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Determined to fly back down to Earth and demand to speak with Robin, Starfire stood up. All of a sudden, the T-Car pulled up in front of her.

Robin stepped out of the car.


"Star!" He rasped. He was wearing a white space suit that looked entirely too large for him. Starfire almost giggled as he stumbled to her, tripping over the layers of fabric. He got very close to her and it looked as if he was going to hug her, which really was all she wanted, but then he stopped, his breath slightly fogging the fishbowl-looking glass that covered his head.

He waited.

Starfire took a deep breath, "…" X'hal, nothing would come out.

Robin leaned in, as if in anticipation. He then looked away and sort of fidgeted nervously. He peered up at her and gripped his hand into fists. There was a slight squeaking sound as the rubber rubbed, but other than that, there was silence.

Starfire attempted to speak again, this time being more successful, "I--your suit of space is…too large for you."

Robin swallowed, "It's, uh, it's Cyborg's. It was in the T-Car."

"Oh." Starfire sniffed and shifted her weight back and forth to the balls of her feet and her heels, "May you please tell me why you have come here?"

Two simple words would have completely mended the entire situation: For you. Starfire longed to hear Robin, her Robin, saying something so endearing in the midst of all this. To see him putting away his pride because of his love for her. Alas, she had no such luck.

"I--er, came to get you. The team is missing a member. You have to come back."

Starfire's tone suddenly turned cold, "Ah yes. The team. And did Alyssa send you here? You would come here if she sent you, would you not Robin? You seem to be very fond of her." She turned from him.


"You have accused me of unspeakable deeds. You believe that I have--with Mike--and I--you are--" She bit her lip, on the verge of tears. She cleared her throat and willed her voice not to crack, "You accuse me of doing these things when you do the very same thing with Alyssa."

"But we didn't!" Robin desperately ran to her, spinning her around with a gentle strength he wasn't aware he had, "That's just it! I--I was wrong. I jumped to conclusions about you and Mike," he gazed at her intently, searching her eyes for forgiveness, "…which I shouldn't have." He added lamely.

Starfire felt tears welling. She took a deep breath and said; "But if you and Alyssa--"

"We just had too much chocolate!"

Something so odd made even Starfire double take, "But--what?"

"We were feeling kind of down. Nothing happened. She had this huge box of chocolate and we ate, like, all of it. I'm sorry." His thumbs drew small circular patterns on her shoulders, "I'm sorry you had to see something that seemed--Star, please don't cry."

She looked up at him, hand over her mouth, unsuccessfully suppressing a laugh.

One side of Robin's mask got very large while the other side formed a squint.

This seemed to only make Starfire choke back giggles loudly. She shook her head and uttered softly in a relieved voice, "X'hal only knows what I am going to do with you." She let out a few chuckles before cupping his helmet in her hands, "Robin…do you mean to say that all this turmoil and anguish has been because you consumed too much unhealthy chocolate and fell asleep, leading me to believe that you had engaged in promiscuous activities?"


Starfire's laughter drifted through the air. She yanked Robin to her and enveloped him in the very death hug the other Titans feared. Tears streamed down her face, though she did not know if they were due to the fact that she was happy, relieved, scared or anything else that fell under the category "emotion." At that moment, she didn't care anyway. Robin was with her. He had not been promiscuous with Alyssa. He loved her.

And she would never let him go.


"Oh, oh, Mike I don't know about this…" Alyssa squeaked as Mike rolled her shirt away from her, revealing her milky skin.

He chuckled, either in happy disbelief that she would let him do this or just in the amusement of her being her, "You'll love it. Promise."

Her breath came out in short gasps, "Mike--" She breathed as she felt the bulge of cloth touch her bare skin.

Mike kissed her cheek lightly and whispered, "At your service."

"I--Oh, oh, oh! Oh!"

"Calm down. Shhh." He said gently, "I'm right here. It doesn't hurt, does it?"

"N-no…it feels--" Alyssa tried to speak, but there was more breath than actual words, "Oh, Mike! Oh, oh, Mike, ah! MICHEL!" She suddenly shouted and arched up.

"Okay, okay, it's done. Sheesh." He said as he peeled the temporary tattoo shield away from the skin of her shoulder.

