This is my first Harry potter fic. So don't blame me if it is bad!

"Girl are you ready?"A death eater said,' you father told me to take you to the you to the train station for hogwarts!" "I will be down in a minute "Indigo said. She ran down, and got in a car." Lord Voldemort I will take your daughter to the station, and will come straight back." One of the death eaters said."Dadddy, I want you to take me to the train!" Indigo said. They pulled into the station, and a death eater put on a hood, and took indigo's luggage to the train. All of a sudden the death eater left indigo to get on the train by herself! Indigo followed the directions to the train, and went though the barrier .It was her 1st year, and she was frightened .She saw a red hair boy with a bunch of boys, and went over to them." Excuse me, but where is the train for hogwarts?"Indigo said." Follow us, and we will show you! By the way what is your name?"Ron said."Indigo" said the girl."Oh, do you want to sit next to me, and my brothers?" said Ron." Sure". Ron, and Indigo, George, Fred got on the train. Fred, and George sat next to indigo, and Ron sat across .All of a sudden the train started. Indigo got very tired, and fell asleep on Fred, and George.