admit I have been hoping he might but I never thought he would. Isn't he in love with Naru? Perhaps he no longer feels the same as he once did about her, Naru has been very cold and distant towards him as of late. Maybe I should say yes? If he is trying to get closer to me because he likes me should I give up that chance? No I won't, if Naru can't see him for the good man that he is then I will take my chance with him now.' thinks Motoko.

"Urashima I would be honored to go out with you. When would you like to go out?" says Motoko with a smile.

"Well how about tomorrow night. If that's ok with you of course." replies Keitaro.

"I'll see you tomorrow then Urashima." says Motoko before she turns and leaves.

However the short conversation that took place between Keitaro and Motoko did not go unnoticed for Naru heard all of it. If anyone could see her now they would see a young woman on the verge of tears. She would not continue her studies that night. All she would do is cry herself to sleep. As for Motoko she would drift off to sleep and dream about her impending date with Keitaro. While the latter continued on with his training though with a much more pleasant attitude than he had before.

The next morning Naru left the apartments earlier than normal for prep school. At least that was the others assumed at least in truth Naru was in no mood to go to school at all still feeling quiet depressed about the conversation she overheard between Motoko and Keitaro.

'I don't get it why do I feel so upset about those two going out tonight? It's not as if I'm in love with Keitaro or anything, am I?' thinks Naru as she sits down on a bench.

'No way could I be in love with him! I mean he's stupid, a pervert, and worst off all a bloodsucking monster!' Naru thinks to herself and she wants to believe it too but another part of he says the opposite.

As Naru continues her thoughts a man is walking towards her. He is perhaps 5'11 with short black hair and deep blue eyes and is dressed in the attire of a priest. He takes notice of the sad expression on Naru's face and proceedes to sit next to her.

"My child are you alright? You look upset." says the priest. Naru who had not been paying the least bit of attention to her surroundings didn't even notice the priest until he had spoken, wrapped up in her own thoughts as she was.

"Who are you?" asks Naru as she

"Oh my appologies my name is Alexander Proudmoore and I am a priest. I did not mean to startle you it was just that I saw you sitting here and you looked so upset. I was wondering if there might be something that I could do." says Alexander with concern in his voice.

"Oh it's nothing really. It's just been one of those days you know thank you for your concern though." says Naru.

"Are you sure it seems something is causing you quiet an amount of worry. Perhaps you would feel better if you talked about it." says Alexander.

"I'm not Christian or anything so why would you be concerned about me so much?" asks Naru in a confused voice.

"We are all children off the Lord. It matters little to me if you are not Christian it is a priests duty to console those in need my child." says Alexander in a most sincere tone. Naru thinks over the priests offer to talk with her about her troubles.

"Well I guess it couldn't hurt to just talk." says Naru.

"Very well so why don't you start from the beginning my child." says Alexander.

"Ok, but please don't call me child. My name is Naru Narusegawa." replies Naru.

"Very well Naru. Please go on and tell me what troubles you." says Alexander.

"Well you see there's this guy I know and well he's changed a lot recently. He seems like the same person in most respects but not in others." Naru says with a sad tone.

"Such as?" asks Alexander.

"Well he used to like me. But lately he has been paying more attention to a friend of mine than me." says Naru as a tear roles down her cheek.

"Is that so. What do you think the reason for his change in behavior might be?" asks Alexander.

"Well I have been rather cold to him, ignoring him and almost never talking to him. I've just been pushing him away." says Naru as she tries to hold back her tears.

"I see. Naru if you wish things to return to the way they were with your friend it would be best to tell him how you feel, before you lose him completely. Even if things do not return to exactley how they were at least you will know the truth of how he feels." says Alexander as he places his hand on Naru's shoulder.

"Do you really think that will work?" asks Naru.

"Well I can not say for certain if it will, but you should at least try. If you don't you may regret it for the rest of your life." says Alexander.

'Perhaps I should take his advice, I just don't know.' thinks Naru as she notices the time.

"Oh no I'm going to be late for class! I'm sorry but I have to hurry or I'll miss my class thank you for the advice though." says Naru as she runs off at top speed.