She let out a breath of relief and gazed at it as best she could. It was a small flower with a curved stem and yellow petals. Alyssa marveled how it wrinkled if she moved her shoulder a certain way.

Mike smiled at her and rolled the sleeve of her shirt down, "See? I told you it wouldn't hurt." He rolled his eyes and murmured, "Honestly," in such a likeness to her that even she had to laugh. He flashed his pearly whites at her, "You need to learn how to trust other people."

"Well, you-you can't blame me." She insisted, despite the fact she secretly knew he was right, "I've heard that getting tattoos hurts. I didn't--it made me nervous."

"It's real tattoos that hurt. Not the temporary ones! I told you that."

She opened her mouth to say something intelligent and border-line insulting, but sighed instead. It didn't matter. She was happy. Even in their constant arguments, she was just thrilled to be with Mike. He added everything she was missing in her life. He was just so…balancing.

He eyes her, then grinned, "Penny for your thoughts, darling." He said in an awful British accent, "Out with it, Lissy. What's on your mind?"

The fact that Alyssa had lived half her life in London made her cringe even more and his ludicrous attempt at British-ness, "I'll tell you if you stop with that ridiculous accent."

He chuckled, "Deal."

"Do you really want to know?"

"Why, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't psychoanalyze my girlfriend?"

She laughed in spite of herself and relished in the fact that she and Mike could be so open with each other, all this laughter and playful banter was really what it was all about. As soon as they were with the Titans they were responsible adults (well, at least Alyssa was) who had a job to do. But during this few moments they could spare, they could be kids, teenagers--normal. They sought refuge in each other from the crazy world they had been forced to grow up in: Alyssa from memories of her past, of how she was never quite good enough for her perfectionist parents. And Mike from fears of his future and what he was going to do with his life. But together, they could be free.

This little soliloquy had left her a rather distraught. Trying hard to hide her frown, she said, "I was thinking about how happy I am when I'm with you."

His expression sobered, "You don't sound thrilled to admit that."

She poked him in the ribs, "It's not a confession!" She said good-naturedly, "I was just…it doesn't matter. Now hurry up and kiss me before we get in another argument."

Mike loved this side of Alyssa. How she could still be her old snobby self, but throw a little humor into the mix. She was so…complex. She had much more substance than any of the other girls he had dated. She was, surprisingly, or perhaps not surprisingly, an amazing kisser as well. But the most alluring thing about her was that she didn't realize how attractive she really was. With a little make up and some contacts--

Mike frowned. No, she looked much better just the way she was.


He snapped out of his trance and whispered, "Yes ma'am," in response to her earlier demand. He pulled her to him and kissed her with all that he had.

When they broke away, she smiled, "Do you know what my favorite thing about you is?"

"Let's see…" Mike started, "My intelligent-ness?"

She snorted, "Hardly."

"My witty charm?"

"Guess again."

"The size of my--"


"--er, happiness when I'm with you?"

She arched a brow at him, "Do you give up?"

"Not yet. Hmmm…" He stroked his chin and feigned thoughtfulness, "Could it be my complete and utter devotion to you?"

"No. Let me give you a hint: it's a certain physical feature you have."

"Ahhh…my fantastically silky hair?"

She giggled, "How would I know if it's fantastically silky? You're always holding my hands wherever you decide to put them."

He made a grand scene of upturning his nose at her, "Well, excuse me for being intimate." In spite of his best efforts, he laughed a bit. It was true that when they kissed, he liked having her hands by her side or above her head. Alright, so he was a little possessive. But…Alyssa didn't seem to mind. In fact, she seemed to like it. Whether that was due to the fact that she was new to kissing and didn't know any different, or because it turned her on that someone else could be in charge instead of her, he didn't know. However, the idea of him turning Alyssa on greatly turned him on so he opted to believe the latter.

She leaned forward and whispered, "Tell you what: I'll kiss my favorite part of you. How does that sound?"

If the part he wanted to be her favorite was actually her favorite, then it sounded fantastic.

Mike gulped, "Yeah. Good."

Alyssa smiled in a drop-dead attractive way that made his heart pound. She placed her hands on his shoulders to--to what? Give herself leverage?--That sounded hot--Yank him to her? Rip him in half? What?

