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-Words From the Heart-

The longer you cease to speak
The less they think you'll say.

Raven hummed softly to herself as she threaded another stem through, letting the pleasant sensation of contentment reign.

Every heart knows this-
Every heart cries out to say something-
Even if it's only nonsense.

The daisy chain grew longer as she reached out, picking another one.

Scream and they will ignore you
For no one hears the cries of damned souls.
Too focused on the
The immediate
The minor details
Other hearts will not hear screams.

There. It was done. She lifted it up and smiled slightly, taking simple pleasure in the small accomplishment.

But whisper-
My friend, if you whisper
Then they will listen,
Straining to hear what you are saying.

Fingers weaving around the delicate creation, Raven sighed and curled up on the green grass, on an endless field, on a place that was never Earth, in a time that could not exist.

Whisper and break your silence
And they will hear you.