"No I should be thanking you my child." says Alexander with a smirk on his face once Naru is out of sight.

Meanwhile at the Hinata in Lucien's room his mind is flooded with images of a time long since gone. Images of him walking through what appears to be a monastery his clothing torn apart and his body covered in blood with the monastery burning all around him. Images of him carrying a pair of bodies out of the monastery and later burying them in a forest and crying for the two people. Then as the images fade Lucien awakens from the apparent meditative state he has been in for the past several days.

'So it is true they have come. I had not thought they would be so brash as to come here were they hold no authority but it would seem otherwise.' thinks Lucien as a look of pure hatered forms across his face.

When the residents who were at school for the day return they find Lucien waiting for them as well as Keitaro who for the first time since he had become a vampire was actually up during the day, though he looked extremley exhausted. Before long all of the residents of the Hinata including Haruka are sitting in the main room.

"So what did you want to talk to us about Lucien? Couldn't you have waited till night for this I can barely stay awake." asks Keitaro with a yawn.

"I do apologize for waking you so early Keitaro but it's just that I would like to invite all of you to spend this weekend at my home. Think of it as a way for me to thank you for allowing me to stay here." says Lucien.

"Really you want to invite us into your home for the weekend?" asks Shinobu.

"That is correct. I won't take no for an answer either. I insist upon it." replies Lucien.

"Well I apreciate the offer but I have a tea house to run so I can't." says Haruka.

"Don't worry about that. I'll make sure you are well compensated for your shop not being open." says Lucien which causes Haruka to rethink her previous statement.

"Well all right then if that's your offer how can I say no." replies Haruka.

"What of the rest of you?" asks Lucien.

"Yes if you're sure you don't mind." says Shinobu.

"You betcha!" adds Su.

"Sure thing just hope you have some sake though." replies Kitsune with one of here trademark smiles.

"Fine if you insist!" says Naru.

"If that is your wish then very well sensei." says Motoko.

"Well I don't have a real problem so I guess it's unanimous." says Keitaro as he yawns again.

"Good then I suggest you make haste and pack your things." replies Lucien as he turns and leaves.

A few hours later everyone meets back in the main room of the apartments with whatever they feel they will need for their stay at Lucien's home.

"Well if everyone is ready we can go." says Lucien.

"So will we be taking the train to get to your home?" asks Kitsune.

"No I have a much quicker form of transport than the train Kitsune. Now brace yourselves." says Lucien as the group disappear in a flash of light and reappears outside of an old European style mansion.

"Wow that was cool Lucien how did you do that?" asks an excited Su.

"Magic my dear, magic." Lucien says with a smile.

"Are you going to teach me that some time Lucien?" asks Keitaro.

"Perhaps. Now if you will all follow me we'll go inside and you can all put your things away alright." says Lucien as he leads the others to the entrance of the house.

As they walk the residents of the Hinata can not help but be amazed at the place they are at. The rather large front lawn of Luciens home sports many different kinds of trees several of which are not native to Japan as well as some statues and a fountain. As they approach the front door of the mansion on either side can be seen a rose bush in full bloom.

"The roses are so pretty."says Shinobu as she stops to smell some of the roses.

"Shinobu if you would like some of the roses I'll make sure you get a bouquet before you leave." says Lucien.

"Really you mean it?" replies Shinobu.

"Of course I do it's no trouble at all." says Lucien.

"Thank you Lucien." says Shinobu with a smile as Lucien opens the door to the mansion and enters with the others following behind him.

"Welcome to my home I hope you enjoy your stay here. You may choose any room to sleep in that you wish save those on the third floor. I'll let you all pick out a room now." says Lucien as he walks upstairs.

As they all pass the main room they can see a series of paintings. One has a women and a little girl, another a women and a small boy of probably five years of age. Strangely both children in the paintings bear a resmblance to Lucien. The next painting is of a young Japanese woman who bears some resemblance to Motoko. While the following painting is of a rather distingushed man who is probably in his mid forties. The final painting is also of a young woman but while the other paintings seem to have a look to them that would seem to be honoring them in some fashion, but this one seems more depressing or perhaps shameful even.

