"Well, the poison may have gone through your friend, Fry. But Leela has the real problem in this condition." the doctor explained to the Planet Express crew.

"What cause is it on her?" Amy Wong asked the medical doctor.

"It seems she must have recieved all of the bee poison in this case. Luckily, Fry will have a possibility that he would be okay. We just need a new spleen to replace his old one. In the meantime, many of our greatest doctors will discover the case of what will happen to her next."

"This is most certainly not a good day. Oh, I told them not to go on that misson!" Professer Hubert Farnsworth said.

"Easy, Professer. There might be a slim chance that Leela and Fry would be alive. Besides, Leela stands up for many things, and Fry is a healthy mon. He will get his new spleen done and things will be back to normal." Hermes Conrad responded.

Many doctors operated on Fry and Leela's incident about the space bees. For 2 hours, Bender, Amy, Professer, Hermes, and Zoidberg waited outside the room hoping that their two friends would be okay. They couldn't quite wait any longer. Just then, David Ferman, M.D, stepped out of the room, with his hands on his clipboard.

"Well, a dead patient had an extra spleen that could fit Fry perfectly. It just came from a man who died in a motorcycle accident. As for Leela, well, it seems that the effect has taken her too seriously. There isn't a possibility that she would die, but I'm afraid that she would last in her sleep for more than 48 hours."

"Are you saying Leela is in a coma for more than two days?" Amy asked.
"Yes. And I guess it is more than a week also."
"What about Fry?" Bender asked the doctor.

"The hospital's best doctors are putting their hands through replacing the new spleen in his stomach system. He will probably be awake in about ten or fifteen minutes. I think your friends should rest after the incident. And I think you need to too."

In their dreams, Fry and Leela were both having the same flashback of what they remembered. It was a short time ago...


Fry, Leela, and Bender were in the honeycomb hideout. While Bender was destracting the bees with his dancing, Fry and Leela started collecting honey and royal jelly. Up at the stream of jelly, Leela spotted a small, baby queen. She was adored by the ittle bee, and decided to take it home to harvest more honey. During their collecting, Bender accidentaly made all the bees angry by his dancing. He even insulted the gigantic queen! The three deliverers started to blast off to the Planet Express Ship for safety from the space bees. They managed to escape, but their troubles wasn't over yet.

"We did it! Burn down on that old crew!" Leela cheered.

"Leela, we got lucky this time. But you should be more careful. I don't want anything to happen to you." Fry told his friend.

But something bad was going to happen. Right behind Leela, the baby queen started to rise up and charge into the air. It appeared a few feet away in front of Leela. The bee was ready to sting Leela, but Fry jumped in front of her.

"You want her, you're gonna have to go through me!"

As the bee charged towards the two, it literally went right through Fry! Bender grabbed the bee and threw it out of the ship.

And that was all Fry and Leela could ever remember.

End Of Flashback

Fry sat up from his sleep. After he caught the glimpse of him being stung by the bee, he gasped a little during the flashback. He looked around the room. Then he discovered he was in the hospital. He thought maybe he fainted after the trip. But until he tried to close his eyes and go back to sleep, be remembered something... Leela. Was she all right? Did she survive the sting? He kept searching around the room. She was nowhere to be found.

"Leela..." he said.

His voice was hoarse. He felt a little weak on his voice and his stomach. He looked down to investigate. He had a huge bangage right on his stomach of where his spleen was. Then it hit him. The bee. The sting. Leela. The stinger went through him! But he really couldn't believe that he actually survived. But if he survived, that means...

His heart stopped beating.

He thought Leela didn't survive. But he was wondering, could there be a slim chance that Leela would still be alive? Just as he was about to wonder about something else, Bender, Amy, and Zoidberg walked in the room.

"Fry! You're awake!" Zoidberg yelled.

"Yeah, I guess. I thought I dreamt that me, Leela and Bender were... Leela! Where's Leela? Is she okay?"

"She's fine... and in a coma." Bender said.
"A coma? How long?"
"The doctor said more than a week." Amy replied.
"Where is she?"
"She's in the other room." Bender responded.

After Bender told Fry where Leela was, he jumped off the bed with all of his strength and ran to the next room; Number 196. He rushed in to see Leela fast asleep. He walked slowly over to her side. He carried small tears in his eyes. Fry fell on his knees and touched Leela's warm hand. He was in terror when he thought she was dead. But he remembered Bender saying she is in a coma. So he knows that she'll be fine.

"Leela?" he said in his tears.

Then Bender, Amy, Dr. Zoidberg, Professer Farnsworth, Hermes, and Dr. Ferman walked in. They noticed Fry crying, but they tried to avoid it by trying to get him back to his room.

"Fry, you need to get back to your room to rest!" Dr. Ferman said.
"No!" Fry exclaimed.

They tried tugging on his T-shirt and pulling him away from the bed. He kept on tugging free from his friends' holds. But no matter how hard they tried, Fry wouldn't leave his best friend's room.

"You can do what you want with me, but I won't leave her alone!" he yelled.

His co-workers and Dr. Ferman had no other possible choice. Fry was a little way from getting better after replacing his sleen with a new one. Fry never wanted to leave Leela's side. Even if it means death.

"... If you are sure about this..." the doctor said.
"I am. I know I am." he said.


Author's Note: I hope you really like this fanfiction. I worked really hard on making this for all of you authors who like Futurama. I'll soon start on making the second chapter of this fic. If you did watch the episode, "The Sting", you would probably remember what have happened. I'm trying to make this fiction more of a drama and romance like, so tell me if I'm getting there! Thank you!