Nabiki's Secret

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Diary Interlude One:

Hi. It's been a while since I wrote in this. A diary is supposed to hold your deepest secrets, but for the last four years I've been keeping my secrets to myself. While they aren't all bad, some are.

With that said, why am I writing this?

Maybe I want to clear my conscience. Maybe I want to bear my soul. I don't know. But I do know that I have to tell the truth to someone. Even if to whom I'm telling it, is nothing but a little black book.

But, I'm digressing. Are you ready to hear some of these secrets? Fine. Let's begin with the biggest one.

I am not the daughter of Soun Tendo.

Unlike my sisters I am not a Tendo by blood. My mother had an affair. Does this surprise you? It did me. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you of the events that lead me to this discovery. It will also reveal other secrets!

Long ago, after my mother, Kimiko Tendo passed away I threw myself into practicing the art. It was the only thing I had that still connected me to her.

Several of the local masters, my fath…sorry, I mean Soun included, were envious of my skills. I used to practice the arts with a grace and power that all of them wished they had. My skill showed the power, but with a grace that had taken years for them to master.

I responded that this was the only way I could think of to honor my mother.

Little did I know that the jealousy of one person would end up changing my entire life forever! What is the name of this person you ask? Who could possibly change my life so dramatically? The answer is a shocker. It was my very own, baby sister.

This brings another secret to the light. I hate my sister. I despise Akane Tendo with a passion.

She practiced the art as well, but all she ever heard was how good I was. This made her so jealous that she eventually challenged me to a match. The condition of the challenge being that the loser would give up the Tendo School forever.

I refused the challenge for months, but then she did something that forced me to accept. She took the last present my mother gave me. A little stuffed rabbit I named Fluffy. She threatened to tear it apart if I didn't accept. I had too. I love that little bunny and still sleep at night with it. By accepting the challenge, I made the first mistake that changed my life.

The second was allowing Soun Tendo to judge the match.

The match itself lasted only two minutes as I thoroughly handed Akane her ass. Then she used her secret weapon. She bawled like a baby to Soun. I stood their in utter disbelieve as the man I called father, in order to stop his spoiled brat from crying, announced I'd cheated and was disqualified to cheer her up.

That one moment hurt more then anything. It was like they had just chopped my arm off at the joint. He knew the consequences the loser would suffer and he still took my arts from me, just so the spoiled brat would stop crying. Then Akane tried to shake my hand for a good match.

I responded by slapping her across her cute little face and knocking her across the room!

I refused to speak to them for months after that. I even refused to be in the same room as them. I would get up in the morning, use the bathroom, eat breakfast in my room, go to school, come home, go to my room, eat dinner there, doing anything that I needed to do, like homework or my yoga exercises, and go too sleep. Soun thought I was just being a sore loser, even though he knows I never lost that match.

The only innocent party in this mess in this was Kasumi. She was the only Tendo I trust and still do. To hold our family together, she tried to talk me into giving up my anger. She tried, but even she couldn't convince me to. Not after those two had ruined my life.

Eventually though, after six months of staying in my room, Kasumi talked me into being in the same room as them. They were so convinced I had given up my hatred. Little did they know that it still burned inside! I will never, ever forgive them. Everyday it only pisses me off more when Soun treated me like his loving daughter, and Akane treated me like her sister.

The fact that she expected me to still have a loving sisterly relationship with her after she ruined my life made me sick. For the longest time I had no place I could feel calm and peace.

Then I found it.

While doing some cleaning up the attic I found a large steamer trunk. Curious what was in it, I picked the lock. Inside it I found several different books. I opened the first and gasped.

These were my mother's diaries!

These were a connection to my mother that was even better than the arts. I spent the next few weeks reading them. Cover to cover I read, learning more and more about her.

It was there I found the truth.

Soun Tendo was not my biological father!

My mother, whom Soun loved so much, had actually had an affair.

For years she had been in love with another man, but her parents refused to let her marry him, because they had arranged a marriage with the Tendo family. She fought it to the end, but then they used the same thing against her, that Akane used against me. Honor.

Grandfather challenged her love to a match. If he won Kimiko, my mother, could marry him. If he lost, she would marry Soun. Like an idiot my biological father agreed and grandfather used some strange technique to beat him near to death.