'So he keeps a portrait of Yuriko in his home. I suppose that should not have come as a surpise but who are those other people I wonder?' thinks Motoko. As all this occurs others are at this very moment heading toward the Hinata apartments looking for it's occupants. A group of three people two men and a woman. One of the men being the priest that Naru had spoken with that very morning. The other man wears a long coat that conceals what he is wearing while the woman wearse the attire of a nun.

"So this is the place where the vampires as well as those corrupted by them live?" says a tall menacing man with short brown hair and dark green eyes.

"Yes Victor this is the place I saw in her mind." says Alexander.

"Then why is it I sense nothing in this place, neither vampire nor human save us of course." says Victor in a very upset tone that frightens Alexander but dosen't seem to bother the woman one bit.

"Perhaps he has learned of our presence here. After all he is a very old vampire it wouldn't be out of his ability you know." says the nun.

"As always sister Natsuko shows great wisdom in spite of your ignnorance Alexander. Quiet right he has undoubtably learned that we are here and so has spirited them away elsewhere. So Alexander make yourself useful and find them." says Victor.

"Yes Victor not to worry no matter where he has taken them I can find them with the tracking spell I placed on the girl." says Alexander as he concentrates for a few minutes.

"I have found them Victor they appear to be in a mansion a few miles outside of Kyoto. He seems to have placed strong wards around his haven to keep people from nosing around but I managed to get past them. I would suggest we go after them tomorrow by the time we get to that mansion night will have fallen and he will be at full strength." says Alexander.

"No we shall face him at his best. It will make the lifting of our orders greatest stain all the better if we kill him that way. Do I make myself clear?" says Victor. There are no words from his companions. They simply nod in compliance to Victor's wishes. The three then leave the apartments and head to the train station so they may go to Kyoto.

Meanwhile back at Lucien's home the others have all picked out rooms for their stay Naru, Kitsune, and Haruka take rooms on the first floor. While Shinobu, Su, Motoko, and Keitaro take rooms on the second floor. By some coincedence or perhaps not Motoko and Keitaro's rooms are right next to each other, and Keitaro is approaching Motoko's door right now and gently knocks on it. After a moment the door opens.

"Urashima what do you need? Shouldn't you be sleeping now that you have the chance?" asks Motoko.

"I would but it will be night before to long so I decided to try and stay awake till then. Is it ok if I come in and talk to you?" replies Keitaro.

"Yes of course. Come on in Urashima." says Motoko as she tries to hide the blush forming on her face as she lets Keitaro into her room and closes the door behind them.

"It's alot different from the Hinata isn't it?" says Keitaro.

"The house, yes but it has it's own charm to it. Though I'm not sure how I'll take to the beds I'm not used to sleeping in a western style bed." says Motoko.

"I'm sure you'll be fine. They look pretty comfortable to me." Keitaro says with a laugh.

"I guess I'll find out for sure tonight when I go to bed." replies Motoko.

"That reminds me about taking you out tonight I guess since we're here for the weekend I won't be able to do that. I'm really sorry so how about we go out after we go back home?" says Keitaro.

"You don't need to apologize Urashima I don't mind waiting a few days." replies Motoko.

"I'll make sure we have ..." Keitaro begins but in the middle he starts to fall forward but Motoko catches him before he hits the floor.

"Urashima what's wrong?" Motoko asks but Keitaro does not answer her. Motoko then realises what happened, Keitaro has fallen asleep.

'It would seem that you could not resist the call of slumber that your kind are forced into during the day for long Urashima, but you did well.You deserve some rest. So sleep now, and let me watch over you.' thinks Motoko as a smile forms across her face as she sits on the floor bringing Keitaro with her and lays his head on her lap allowing him to use it as a pillow.

After a few hours as the sun begins to set Keitaro begins to stir from his sleep only to find himself in a room other than his.

'I must have fallen asleep. Last thing I remember was talking with Motoko, then everything went black.' thinks Keitaro as he notices his head is lying on something soft.

