Disclaimer: Don't own Teen Titans, and the only reason this is here is because I'm too broke to hire a lawyer. So sue me. Wait...

This is going to be a random collection of poem bits and pieces, Raven-centric, that I've written since... well... whenever I started writing fanfiction. There might be short one-shots thrown in occasionally. Some of it is going to be confusing, but bear with me and maybe you'll get it. These are in no order, and don't go together whatsoever.

-Breaking Down Walls-

You're breaking down the walls
I've put around myself
You're melting the ice
That froze my soul.

You're the warmth in the cold
That's keeping me alive
You're the light in my dark
That's keeping me sane.

You're everything I'm not
And I need it-
Lust it-
Crave it-
That missing part of me
That I can't feel-
But, suddenly- am.

You're changing my world
To a dizzying perspective
You're opening doors
That long have been closed.

You're breaking the bonds
That have bound me to Him
You're opening the cage
That's held me in.

You're setting me free
From my prison dark
Ah, to soar!
In your arms.

Raven closed the journal, a soft smile on her face, and set it and the pen down gently. Then she rose, going out the door to the common room, ready to face a new day- because she was free in his arms.