It's been three weeks since the attack of the Underminer. The Incredibles found themselves a new home. It was almost the same as their last one. It has one living room, a family room, dining room, a kitchen, three bedrooms, one master bedroom and three bathrooms. Our story begins with Helen Parr cleaning the house on a Saturday afternoon, 13 year old Violet Parr in her room finishing her homework, 10 year old Dash is watching T.V., Bob Parr is sleeping on the couch and Jack-Jack playing with his toys. Dash finishs his homework and sprints toward the living room where his mother is.

"Is he here yet, mom?" Dash asks his mom. Helen shakes her head, smiling.

"He'll probably be here in ten minutes, sweetie." Helen answers.

"Then can I wait outside for him?" Dash asks.

"As long as you take your sister." Helen replies. Dash is annoyed by what his mom said.

"Do I have to?" Dash whines. "She's not even done with her homework."

"And you're not?" Violet responds down the hall.

"I don't want to take her" Dash complains. "She's annoying, irritating, and…"

"Shut up you little insect!" Violet interrupts.

"Mom!" The two kids glared at each other.

"Enough of this!" Helen yells, waking up Bob. He yawns, stretches and walks toward his family.

"What's going on here?" he asks.

"I just can't stand this bickering, arguing and teasing" Helen said.

"What's this all about?" Bob asks the kids.

"Dash is teasing me" said Violet

"That's not true." Dash argues.

"Is too." said Violet

"Is not." Dash said. Violet and Dash continues to argue.

"That's it!" Helen yelled "Dash, you go to your room. Vi, you stay right here." The kids glare at each other for the last time and Dash drags to his room and Violet sits on the couch.

"Stay right on this couch until I'm done talking to your brother. Do you understand me young lady?" Helen said. Violet nods. Helen glares at her teenage daughter for a moment, before she leaves.

As Helen disappears, Violet begins to cry. Ever since the death of Syndrome, Violet has now been living by new rules in the house, at school and in public. She hates those rules. At home, she will not do hero work until her homework is complete and her chores are done. At school, she must have an A in every class. She has an A in almost everything, except in math, which she has a B+. In public, if she is caught using her powers, she will be grounded, even if it's in emergency. She looks out the window, watching ordinary people stroll by her new house. She still wants to be normal like her friends. But how can you be normal if your dad can lift a locomotive, your mom can slap you a mile away, and your brother can outrun a bullet? She then sees a blue Ford mustang pull over at her house. Then she sees a boy being tossed out of the car. She checks to see if her mom is watching. Then she gets out of the couch, and heads straight to the door. She opens it and steps outside. Suddenly she hears yelling from a woman, but it wasn't her mother, it was the boy's mother. The boy and his parents argue outside.

"And I never want to see your face again!" the mother screams.

"You won't!" the boy yells back angrily, "Because I don't want to be your son anymore." He slams the door and the car sped away. Violet moved in closer. She recognizes the boy.

"Hi Sean." she said. The boy turns around and sees her.

"Hi, Vi" he said. Then they walked toward the house.

The boy's name is Sean. He is Violet's cousin. He is 15 years old. He has black hair and is wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, red shoes, black jacket and glasses with red lens. Like the Parr family, he is a super. He has two powers. One of his powers is two claws coming out of his hand. (Like Wolverine, but Wolverine has three claws while Sean has two).Another one of his powers is laser vision. He wears his red lenses glasses so the beams won't fire or reflect off his glasses. Instead it will neutralize it. He can't control the beams so that's why he wears glasses. If he shuts his eyes when he fires, it will either damage his eyes, or burn through his eyelids. Sean and Violet smiles at each other and steps inside the house.

Author's Notes: I own Sean. However, I do not own the Incredibles, Pixar does. I humbly appologize for ripping off from X-Men. "PLEASE REVIEW!"