'Did Motoko get a pillow for me or something?' thinks Keitaro as he looks up and sees Motoko and suddenly he realises what his head is lying on and he sits up quickly.

"I'm surprised you're up so soon the sun isn't even fully down all the way yet. Most impressive Urashima." says Motoko with a smile.

"Motoko I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have fallen asleep like that in your room. I just couldn't stay awake any longer, and then to use your lap as a pillow. Please forgive me?" replies Keitaro.

"It's quite allright Urashima. I didn't really mind all that much to be honest." says Motoko as a blush comes across her face.

For several minutes Keitaro and Motoko simply stare at one another, niether quite knowing what to say to the other. The light from the setting sun comes through the window pouring over the two adding to the moment.

'Wow, Motoko looks absolutely beautiful with the rays of the setting sun falling upon her like that.' thinks Keitaro as both he and Motoko find themselves moving closer together until they are almost about to kiss. However at the last moment Keitaro pulls back unable to go through with it as a look of fear forms across his face.

'Why does Keitaro look so frightened? Is he scared of me, or is it something else?' thinks Motoko.

'I can't do it. I want to, but what if it turns out like all those dreams and I try to hurt her?' thinks Keitaro. After a moment Keitaro is able to compose himself.

"Motoko I think we should go and find the others. They're probably ready for dinner by now." says Keitaro as he stands and offers his hand to Motoko to help her up.

"Yes I suppose you're right Urashima." replies Motoko as she takes his hand and stands up.

After Keitaro and Motoko find the others they all make their way downstairs. As they pass the main room they find Lucien standing in the center of the room staring at the paintings they saw earlier intently. He does not seem to pay the least bit of attention to them. After a minute or two Lucien turns around and looks at the assembled group.

"Is there something you all need?" says Lucien.

"Well the others were just wondering when we would be having dinner?" replies Keitaro.

"My apologies but I'm afraid I don't keep much food in my home since I rarely have living people here, but I will make arrangements shortly though for food I assure you." says Lucien.

"Excuse me Lucien I don't want to sound rude but who are all the people in these paintings? I have been curious ever since I saw them all when we first came inside." asks Shinobu meekly.

"Do not worry yourself so much Shinobu I am not offended at all by your question. If you wish to know I will tell you. Why don't you all sit down while I tell you." says Lucien as the others find places to sit.

"You see these paintings are of those who have held some great signifigance in my long existance. This first painting is of my wife Mariana and my daughter Lilian. There was nothing I would not have done in order to protect them, both when I still lived as a human and after I became a vampire. However even I could not save them when they became deathly ill. For all the power I had gained by becoming a vampire I was powerless to save them from sickness. I was forced to watch them grow steadily worse and then finaly die." says Lucien sadly.

"The painting here is of my second wife Eveline and our son Cristian. I met Eveline one hundred years after Mariana and Lilian's deaths. We were soon wed and a short time after we were blessed with our son. That day was perhaps one of my happiest for I felt what it was to have a family again. However that happiness was not to last long. Five years passed and they were taken from me." says Lucien as he closes his eyes as if in thought.

"Lucien you said they were taken from you what do you mean by that?" asks Keitaro.

"You see at that time an organization within the church was created to deal with the threat of monsters, and infernalists. This organization was called the Swords of Heaven. This group was compossed of extremly zealous people. They didn't just dispose of monsters and the like they even went as far as to kill innocent people whom they believed were tainted by monsters. You see they had discovered that I was a vampire but when they came for me and they couldn't find the resting place that I used during the day they took my wife and son to one of their nearby monasteries in order to extract the information from them, as well as do other things I will not speak of in front of Shinobu or Su. When I awoke that evening I realised what had happened and followed the trail left by the horses they had used. I found my wife and son in one of their holding cells. My wife was barley alive when I found here my son had already died from the ordeals they had put him through. I read my wife's mind and learned what they had done to them both. I was so enraged that I lost complete control of myself. I took my vengeance upon those in the monastery. I left only one person alive to give his superiors a message to never come after me or any connected with me again. And so for the second time I burried a wife and child." says Lucien as he wipes a bloody tear from his eye.

