Ultra and Morph struggles extremely to get from the city of Metroville to Nomanisan Island. Three tiring hours has passed and finally, the two of them has reached Nomanisan Island. They rest on the beach to catch a breath of air, until their eyes grows weary. Before they pass out, they can see their parents slowly approaching to them. All of the sudden, every thing turns black.

A few minutes have passed and Morph and Ultra finds themselves inside their rooms and on their beds. They quickly get out of their beds and out of their rooms. The two of them looks around for their parents. Finally, they find them inside their laboratory. They enter the laboratory, but it seems that neither Mr. Evile nor Evila recognize their presence. Still weak and weary, Morph and Ultra drags themselves closer to their parents.

"Mom, dad." Morph faintly cries. "It's us. I can't believe the Incredibles almost beat us."

"I just hope," Ultra softly speaks "that Valagor is making better progress than we did. I just that the Incredibles don't…" But before Ultra can finish talking, Mr. Evile and Evila turns around and delivers a terrifying and a horrifying glare. The two of them slowly approaches their two children. Each step they take, Morph and Ultra takes a step back, with fear and anxiety rushing inside their bodies. Suddenly, Mr. Evile and Evila have backed their children into a wall. The Evilads' hearts' pounds rapidly and is about to burst.

"Your brother, Valagor is not here any more." Mr. Evile states.

"He's dead. Those blasted Incredibles pushed him off the building and his sword stabs through his body." Evila says. "You're father and I saw what happened on TV." Morph's and Ultra's eyes widened and they look at each other with disbelief. Morph then looks down at the ground and Ultra bursts into tears.

"Oh my God." Morph mumbles. "I can't believe he's actually gone."

"Poor Valagor." Ultra cries. "I can't believe the Incredibles actually beat him. I can't believe…" However, before Ultra can finish her sentence, Mr. Evile delivers a powerful punch to her face. She slams through the wall and smashes into her bedroom wall, making a huge dent. Morph was about to run to his sister, when Evila shoots a fireball out of her palms. Morph was knocked backwards and he slams against his sister. The two of them rolls all over the floor and collides against the wall. Morph was knocked unconscious, but Ultra was still alive, yet dazed. She gasps as Mr. Evile and Evila gradually move toward their fallen children.

"You disappoint us kids." Evila says. "It is your fault that your brother is dead, and you're saying you couldn't believe the Incredibles beat them?"

"Oh that was nothing," Mr. Evile grins, "Compared to what we're going to do to you." Ultra lets out a scream of terror that can be heard throughout the island as the torture of the Evilads begins.

The next day, back at Metroville starts off normally. Every one of the Incredibles starts to forget about the Eviles for a little bit and goes on to live their normal lives. We then see the Parrs at the park along with other people watching their young boys play soccer. Bob, Helen and cute little Jack-Jack watches as Dash and his team play hard until the very last minute. Dash waves back to his family and Bob and Helen responds with the same action. Then, the two of them sees Sean looking down at the ground, feeling disappointed, frustrated and a little bit upset. Helen and Bob moves toward the discouraged boy and touched his shoulder.

"Are you all right honey?" Helen asks. Sean looks at her and nods his head.

"I'm still a little upset after what happened yesterday." Sean answers.

"About what?" Bob wonders. "Is it about the death of Valagor?"

"Kind of. You see, now that I realized that he killed my parents, I was going to avenge my parents for what Valagor did. Now that he's dead, I've been thinking. Now that I'm through with the revenge business, I don't know what to do with the rest of my life." Bob and Helen looks at each other and smiles.

"Honey." Helen says. "You're a superhero just like the rest of us. And like the rest of us, you've made a commitment to protect people from any danger. You may have won the battle against Valagor, and you may have avenged your parents' death, but the war is far from over.

"And it won't be over, until each one of the Eviles pay for their crimes." Bob says. Sean looks back at Bob and Helen and he smiles.

"Thanks mom. Thanks dad." he says as he hugs both of his parents. "Do you know where Violet is?" he then asks.

Bob points to a girl with black hair, who is just standing there. She watches as her little brother, Dash plays hard in his game. Then suddenly, a boy sneaks up from behind her and taps her shoulder. Violet turns around and she sees Tony Rydinger in front of her.

"Tony!" she screams. She wraps her arms around him and gives a great big hug.

"Hey Vi." he says.

"Oh Tony, are you all right? Are you okay? Do you need anything? Do you…" Violet stumbles on her questions.

"Easy there Vi." Tony smiles. "I'm fine and I'm not hurt or anything." He touches Violet's heart and puts Violet's hand on his. "As long as you love me and as long as we have each other in here, I will never feel a single ounce of pain. Because your love not only gives me strength, but comfort as well. Thanks Vi." Then Tony plants a soft kiss on Violet's cheek. Violet begins to blush and she gazes at Tony romantically.