Her fingers traced invisible patterns down past his throat, his abs, to his belt, before making their way back up to the hollow of his throat. She leaned in and he could feel her breath, "Any more guesses?"


"Alright then." Her grin turning entirely too innocent for Mike's liking, she pushed herself up and planted a sweet peck on the tip of his nose.

His eyebrows shot up, "My nose. That's it?"

"Yes." Alyssa said, moving to sit beside him, "Just what, exactly, were you expecting?"

Her voice changed the air. Mike took the hint that it was too soon to mention what he had been thinking of. They were barely together. They had time to progress to the physical part of a healthy relationship. Besides, he was lucky to have her even talking to him. He could wait.

"Nothing." Mike assured her, "What's so great about my nose, anyway?"

"What do you mean? Everything!" She insisted, turning to face him, "It's your defining characteristic. It's what makes your look your own."

Mike stared blankly, "Er--okay."

Alyssa sighed and rolled her eyes at him. Honestly, sometimes he just didn't get it. However, his confused expression was very endearing and she couldn't help but smile. Placing her hands on his shoulders once more, she moved to kiss him soundly. He responded enthusiastically, just like he always did, and wrapped his arms around her small frame, occasionally whispering sweet things to her in between kisses.


Alyssa jumped off of Mike just as Cyborg stormed through the door, his circuits literally steaming. He looked nearly on the verge of tears and ready to punch the next person who messed with him all at the same time, "WHERE IS HE?"

Alyssa started, "Who--"


"Oh, Robin." Alyssa said tiredly, "He got your permission, didn't he?"

"Yeah, but he's been gone for over four hours!"

"Well, he did have to fly to Jupiter." Mike pointed out, "I mean, that's gotta be kinda far away, right?"

Alyssa rolled her eyes, "He flew to one of Jupiter's moons. And the distance from Earth to Jupiter is roughly 365 million miles. Of course, since it would take 0.000621 light years to travel to Jupiter and the T-Car would not be able to travel at light speed without becoming pure energy--" Alyssa stopped suddenly, "Wait a moment." She pulled out her tracking device, "Robin's already on Jupiter with Starfire. But…that's impossible. The T-Car only reaches speeds of 20,000 miles per hour. Factoring in time deceleration in the vehicle with the distance--"

"Alyssa, stop!" Cyborg shouted frantically.

"What? But--But I just discovered a major scientific flaw in--"

Cyborg covered her mouth and looked around. He leaned in close, causing Mike to raise an eyebrow, and whispered, "You're making sense. We don't do that on this show."

Alyssa took in a shaky breath as Cyborg released his hold on her, "Right. Quite sorry, silly me."

Cyborg nodded.

"Where were we?" Alyssa asked.

"Jupiter's far." Mike reminded her.

"Oh, yes." She showed the tracker to Cyborg, and rolled her eyes once again at Mike, "Honestly. See here? Robin and Starfire are on Jupiter. They're bound to leave soon."

They waited.

"Any second now."


"Robin and Starfire are going to jump in the T-Car and…" She trailed of as if she had just witnessed something unspeakable.

Cyborg looked at her expectantly, "What? What is it?"

Alyssa sighed harshly and closed her eyes for a moment. She opened them with a frown, "Nothing. I'm sure it's just taking time for him to…er, apologize."

Cyborg glanced from her to Mike, who had caught on quickly enough. The half-metal man then stared at Alyssa with a look the nearly literally shot daggers. "What," he said slowly and distinctly, "are they doing in my car?"

Alyssa offered him a fake smile, "I'm sure it's nothing--"

"She's probably just giving ol' Bird boy a hard time." Mike chimed in.

Alyssa nodded a little too enthusiastically, "Yes, yes. Besides, their argument was a rather severe base--case." She corrected as Mike chuckled a bit to himself. She shot him a warning glance, "And I'm sure he wouldn't take the T-Car for a joyride. Even Robin's not that egotesticle--tistical." A nervous laugh escaped her, "Egotistical, I meant." Mike found this hilarious and burst into fits of not-so-macho giggles.

Cyborg narrowed his eyes at her, "I guess."

Alyssa once again attempted to feign a smile, "Nothing to worry about."

There was an awkward silence, then realization hit Cyborg like a tidal wave.