'This is what Lucien meant by suffering isn't it. The pain of knowing that everything you care about will eventually be gone while you remain, to live forever. How awful. He must have seen death and agony the likes of which no one could ever imagine. So this is my fate as well I suppose.' thinks Keitaro.

Before Lucien continues with his explanation of the paintings the elder vampire feels two pairs of arms wrap around him. He looks to find both Shinobu and Su hugging him and crying slightly.

"What is wrong have my words upset you two somehow?" asks Lucien.

"It's just so sad that you would have to lose your families like that. At least you where able to punish the ones who hurt them though." says Shinobu as Lucien's arms wrap around the two young girls.

"No my child when I took the lives of those in that monastery I felt no sense of righteousness or justice in it. What I did was in anger, which made me no better than them. Killing in the name of vengeance or for blind hatred is wrong no matter what. So please do not shed tears for me little ones. My past sins are not something you should worry yourselves about. So please dry your eyes and smile, it suits your faces so much better than tears." says Lucien in a fatherly manner. Both girls do their best to do as he asks as they return to their seats.

"Lucien, what about the person in the painting? She looks an awful lot like Motoko. Is she one of her ancestors or is it just a coincedence that they look alike?" asks Kitsune.

"Her? Yes Kitsune she is indeed one of Motoko's ancestors. She was very dear to me and as much as I would like to say something about her, I don't believe any words I could say would ever do her justice. Though I will say this she was one of the most noble individuals I have ever had the honor of meeting." says Lucien.

"What about the older looking guy, who's he?" asks Kitsune.

"He was the head of a clan of werewolves called the Frostsong. I once fought beside him in a war for lack of a better term against a rival werewolf clan known as the Shadowfangs. They had begun participating in rather corrupt practices that are best left unspoken. Needless to say though I normally wouldn't interfere with the affairs of other supernatural creatures, what the Shadowfangs were doing offended me a great deal. So I offered my assitance to his clan in their endeavors. He saved my unlife on several occasions. he was a great warrior and an even better friend. He even made me an honorarry member of his clan." says Lucien with a smile.

"This last painting here unlike the others holds no fond memories for me in any way. The woman depicted is there as a constant reminder of perhaps one of my greatest failures. She was the first person I had ever made a vampire, I turned her out of loneliness, and for a time I was content. However I soon learned her true nature. She was a very cruel person. She would abuse humans, as she felt as we are the stronger we had the right to. Eventually she tried to set herself up as a ruler of a small village. Even going so far as to offer me the chance to rule by her side. However I have no desire to rule of anyone as I believe that no being may lord themselves over another. So I was forced to destroy her before she could fullfill her foolish desires. I never turned another until Keitaro. Who I know will not make such a foolish error." says Lucien.

However as Lucien finishes talking a trio of individuals make there way towards the mansion. The same trio of ondividuals who had been at the Hinata earlier. As they approach it's clear for anyone to see that their intentions here are anything but good.

"Well, shall we get their attention?" says Victor as he opens his coat and pulls out a sword. His companions simply nod in agreement as the nun Natsuko produces a katana from seemingly out of nowhere. Victor then extends his hand forward as golden energy surounds it and he throws a spear of light at the mansion. When it strikes it destroys the window and some of the surrounding wall of the main room. As the dust from the attack rises while the window and portions of the wall are gone no damage has occured to anyone or anything inside the main room from the debris. Though with the exception of Lucien the others took cover out of instinct and are now taking a look at their surroundins.

"What the hell was that?" asks Keitaro.

"That would be the Swords of Heaven. To be honest I had been expecting this to happen. That's why I brout all of you here better this happens at my home than in a populated area, There is no need to involve others in this." responds Lucien.

"So they're here for you and Keitaro am I right?" asks Haruka.

"Yes they are, but they will try and kill all of you as well since we have been living with you all. They will believe you to have been corrupted by us." replies Lucien.