"Tony." she cries. "I…I…don't know…I mean I just…What I meant was…" Violet stammers. Tony rubs his hand on Tony's hair.

"It's okay Vi, I know what you're trying to say." he says. Violet blushes and was about to speak when hears her mom calling.

"I've got to go." she says. She was about to leave, when Tony grabs her arm.

"Hey Vi," he asks. "Maybe someday this week, we can do something together. You know, just to set your mind off of being a super or the Eviles."

"It's a date." Violet smiles as she waves goodbye to Tony and meets with her family. The four of them sees Dash running out on the field and they cheer and shout out his name. The referee blows his whistle and hands the soccer ball to one of the players. He throws it onto the field and the last minute of the game has begun. All of the sudden, Dash intervenes and steals the ball away from the opponents. With an open field, Dash rushes his way to the goal. He turns to his family who is rooting for him.

"Go Dash!" the four of them shouts. "Go Dash! All the way! Run Dash! Run!" Dash grins and he kicks his speed up a notch. Now he is running twice as fast as the rest of the soccer players. He looks back at his family and smiles, but in return, he receives looks of worry and anxiety.

"No!"the Parrs yell. "Slow it down! Pace yourself! Ease up a bit!" Dash looks at his family awkwardly and he slows down a bit. But before he can react, someone steals the ball from him. He looks back at his family.

"Don't give up!" they encouraged. "Get the ball back! You can do it." Dash runs toward the boy who has the ball and he again, steals it from him. Without being told twice, Dash runs toward the goal. His eyes meet with the goalies. The goalie gets ready to block, but Dash kicks the ball as hard as he could, passing the goalie. The soccer ball, however, hit's the goal post, but it ricochets off back into Dash's legs and he kicks the finishing goal. When the ball collides with the net, everyone starts to go berserk. The teammates run toward Dash and congratulate him, the parents starts applauding and the Parr family runs on to the field and towards Dash. They exchange hugs and high fives and the celebration continues. Finally, after the long commemoration, everyone starts to evacuate from the field. The Parrs do the same the same and makes their way to the car. While walking, Bob, Helen, Violet and Sean complements on Dash on winning the game.

"Dude, you're an idiot." Sean criticizes. " You almost exposed yourself by running that fast."

It's not like any one cares." Dash says. "Everyone knows I'm the fastest one on the team. In fact, I think I'm the fastest one in the league."

"I think you should stop bragging about yourself." Violet suggests as she sticks her tongue out at her little brother.

"MOM!" Dash complains.

"Kids, for once can we please, stop fighting each other!" Helen screams. Sean, Violet and Dash stare at her and look at each other. All of the sudden, Jack-Jack begins to laugh at his mother and every one of the Parr family joins in. For a whole minute, the six of them roars with laughter, until they enter the car and drive off. Helen looks at her kids and she sighs.

"You know what?" she asks. "I shouldn't be yelling at you kids like that. Dash has won his soccer game, we as a family, destroyed the Evidroid and saved the city once again and one of the Eviles is gone."

"Yeah, you're right." Sean says. "We shouldn't be fighting each other. We should, instead, be helping each other against the Eviles."

"Oh come one Sean." Violet says. "For once in our life, can we just stop thinking about the Eviles and try to enjoy the rest of the day?"

"That's a great idea." Dash agrees. "What do you want to do?"

"You know what?" Bob suggests. "Why don't we start off by taking our minds off of being a hero or any of the Eviles. How about we all go to the arcade so we can all have a…?" However, Bob was interrupted by a huge explosion in the city. He slams the brakes and the Parrs, including Jack-Jack exit's the car. They focus on the explosion and watch a lot of people run for their lives and screaming. The next thing Bob, Helen, Sean, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack sees is a man, with a black vest, white gloves and red flaming pants. He has about eighteen bombs, dynamites and grenades attached to his chest and a few in his pocket. The six of them stares at the super villain, but Bob's and Helen's stare becomes a glare.

"Bombarder!" the two of them says.

"Who?" the kids ask.

"Bombarder." Helen replies. "He was one of the most dangerous villains all over Metroville. I guess he's come back to destroy the city. Jeez, some guys just never learn from their past mistakes."

"I guess we should teach this guy a lesson he'll never forget." Bob suggests as he puts on his mask. "Are you ready honey?" He watches as Elastigirl puts on her mask and she puts on Jack-Jack's mask.

"Ready whenever you're ready." Elastigirl smiles. Mr. Incredible turns to his three children, who has just put on their mask and grins at their father.

"Are you ready kids?" Mr. Incredible asks.

"Oh yeah." Sean answers.

"I'm ready." Dash smiles.

"Let's do it!" Violet shouts with great courage. The Incredibles slips into their super suit and rushes toward the super villain. But inside their mind, they knew that the battle between The Incredibles and The Eviles has already begun.


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