He looked at Alyssa wide eyed, "That little weasel is hitting a HOMERUN IN THE T-CAR!" He shouted, "Ah! He's dead! I'll kill him!"

"Hey man, don't overreact--"

Cyborg turned to Mike abruptly, "Overreact? OVERREACT? Robin is in my baby getting God-knows-what all over the leather interior and you're telling me not to overreact?"

Alyssa hurriedly stepped between them, "Come now, Cyborg--"

"That's exactly what Robin's doing--IN MY CAR!"

Mike once again erupted in laughter. "Oh shut it, Michel." Alyssa said.

Cyborg turned on his heel and stormed out of the room, seething. Alyssa sighed just as she felt arms wrap around her from behind, "Now, where were we?"

She sighed again, though this time her breath felt like lead. Sadly facing Mike, she said, "Mike, I've got to go after him. He's going to do something phenomenally stupid."

Using an amazingly large amount of willpower, he released his hold on her, "Oh." Alyssa tried to smile again and gave him what she intended to be a quick kiss. However, her arms refused to stay still and all it took was a slight not-so-innocent noise to erupt from her lips for him to kiss his fill of her. She tried to break away several times, but as soon as she would, his hands would wrap around her small frame and he would nuzzle her neck.

They heard a crash coming from the lobby. Alyssa took this as her chance. She broke away and took two big steps away from him. Breathing heavily, she held up a shaky hand when he began walking towards her, "W-Wait just a moment. I need to take care of Cyborg." She said, more to herself than to him.

Mike grinned, "I think you need to take care of me."

Well. That had successfully ruined the mood. Alyssa raised an eyebrow and could see that Mike instantly knew that he shouldn't have said such a thing, "Is that what you think?" She said slowly.

Dammit, Mike cursed inwardly. That was a trick question, he knew it. If he said yes, she would stalk out. If he said no, she would ask him what he had meant, and when he wouldn't be able to come up with a good response, she would accuse him of lying, then stalk out. He took his only escape route. The in-trouble boyfriend's ace-in-the-hole.

Mike remained silent.

Alyssa adjusted her glasses. Mike wondered if he had ever seen something so nerdy become so intimidating in his life. It was rather scary, if he was being honest.

Alyssa took a breath, then turned on her heel, nearly stomping out the door.

Perhaps, Mike thought, stomping was better than stalking?


Starfire searched the sky intently, "That one," she said, pointing to a star.

"That one?"

"Yes, that one." She leaned into Robin's shoulder, "Tameran is beautiful, is she not?"

Robin looked down a Starfire. They were in the backseat of the T-car with their arms wrapped around each other. After Star had let go of Robin, they somehow ended up going into the car (mainly because she could not look at Robin without bursting into fits of giggles due to his space suit). They had been talking ever since.

"Yeah, she is," Robin said. He turned his nose to her hair, to breath in her scent. He whispered, "I think she is the most beautiful star in the galaxy."

Starfire chuckled, "Emotions can be so odd. I have been missing Tameran so much for the past few hours, but now…I cannot wait to return to Earth."

Robin closed his eyes, "I'm sorry."


"For not believing in you," he sighed, "when you always believe in me."

Starfire stared at him, "Do you know why I believe in you so?"

Robin shrugged his shoulders, not really liking where this conversation was going.

"I have so much faith in you because you never give up." She smiled, "And because you never give up, you never fail."

Robin couldn't help himself from saying, "But…that's not true. I've failed so many times. When I was Slade's apprentice, when I trusted Terra, when I almost let the city get destroyed by Raven's father, when I thought that you and Mike--"

Starfire silenced him with two fingers to his lips, "Did you not hear me?" She asked, though her tone was soft and breathy, "Yes, you did do all of those things. But after they happened, after you had recognized your mistakes, you did not give up. You worked twice as hard than you had been, and you prevailed. You have never failed," she said with a note of wonder, "in my eyes."

There was a silence that followed, but Starfire merely smiled through it. Robin looked at her in awe, trying to find something to say. Finally, he decided to place his arms on her shoulders and pull her in for a hug, "I love you so much."

She sighed in contentment, "Robin?"


"Will you promise me something?"


"Please," Starfire said, lacing her fingers with his, "promise me that you will always prevail, that you will always try."