Rather the see her love die, Kimiko agreed to marry Soun. But, she secretly vowed to hate her parents and her husband Soun forever. However, even though she married Soun, she still saw the man she loved on the side. He was the only thing keeping her sane. Even after giving birth to Soun's daughter Kasumi.

Then something happened that forced them to decide to never see each other again.


They had apparently always been careful when they were together, but this time they weren't careful enough. Rather then let it be known she defied her parents wishes they decided not to see each other anymore. Since that decision I was raised as Soun's daughter.

I read more and more after that hoping and praying I would find his name. My mother had been either very careful not to put in his name, or couldn't bring herself to write it. Eventually though, I found it. In a way that made me realize Soun hadn't known why my mother died.

There in her last entry, it said it all.

The date of the entry was the day she died.

She wrote that she knew she was dying but she had only one regret. Never being able to marry her true love. She said she would love her daughters. That she would forever hate Soun Tendo and her parents for ruining her life. Finally she wrote of her love for my real father. The man she would love now and forever more.

Tofu Ono.

This was a shocker!

The local friendly doctor was the man who fathered me? All the times I'd needed treatment, and he was caring for his own daughter? I thought for a week about this before making a decision, the one that would quite possibly change my life again.

I had to let him know I knew.

That Saturday, I went down to his office under the pretense I'd hurt my arm. When I'd entered the office, I announced to the patients that Kasumi would be arriving soon. That place cleared out faster then the dining room when Akane cooks dinner.

Once I was sure we were alone, I placed my mother's diary right in front of him and told him I knew. He tried to deny it, but eventually he told the truth. I was his daughter like my mother had written. We spent the next few hours talking about my mother. I wanted to know all about her. The more he spoke of her, the more we realized I was a lot like her.

When we were done he'd asked what life was like at the Tendo's. I told him all about the challenge. It had taken all of Dr. Tofu's control not to break Soun's neck like a twig for his stupidity. That really touched me. He cared about me that much, unlike Soun who claimed to be my father.

On that moment, I renounced Soun Tendo as my father and accepted Dr. Tofu as my father. The only reason I've never told Soun outright was because I would honor my mother's memory as the faithful wife. To reveal the truth, no matter how right it felt to, would cause my mother to be looked down upon. I didn't want that.

Tofu-daddy then suggested a way around the challenge, a way for me to continue to use the arts that I love. Since I couldn't use the Tendo School, like I'd even want to use that bastard's school, then he would train me in the school his family used. Since I was his daughter, it was all right for me to become his heir to the Tofu School.

The idea of using the arts again made me happier then I'd been in a very long time.

I'd asked what if he'd have another child someday, but he told me he wouldn't. He vowed to never be with another woman again. He loved my mother that much. It was so romantic.

So began my training in the Tofu school. Tofu-daddy was a lot more of a strict teacher then Soun, but I wasn't complaining. I never wanted him to take it easy on me. For months he trained me and in that amount of time, I almost mastered the Tofu School. I had done in a few months what took several masters, Tofu-daddy included, to do. He hugged me and told me he was so proud to call me daughter.

That one moment made me so happy that I broke down and cried.

Then, another tragedy occurred.

While walking home from school a couple of weeks later some guys tried to mug me. There were three of them and they thought I was helpless. They were dead wrong. Even if they had six guys, they would have still needed more.

One had only been knocked out. The second had gotten paralyzed for life. The third had been bleeding to death.

So there I was, a girl of fifteen, with a man bleeding to death in front of me, and his blood on my hands. I had never been so scared in my life. I called emergency services and told them where to find the three then ran to Tofu-daddy's and cried in his arms.

He did his best to comfort me, but I was too frightened of what I'd done. Even if it was in self-defense, I had almost killed a man. So Tofu-daddy did as I asked of him.

Using his shiatsu knowledge he sealed my arts within me. I would never use them again. The side effect of the treatment was that my emotions were partially sealed as well. I would have a harder time showing them.

It was on that day, the Ice Queen of Furinkan High was born.

I earned the money for the Tendo family to live, only because the dojo belonged to my mother. It was a pretty simple life. But, I could tell that Tofu-daddy was disappointed at what I'd become.