"Come on out and meet your fate abominations! We the righteous arms of the Lord will strike you down, and send you to hell!" says Victor.

"There are three of them all together. Keitaro, Motoko come with me. The rest of you stay here. We shall deal with this." says Lucien as he steps out through the hole in his mansion being flanked by Keitaro and Motoko.

"So you have come out to face us with your progeny and one of those you have corrupted. Have you Black Dragon?" says Victor with a sadistic smile.

"You leave me little choice paladin. Know this though I will not allow you to harm those under my protection. However I want to know how you found out where we were?" asks Lucien.

"That would be my doing vampire I was able to find you because of that girl there. She was most usefull and I thank her for that." says Alexander as he points to Naru.

"So you used her. How pitiful to toy with a child like that. Well then shall we begin then. Keitaro take him but becarefull he's a mage. Don't give him a chance to use his spells. Motoko you take the nun. The paladin is mine." says Lucien as all six combatants spread out to give themselves some room.

"So the Black Dragon thinks a little girl like you can beat me. How amusing." says Natsuko.

"I am a member of the Shinmeiryu, and you will not get past me!" replies Motoko.

"Shinmeiryu! Well I have always wanted to fight one of them let's see what you've got little girl!" says Natsuko as she begins her attack, but Motoko quickly parries Natsuko's attack and retaliates with some of her own.

"You will be destroyed vampire! There is no chance for you!" says Alexander as he begins to chant a spell.

"Oh no you don't!" replies Keitaro as he rushes forward and drives his fist into Alexanders stomach interupting his spell. However before Keitaro atempts another attack Alexander draws a dagger and slashes Keitaro's arm with it causing Keitaro to scream in pain.

"Don't like that do you monster. This blade's blessed so it hurts your kind very well. Now die!" says Alexander as he brings the dagger down on Keitaro's head.

"It has been a long time since I have fought a member of your order. You are the strongest of your group I'll wager and the only one to have real faith. So no doubt you've placed blessings on all their weapons as well as your own." says Lucien.

"Correct Black Dragon. We shall use the might of the Lord to rid the world of all creatures like you." replies Victor.

"Well I'll say this you show courage. You of all should know that taking on a vampire at night is a mission for morons and fools. I wonder which you are crusader. Have at you!" says Lucien as his sword materializes in his hand and he attacks Victor with a powerful sword strike.

Motoko clashes swords with Natsuko realizing her opponent is very skilled however she knows inside that she can't let her win this fight. The two attack and counter attack in a deadly but beautiful dance. However only one can come out of this the victor.

"I'm going to finish you of little girl! Get ready!" says Natsuko as she surrounds her sword with ki and rushes towards Motoko. However instead of parrying the attack Motoko instead let's Natsuko close in on her. But at the last moment Motoko trips Natsuko who lands flat on her face because of her momentum. Motoko the kicks Natsuko's sword away from her as she places her blade at the nun's throat.

"I believe I have finished this. Now yield! Little girl." says Motoko.

"Very well." replies Natsuko.

At the last moment before Alexander's blessed dagger is to drive into Keitaro's skull the blade stops as Keitaro's free hand catches Alexander's wrist. Keitaro begins to squeeze Alexander's wrist with great force causing Alexander's grip on the dagger to loosen. As the dagger falls to the ground Keitaro can actually here the priests wrist break in his hand, and the priest cries out in pain.

"You wanted to kill us! You used Naru to get to us! So now maybe I should kill you! What do you think priest? I've never killed out of anger before, but it looks like that may just change. Just think about it I have you to thank for it to!" says Keitaro in a low feral voice as his eyes burn with red light and his fangs extend as he wraps his hand around Alexander's throat.

"No! Please don't kill me! I beg of you!" pleads Alexander fearfully as he awaits Keitaro's decision.

As Lucien's sword comes towards Victor the paladin is just barely able to deflect the blow away. He then proceeds to begin his counter attack delivering an upward slash with his sword. However Victor's strike connects with thin air instead of a Lucien.

"To slow crusader." says Lucien as he grabs the back of Victor's coat and throws him a good twenty feet away. However Victor easily lands on his feet.