Robin's first instinct was to deny that that was possible. After all, there were times when one was just pushed to the brink and simply--then she looked up at him, and he swore he could see a glint in her eyes reserved just for gazing at him. And was she ever beautiful. She was smiling a gentle smile, her fiery locks framing her soft features. She brought their joined hands up to her chin and rested on them. The act was so intimate…


Starfire covered their hands with her free one. "Thank you," she breathed, moving closer to him, "Robin…"

He could feel the warmth of her breath now. He gulped as her nose snaked past his. She stopped millimeters from his mouth, sensing what he was. The temperature inside the car had skyrocketed, and even with her alien resistance, Robin could tell Star felt it too.

"This seems…different," she confessed.


"But it does not feel…bad…"

"No, it doesn't."

"Should we…should we stop?"

Robin's free hand moved up to her cheek, his thumb drifting slowly over her skin, as if afraid she would float away if he did not keep hold of her. "Do you want to stop?"

A beat, then, "No…"

Finally, finally, their lips met, and it was different. They both knew it--they could sense the fire behind the sweetness, could feel the passion behind the care. There was no urgency, merely an excitement, a zest for each other, a life-long quest to know what the other was about.

Soon, kisses were placed on areas other than the lips, goose bumps were rising on untouched skin, breathing was changing. Limbs entangled…fingers explored…heated skin was released from the confines of fabric…

Sweat formed on Robin's bare back as Starfire breathed in awe, "Robin…"

He was shaking with effort, "Yes?"


Robin choked out a breath, attempting to say something magical, something to make her feel like the most beautiful, talented person in the entire universe. The person she was to him. But words failed him, and all he could gasp out was, "I love you, Starfire…" She propped herself up to kiss him, her fingers entangling themselves in his hair as his body stiffened.

Suddenly, all his senses were consumed by her. Robin could only see her emerald eyes, could only smell her unique scent, could only taste her skin, could only hear her breathy moans, and could only feel her--all of her, all around him, consuming him. Loving him. Taking care of him. Fulfilling him. Being a part of him.

And when he opened his eyes, she was there, gazing at him with that special smile.


"…and not only was he a poetic genius, but he had amazing insight into the dark recesses of the human soul. Where would humanity be without it?"

To that, all Beast Boy could think was, That's a good question.

"So this Poe guy," he started, "he had a hard life?"

Raven nodded, sipping her herbal tea (the front desk gladly gave her all the tea she liked after seeing what she had accidentally done to one of the rooms), "Yes, a very hard life. His parents died when he was very young, he acquired gambling debts that forced him to leave school, he became a drunk--"

"Yeah, but," Beast Boy interrupted, "didn't he cause all that himself? I mean, besides his parents dying, all the other stuff was his fault."

Raven tilted her head, "Yes, it was," she said after a pause.

"So…he didn't marry someone? Wouldn't it have felt better?"

Raven almost smiled, "He was married. It was the source of most of his problems."


"She was a sickly child. She was constantly bordering on death."


"Oh, yes. Poe married his thirteen-year-old cousin, Virginia."

"Aw, gross!" Beast Boy stuck his tongue out, "Are you serious?"

Raven took another sip of tea, "Yes, yes I am. But the fascinating thing is--"

Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, doooooooooo.

"Raven here." Raven lifted the communicator, angling it away from the lights. Alyssa looked tired.

"Raven, I am calling to inform you that Cyborg and I are going on a trip to one of Jupiter's moons. I can send you the coordinates if you like."

"Wait," BB cut in, "Why?"

"Why is a good question," Cyborg sulked, pushing Alyssa out of the way, "Why would Robin do this to me? Why would he and Starfire commit such a heinous crime in the back seat of my car? Why has he decided to defile my beautiful baby?"

"What?" Raven said, pulling a confused expression.

"What is also a good question," Tears began to well up in Cy's eyes, "What were they thinking? What is the reason God has for punishing me so? What is getting on the seats of my car?"

"Cy, man, what happened?" Beast Boy asked, "Are Robin and Starfire alright?"

