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Urgent Presents


Robin waited nervously in an office in Jump City's City Hall. He wasn't in just any office. This office had had big oak doors leading into it. There was a huge desk with a state-of-the-art computer and printer. Even as Robin waited, a maid came in and was dusting, organizing, or making adjustments to the big stack of papers on the desk. Robin could feel that this room was expensive. He was in the office of Andrew Hearting, mayor of Jump City.

Robin had received an urgent call from the mayor's secretary saying that he needed to be at City Hall as soon as possible. He was instructed to come alone. Robin did so and was now waiting for the mayor to arrive. It was odd for the mayor to have Robin wait to see him when his secretary asked him to be there in less than ten minutes if he could.

Robin had been patiently standing there for well over twenty minutes when the big oak doors swung open. A tall woman with a clipboard scurried through. Her light brown hair had been messily pulled back into a bun. She looked tired, but still moved with amazing speed. She had on a tan business suit.

"Oh!" She exclaimed when she saw Robin, "You're here! Did you have to wait long?"

Robin recognized her voice as the mayor's secretary, "Well, I"

"That's good." She interrupted, "Mr. Hearting will be here in a few moments. Now before your meeting with the mayor begins, we must go over the rules and regulations of interacting with Mr. Hearting."

"Rules?" Robin asked. He had met the mayor before at a few award ceremonies the Titans had attended. He'd never had to follow any rules.

"Yes." She said and glanced at her clipboard, "You are always to stand up when the mayor enters the room and are not to sit down until he does."

Sheesh, what was Mr. Hearting, a judge?

"You may not speak to the mayor unless he has spoken to you." She continued, "You are to agree with everything he says even if he asks your opinion. You may never criticize his work or anything he does."

These rules were ridiculous!

"Always address him as Mr. Hearting unless, of course, he asks you to call him otherwise." She said, "And most importantly, refrain from fidgeting around. Mr. Hearting hates that."

"Now," Robin began, "Wait just a second"

"Oh, yes!" She said, "Where are my manners? My name is Elda Richards. I'm Mr. Hearting's secretary."

"Alright, but"

"Don't worry." Elda said, "Everyone's a little nervous when they formally meet the mayor for the first time. I'm sure you'll do fine. As leader of the Teen Titans, you've faced greater challenges than this."

"Yes, I have. It's just"

Before Robin could finish, Elda had scurried out the big oak doors and shut them behind her. Robin sighed. This was frustrating.

After a few more minutes, the doors burst open again and a stout man stomped in, followed by a worried Elda.

"I KNOW I SAID THAT!" The man roared.

Robin's eyes widened. Was that man shouting at him?

The man turned and Robin saw he was on his cell phone. He also saw that he was Mr. Hearting.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE DIDN'T HAVE IT BY THE DEADLINE!" Robin had never heard such a booming voice, "I KNOW I SAID IT WAS DUE NEXT MONTH!" Mr. Hearting paused to listen, "TELL HER SHE'S FIRED!" He paused again, "I DON'T CARE IF SHE'S MY ONLY DAUGHTER AND I DIDN'T GIVE HER THE RIGHT DATE! FIRE HER!" With that, Mr. Hearting pushed a button on his cell phone and shoved it into Elda's arms.

Mr. Hearting stomped angrily to his desk and sat down. He took a deep breath.

Robin gaped at the mayor.

All of the sudden, Mr. Hearting started smiling, "Why, Mr. Robin, so glad you could come."

"Erm," Robin said, "Yes. I…came."

"Good, good." Mr. Hearting acted as if he hadn't just been in a fit of rage, "You must be wondering why I called you here."

Elda was standing in the corner. She shook he head up and down, trying to signal to Robin.

"Uh…" Robin said, "Yes."

"But before we go into that," He frowned again, "ELDA! COFFEE!"

"Yes sir." Elda instantly replied and nearly ran out.

Mr. Hearting smiled and cleared his throat, "Mr. Robin, you're a smart lad." Robin nodded, "Of course you are. You lead the Teen Titans." Robin nodded again, "And, as a hero, you perform a public service to the city."

"Yes. All of the Titans do." Robin said. He was not about to let Mr. Hearting give him all the credit.

"Yes." Mr. Hearting said, "And I thought you and your team deserved…a present!"

Robin stared for a while, "A…present?"

Mr. Hearting could hardly conceal his excitement, "Yes!" He clapped his chubby hands twice and the oak doors swung open, revealing the Titans' presents.

Robin's eyes widened, "You're giving the Titans?"

"Yes!" Mr. Hearting replied, "Don't you love your gifts?"

Robin looked at the presents, "Um…yes?"

"Splendid!" Mr. Hearting said happily, "I'm sure you'll want to show your team. Go ahead, call them!"

"Mr. Hearting, I'm not sure if the team needs…the presents you got us." Robin said, "We really do fine on our own."

Mr. Hearting's eyes narrowed, "Call your team up to show them Mr. Robin."


"NOW!" Mr. Hearting roared.

Robin found himself nearly fleeing the room. Once outside the mayor's office Robin contacted the rest of the Titans on his communicator.


Raven sat on the couch reading one of her many Edgar Allen Poe poetry books. Most of the time she liked to read the Book of Azar or something from Azarath, but ever since she picked up Poe's poem entitled The Raven, she couldn't stop reading his work.

Raven glanced up to see Cyborg and Beast Boy still playing that pointless video game. God, what a waist of time and energy.

"No fair!" Beast Boy yelled, "You can't do that!"

"I just did!" Cyborg said proudly.

Raven sighed. Didn't they have anything better to do? They could read. Or perhaps make something. Or, if it amused them, start a journal. Anything! Why did they have to sit there playing that stupid game?

She heard Beast Boy and Cyborg scream in agony and looked up, "What happened?"

Cyborg pointed a shaky finger at the screen. Raven smirked. Robin's face was on it. He had interrupted their game.

"Erm…did I call at a bad time?" Robin asked.

"Ignore those two." Raven said.

Starfire flew from out of the kitchen into the living room, "Robin! I trust your meeting with the ruler of the city went pleasantly?"

"Sort of." Robin said, "Titans, I need you to come to City Hall."

"Why?" Raven asked.

"The mayor wants you guys to see…the presents he got us."

Beast Boy and Cyborg instantly recovered from their depressed state at the mention of the word "presents."

"PRESENTS!" They both yelled with glee.

"Why would the ruler of the city bestow upon us such an honor?" Starfire asked.

"Uh, gee, I dunno." Beast Boy said sarcastically, "Maybe it has to do with the little fact that WE SAVE THE CITY FROM CERTAIN DOOM, LIKE, EVERYDAY! It's about time he rewarded us!"

Robin frowned, "Don't talk to Star like that."

"Sarcasm is my thing." Raven stated.

"Stop ganging up on me!" Beast Boy said, "Can we just go already?"

"We'll be there in ten, Rob." Cyborg said.

The TV turned off and Robin's face disappeared.


Robin hung up his communicator and put it back on his belt. Boy, were the rest of the Titans going to be surprised when they saw the presents Mr. Hearting had gotten them…


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