Object of affection.

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Chapter one: The beginning.

It was another typical morning. The sun rose, the people in Tokyo woke up and began to go amongst their early morning chores, like showering, cooking and eating breakfast. However one does find it hard to eat in peace, when one's friend, continuously keeps flicking pieces of rice across the room.

Tao Ren's eye twitched as a rice grain flew past his cheek. Why must he do that every morning!? He thought angrily glaring at his spiky blue haired friend.

Oh sure, Ren thought he had been exceptionally nice when he agreed to let HoroHoro stay with him, that is until he found a place of his own, as he had been practically living in a hotel, but now two months into letting him stay there, it was making him seriously regret that decision.

A rice grain hit him in the cheek. Ren fought to restrain himself from lashing out.

"Heh heh sorry Renny!" Horo said smiling.

Ren give him a smile and in a voice of deadly calm he said, "Do that again and I will personally see to it that you don't live to see your next birthday. (Horo's birthday had been the day before).

"Sure thing, Ren," Horo said touching the ends of the chop-sticks to the tip of Ren's nose, unfazed. "No problem."

His eye twitched again and he leaned back against his chair. Pulling his own bowl closer to him he said, "Ainu-baka."

Some sort of emotion flickered in Horo's eyes at those words, and when Ren blinked and leaned closer to figure out what it was, it vanished and Horo stood up.

"Well thanks for breakfast."

Not like he ever makes it anyway. Ren thought.

"See ya later." And he walked out of the kitchen.

"Your supposed to clean your bowl!" Ren yelled at his retreating back. No answer. Sighing he leaned back in his chair again.

Oh how at times he longed for the life without having Horo there. So peaceful and quiet and "AHH" he yelled toppling off his chair as Horo's face appeared just inches away from his. "What the hell are you doing Ainu-baka!?"

Horo smiled at him and picked up the bowl. "Nothing."

"Like hell you were!" Ren thundered. "You almost gave me a heart attack! I thought I was going to die!"

"You wouldn't really die? Would you Ren?"

Ren gazed up at Horo as he turned to wash the bowl. His voice seemed so sad. "Of course not Ainu-baka. I'm not going down without a fight," Ren answered rolling his eyes.

"Oh, good," replied Horo. A few seconds passed. "Why are you sill on the floor?"

Ren blinked. "...good question." He stood up and brushed himself off. "Clean my bowl while your at it," he commanded.


"Because you never do a lick of work around here and I'm thinking about making your earn your keep!"

"Right. Fine whatever," said Horo walking to the table and retrieving Ren's bowl.

Ren shook his head and stretched. Horo was stupid. He didn't understand what it took to keep a home clean and spotless. All he cared about was food, food, and more food. And sleep was in there somewhere.

However something had been bothering Ren. Some insults, which had never had an effect on Horo before seemed to be having much more so of an effect on him, Ainu-baka for example. He was becoming slightly more drawn in and less outgoing. Which, because Ren knew his as the outgoing type, was a little unnerving. It didn't seem like Horo. And at times Horo acted like Ren was going to disappeared the second he walked out the front door, and he stared at him with longing.

What was that all about?

Arms went around his waist and he froze. What was he still doing in the kitchen? Looking behind him, he saw Horo place his head on his shoulder. Ren's mouth went dry. "H-Horo, w-what are y-you doing?" he stammered.

"I'll let you guess," He answered breathing heavily on Ren's neck.

"I-I think y-you should let go now!"

Horo responded by kissing his neck.

Oh fuck! Ren though helplessly. Wait, why should he be helpless in this situation? He was just as strong as Horo, maybe even more so. "Let go of me right now!" Ren said trying to keep his voice calm, but the heat was rising in his face as Horo continued to kiss his neck not answering. "I said let go!" He repeated and elbowed him sharply in the chest.

Horo made a slight noise and released him.

Whirling around, face very red, Ren yelled, "What the hell do you think your doing?!"

Horo gave him a slight smile and rubbed the area where Ren had elbowed him. "Do you really want to know?"


"Are you sure?"


"Really sure?"


"Really, really sure?"

"Yes god dammit! Now get on with it!"

Horo smiled wider. "Your really inpatient at times, Ren. A difference from your egocentric, arrogant self." Ren glared at him. "That's why I love you."


The words weren't registering with Ren's brain. "W-what?"

"I love you," Horo repeated taking a step closer. "For the longest time now."

Ren stared at him. Okay now was the time to panic. "N-now you listen here Horo, I don't know what your tryingto pull but-"Ren's words were cut off by Horo sealing his lips against his.

Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ren repeated to himself, trying to pull away from Horo, but being smaller then him, it proved no easy feet. He thought about hitting him again, but no, Horo had grabbed a hold of his hands. Kicking him? Damn, he couldn't. His legs felt weak. Weak what?

Horo pulled away from him, and it was Ren dearest ambition to murder him on the spot, however, a part of him was itching to close the distance between them with another kiss. He slapped himself mentally and yanked his hands out of Horo's grasp.

" . !" he said through gritted teeth. He backed out of the kitchen. "Wait Ren-" Horo started, but Ren raced out of the kitchen and barricaded himself in his room.

Pulling his knees up to his chin, he thought, what the hell is going on?

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