Cyborg looked at BB as if he had just asked him if he was a boy, "Are they alright? Are they alright? I don't care if they're alright! Do you know what they could possibly be doing, right this second, in my precious baby? They are having--"

"For God's sake!" Alyssa shouted, ramming him out of the way, "Shut-up, Cyborg. You will sit straight over there, you will stay quiet, and you--will--not--move. Do I make myself clear?" The way she said it was so serious, so reprimanding, that it had even Raven ready to obey.

"Yes ma'am," Cyborg sounded defeated.

Alyssa expelled a sharp breath, "Starfire allegedly ran off to one of Jupiter's moons after her and Robin had a rather large fight. Robin--"

"Over what?" BB asked.

Alyssa's eyes shot daggers, "Robin," she continued, and Beast Boy had enough sense not to interrupt again, "went after her in the T-Car, and Cyborg is worried that something has happened because they have been out there for an excessive amount of time."

"We're coming with you," Raven stated immediately.

"No--" Alyssa started.

"Lissy!" Mike's voice shouted, "I'm sorry!"

Her head whipped around, "Michel, what in the world are you--?"

But words halted in her throat however, as his palms went to her cheeks and yanked her head towards his. Their lips crashed together, and for the briefest of moments, it was only them. There were no Titans, no jobs, no waiting for NASA to call back and let them rent a small ship. There were only lips moving against lips, tongues sliding against teeth, hands clutching hair.

But when someone gasped, Alyssa was hurled back into reality, and she slammed into the very real fact that Mike had just kissed her in front of everyone.

They were both panting heavily as Alyssa pushed him off and turned back to Beast Boy and Raven. Beast Boy's eyes were bugging out of his head, and Raven looked as if she had just seen Terra make out with BB and state, "Hey guys, I'm back to be a Titan." Alyssa adjusted her glasses and smoothed her hair a bit, "As I was saying," she continued as if nothing had happened, "No you are not coming with us because--"

"I'm sorry for what I said!" Mike yelled as if that was the only way she would listen to him, "It was stupid!"

"--because we do not even know--"

"I'm stupid! And I'm sorry! I said that already--Alyssa, please."

"--if we will be able to make the journey--"

"The reason I said you need to take care of me--"

"--because NASA has not yet returned our call requesting--"

"--is because I need to take care of you!"

Alyssa snapped her body to face him, "Oh please, Mike, that does not even make sense."

"Yes it does! I didn't want you to leave. I--"

"Michel, just shut-up!"

"I love you!"

A deafening silence followed. In the background, Cyborg was standing from his spot in the corner, straining to see what would happen next. Beast Boy had grasped Raven's hand in apparent anticipation. Raven was leaning forward, holding her breath. Mike looked determined, still breathing a bit heavily from the kissing, fists clenched, brows knotted. Alyssa was simply shocked. Her mouth hung agape, her eyes were wide.

The question on everyone's mind: What would she say?

Alyssa glanced from Mike, to Cyborg, to Raven and BB. She let out a shaky breath, and suddenly her fingers went to her closed eyes. She pressed down hard on the lids, then bit her lip, "I…I love you, too."

Mike let out a half-laugh, and they rushed at each other. The sounds of kisses and whispers drifted off as they disappeared from the screen of the communicator. Cyborg stood up slowly from his place in the corner. He cleared his throat, "Well, ah, I guess I'm going to that…uh…moon."

Raven swallowed, "Y-you know, if you can get the equipment we'll need to survive, I can send us there telepathically."

"Oh," Cyborg exclaimed, "right, yeah. That would be, uh, great."

"So…" Beast Boy added, "we'll meet you in the lobby in an hour?"

"Okay, I'll see you there."

The screen went blank. Raven and Beast Boy looked at each other. A blush crept up on their cheeks. BB jerked his hand away from hers, laughing nervously, "I didn't mean to…um…"

"No, it's okay." Raven wracked her brain for something else to say.

Beast Boy let out a strange sound and threw his hands in the air, "Alright, I'll just say it! That was by far one of the weirdest things I have ever seen."


Cyborg stood, tapping his big metal foot on the marble floor of the lobby. He glanced at his wrist, remembered he didn't wear a watch, and put his arm back down. He sighed angrily, about ready storm out of the enormous glass entrance by himself, march down to the nearest NASA headquarters, and just point his sonic cannon at anyone who decided to get in the way of him and a decent-sized rocket ship.