"You are as good a warrior as I have heard. Now let's see if you live up to the title Black Dragon." says Victor as he throws a spear of light towards Lucien who simply counters it by throwing a bolt of black flame at the spear of light. When the two projectiles come into contact they destroy one another in a burst of gold and black energy.

Once this is over the two warriors begin the real battle, both combatants making attacks and counterattacks that only a few present can follow.

'Unbelieveable! That man from the Swords of Heaven is putting out a lot of ki, even more than my sister, but Lucien dosen't even seem to be trying very hard. Of course Lucien is holding back his full strength. Just how powerful is Lucien.' thinks Motoko.

"Very good crusader you have done well. You have even given me a few new scars. However this ends here and now!" says Lucien as Victor is sent flying into a tree by an unseen force. Before Victor can try anything he finds himself unable to move and Lucien standing over him.

"Go ahead and finish me. Better death than defeat at your hands monster." says Victor.

"With pleasure." says Lucien as he brings his sword down to wards Victors neck. However out of the corner of his eye Lucien sees the faces of Shinobu and Su and the looks on their faces as they watch him about to kill this man. Instead of Victors neck Lucien's sword slices through the tree instead, with Lucien catching the top half of the tree in his free hand and throwing off into the distance.

"Why did you stop vampire?" asks Victor.

"Because I will not spill your blood before those two young girls there. I will not rob them of their innocence. You and your partners will leve this country immediately is that understood. If I ever meet any of you again my blade flies unchecked. However before you go I wish to give you this." says Lucien as he drives a fist into Victors arm breaking it. The paladin does not scream but whinces from the pain.

"Keitaro! Motoko! Let them go!" says Lucien as the two withdraw from their opponents.

"Here me Swords of Heaven. take your leader and never return here. Or next time you will pay the price!" says Lucien with authority in his voice. Natsuko and Alexander help Victor to his feet and walk off into the night like dogs with their tales inbetween their legs.

"Do you think they will be back?" asks Motoko.

"Doubtful. Who can say though. Now that the excitments all over perhaps I dhould do something about dinner for the rest of you. Come let's go inside." says Lucien as he walks towards the mansion. Keitaro and Motoko simply look at each other and shrug their shoulders before following.

Later in the night afer most everyone has ate and gone to bed someone quietly knocks at Keitaro's door. He get's up to answer it even though in the back of his mind he already knows who it is. Sure enough when he opens the door he finds Motoko there.

"Is it ok if I come in Urashima?" asks Motoko.

"Sure Motoko come on in. So what do you need?" says Keitaro as Motoko enters his room.

"Well I was just wondering if you were ok after what happened earlier?" asks Motoko as Keitaro closes the door.

"Well I'm fine I guess. Lucien says the cut on my arm will heal in a few days because the dagger I was cut with was blessed. He also says it'll leave a scar as well." replies Keitaro.

"That's good to here. I just wanted to make sure that's..." begins Motoko but before she finishes speaking Keitaro pulls here into a rather passionate kiss. When Keitaro lets go Motoko is left catching her breath. She also has a deep blush on her face.

"Urashima why did you do that?" asks Motoko.

"Because I love you! I've begun to realise just how much you mean to me. I know it will be hard but I want to try being with you. If you do say no I'll understand, but I reall want to try." says Keitaro.

"What about Naru I thought you loved her?" asks Motoko.

"I thought I did once but with how she's been treating me lately, like I don't even exist. Inside I know it just won't work. I would like to be her friend though if that's at all possible. So would you ever want to be with me even if I'm a monster?" says Keitaro. Motoko didn't need to think on the answer nor did she need to say anything either. Motoko simply pulled Keitaro into a kiss. This one lasted longer than the first but was just as passionate.

"I'll take that as a yes." says Keitaro as he and Motoko stare out the window and watch the stars.


AUTHOR'S NOTES: I hope you all enjoyed that? I know I did. In the next chapter we'll have Keitaro and Motoko's first together as well as an encounter of the fuzzy kind. Until then rember to read and review.