He was a split second away from doing just that when Beast Boy and Raven came waltzing into the room, as if they had not just kept him waiting by the elevators for the past half-hour. Raven located him and motioned for BB to follow her. They approached in a very odd way, Cyborg thought, what with their slow steps, Beast Boy looking like and invisible rope was tugging him over but he really didn't want to go. Raven actually had a bit of an expression on her face--a guilty one at that.

They stopped in a very synchronized fashion, and merely stared at Cyborg for a few moments.

Finally Cyborg couldn't stand it, "What took you so long?"

Raven's voice sounded different, almost timid. "I…was sending my soul self to the moon t-to pinpoint Robin and Starfire's location…" She trailed off for a moment. With a deep breath she continued, "It was so strange…I couldn't find Robin and Starfire--well--ah, it's difficult to explain without experiencing. I found them, but it wasn't them."

Cyborg arched a brow--his human one, obviously.

Beast Boy broke in, "Raven told me it was one being she sensed--one mind, one heart beating--but it was also two. The two of them."

"Almost as if they had merged." Raven looked down, thinking greatly about something. When her gaze drifted to Beast Boy she smiled, but still addressed Cyborg, "And they were very happy."

The air was thick with something. Cyborg couldn't quite put his finger on it--but he knew that Raven and BB were asking for something. Asking something from him. He pondered this, while his eyes darted back and forth between them. Beast Boy, it seemed, was just going along with whatever Raven said. But Raven…Raven seemed almost in awe of what she had discovered.

Then suddenly, Cyborg understood Raven's unspoken question.

He sighed, "You…don't think we should go get them."

Neither of them said anything, but Cyborg knew the answer was yes.

"And you don't want me to go after them, do you?"

Raven shook her head slowly, "I have…I've never felt--"

"You don't have to explain it," Cyborg said, then grinned from ear to ear, "Now I don't know about you guys, but my assistant has totally left me alone for the past two hours. Plus, Alyssa is busy, so I'm taking that to mean our afternoon is free. Anyone up for pizza?"

"Only if we get the veggie-lover's deal!"

"No way!"

Raven sighed. "It's going to be a long afternoon," she lamented.

Of course, she would admit to no one that she was going to enjoy it.


"On your mark, get set, go!"

Before Raven could blink, Cyborg and Beast Boy were shoveling pizza down their throats. They had wanted Raven to participate in their "ultimate pizza eating showdown," but that proposal was quickly dropped when Raven literally shoved a piece of pizza down Beast Boy's esophagus.

Beast Boy was, surprisingly, in the lead, Raven noted, as he ate the last bit of crust of his fourth slice. His face was spotted all over with tomato sauce, and Raven nearly smiled at the thought that he looked like Christmas. An olive caught on his trademark fang, like a little ornament. That kind of described his entire personality: a comical-looking holiday. Raven had absolutely no idea when she'd become so sappy, but rather liked it.

All was going well until a shrill voice behind them cried, "Like, oh my god! Pizza is, like, fattening and unhealthy! Stop, like, eating!" Bambi rushed up to the trio, waving her arms around as if that would somehow force them to obey her.

Emily followed close behind her. "Beast Boy," she said in a tone rivaling Alyssa at her worst, "pizza is about the worst food for your complexion! What in the world are you thinking?"

When they arrived at the table, Beast Boy and Cyborg momentarily stopped. Emily and Bambi stood with their hands on their hip as the boys stared at each other before breaking out into huge grins. They each picked up a fresh piece of pizza and shouted jubilantly, "PIZZA FIGHT!" before hurling them at the assistant's faces.

The girls shrieked, with the exception of Raven of course, and both glared menacingly at the boys. Bambi expelled a harsh breath, peeled the slice away from her hair, and proceeded to throw it at Cyborg. He naturally threw another one, except at Beast Boy, and soon every one was laughing and gasping and hurling pizza slices at each other, including Raven, whose last thought before joining in was, Eh, what the hell?

Mid throw, Beast Boy noticed Alyssa, Mike, and Boris step onto the balcony of the pizza place with them. Everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at the three new arrivals, before Raven tossed a slice at Mike with her powers. He shouted something about his hair before he picked it up and hurled it back. Everyone was once again in a giant pizza fight.

Some time later, at the tale end of the battle, very sheepish looking Robin and Starfire arrived at the scene. Starfire's eyes widened, while Robin's mask squinted. Everyone froze. Robin took in the pizza boxes everywhere and the waiters and waitresses hiding under some of the tables. Starfire glanced at the many spectators in the indoor part of the restaurant, some paparazzi, some civilians, even one seething manager.

"How was your, er, trip?" Mike attempted to ask nonchalantly from his place next to Bambi, one hand grasping her sleeve to pull her toward him, the other frozen over pizza he had smashed onto her cheek.

Robin said nothing, but Starfire jumped right in, "It was glorious! Robin and I are very, very happily together now!"

Cyborg arched his human brow, trying his best to ignore the fact that Emily had her arms wrapped around him, and had been failing at her attempts to nail him in the face. "Together, how?"

Starfire's smile became wider, if possible, "Well--"

Robin slapped a gloved hand over her mouth, blushing furiously. "Together as in boyfriend and girlfriend," he told Cy.

"Is the T-Car in the parking lot?" Raven asked. Her tone was a monotonous as ever, which was odd, because their were pizza slices plastered everywhere on her body.

"Yeah," Robin said, "So…"

Beast Boy grinned and held up a slice, "Du-ude…" He said in a singsong voice.

Robin let out a nervous chuckle, "So, Starfire and I are going to head back to the hotel, you know, to start packing. We leave soon, don't we Alyssa?"

"Tomorrow after noon at three," She told him as she left her spot next to Boris and slowly began walking towards Robin. Boris followed her.

Starfire was finally beginning to catch on, "Y-yes," she stuttered, aware the others were also stepping closer to her and Robin, "We must make haste…Robin's room is a mess!"

They tried to get to the door, but Raven shouted, "Hey Robin!"

He looked over at her as politely as he could. His hand was practically on the doorknob. "Yes?"

"Think fast."

Robin had anticipated this, so he instantly drew his bo-staff to block an incoming slice. He was not prepared when said slice actually hit him in the back of the head. He reached up for it, only to find his own skin. Starfire held it up, shouted something fiercely in Tameranian and hurled it at Raven. Soon, the war raged as hard as it had before Robin and Star showed up.

Cyborg glanced at Boris. His assistant. As boring as the guy was, Cy had to admit, he had gotten just a tad attached to him. He was the cool guy friend he had never had.

Bambi caught Raven's eye as she hit Beast Boy square on the nose. She really wasn't so bad…Okay, she was. But if Raven could fall in love with someone like Beast Boy, then she figured she could, at the very least, put up with someone like Bambi.

Beast Boy sputtered from the impact of the pizza, accidentally slipping and landing on Emily. He was terrified that she was going to burst into tears, but she just laughed. BB relaxed; who knew Emily could be sane around him?

Pieces that Mike had been throwing were landing dangerously close to Star's breasts. At first it rather bothered her, but then Robin shoved a slice into his mouth and Alyssa smacked the backside of his head. Starfire laughed at this and tossed a slice at Robin, who agilely avoided it.

Robin spun as Star threw yet another piece at him. He dove behind Alyssa and she got nailed. Alyssa. Where would he be without her. For one thing, he would be a lot less stressed out. On the other hand, Star would probably be on Tameran with that idiot Karras. Yet, the whole overdose thing could have been avoided…Of course, then Starfire smiled at him and he realized that they might not be together if it was for Alyssa and the other assistants.

When the battle was over, they all lay on their backs covered in sauce, occasionally chuckling at the absurdity of what they'd just done. Cyborg had let the T-Car go somewhere without him. Raven had fallen in love with Beast Boy, of all people. Beast Boy, the funny-looking comic relief guy, had landed the girl of his dreams. Starfire, precious Starfire, had gotten her heart broken for the first time, only to realize that Robin had just been keeping it for a while.

And Robin…Robin had to confront his greatest fears, share leadership of his team, he had his heart stomped on, his dignity stripped from him. Yet, he also fell in love, found the most precious thing on the planet Earth, and finally got in touch with some of his emotions.

The team had been through so much, starting with the assistants' arrival. But the strange thing was, Robin wouldn't have wanted it any other way.



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