Then another life changing event happened.

The Saotome's arrived.

For the next two years, I watched from the sidelines as Ranma Saotome stood up against challenges that would make an ordinary man cringe. He fought and fought only to prove one little thing. That he was the best!

Then he had done worse then what I had done. He actually killed someone.

I asked him yesterday why he still continued to use the arts? Wasn't he afraid he might kill again?

His answer gave me a lot to think about. He said he'd been afraid of this before he'd done it. But, rather than cringe from this fear he would face it. He only felt at peace using the arts and wouldn't give them up for anything.

Those words made me realize that I was a coward. Rather then face my own fears, I ran like a little child from them. I should have been stronger to face them.

Now, I know what I have to do!

Nabiki Tendo

End of Diary Interlude One:

Chapter One: The Decision

It was around three in the morning when Nabiki made her move. After checking to be sure everyone was asleep, she changed out of her pajamas and into a pair of dark red sweatpants and sweatshirt. She then ever so quietly moved through the household until she reached the front door. Once outside, she put on a pair of sneakers and went off into the night.

She headed down the street with a purpose. Her destination was the home of her biological father, Dr. Tofu Ono.

Most people would be asleep at this hour of the morning, but she knew he would be up. Tofu-daddy had a strange condition where he only needed three to four hours of sleep to be fully rested. She knew this, because being his daughter she also had this same condition.

She arrived at a modest looking home in the ritzier part of Nerima. It was two stories and looked pretty much like every other house on the block. Nabiki knew however that the basement was huge. Tofu-daddy had built an underground dojo completely sound proof so he could train without disturbing the neighborhood.

She rang the doorbell and waited. Moments later the door opened and there stood her father wearing his usual brown gi. His face lit up at the sight of her.

"Nabiki. Good morning." He said lovingly.

"Morning daddy." Nabiki said. "May I come in?"

"Of course you can." Tofu said. "Your always welcome here."

He led her to the living room where she sat on the sofa. Tofu-daddy entered the kitchen and came back out moments later with a tray with tea and her favorite cookies, chocolate chip with walnuts. He poured a cup of tea and offered it to her. She sipped it and sighed. The tea was Oolong with just a dash of honey. Just the way she liked it. He sat on the easy chair across from her and had himself some tea. The two of them just sat there drinking tea and eating cookies for a while, before Nabiki finally spoke up.

"I suppose your wondering why I stopped by?" She said.

"The thought crossed my mind, but like I said. Your welcome anytime daughter." Tofu replied. "But you must have a good reason to stop by at…three am."

"I've been thinking a lot lately." Nabiki said as she set her cup down. "I've been a coward."

"How so?" asked Tofu.

"I've been running from my fears. The fear I have of my skills in the arts. Of my mother and your secrets coming out. Everything." Nabiki said.

"I see." Tofu said as he sipped his tea. "So, what conclusions have you reached?"

"I have to stop running and face my fears. I want my arts back. I want my emotions back. But, more important then all that…" said Nabiki as tears filled her eyes. "…I want to be your daughter again. More then anything in the world."

Nabiki then began to cry her eyes out in that instant. She cried and cried and cried some more until she felt two strong and warm arms embrace her. She opened her tear filled eyes and found her daddy was holding her.

"My darling daughter." Tofu said as he held her as tears fell from his eyes. "I knew you would return to me someday."

"DADDY!" cried Nabiki as she hugged him and the two of them cried.

They cried for the loss of Kimiko. For the loss of who Nabiki once was. Finally they cried for the fact that Nabiki, the real Nabiki was coming back.

Eventually their loving, parent/child embrace ended and Tofu pulled her to her feet.

"Let's get started." He said.

Nabiki nodded as she quickly disrobed and stood before her father as naked as the day she was born.

He then began pressing several different pressure points on her body. He touched every joint and as he did, lines of strange markings appeared all over her body. The markings looked like Celtic tattoo's, only they then began to glow a pale green. Tofu continued to hit the pressure points and more and more of the markings appeared around her body. Then, when the markings covered her from head to toe, he placed the index, middle and thumb of his right hand over her heart, and his index and middle fingers on his right hand over the point of her neck where the spine connected to the skull.

"Brace yourself." Tofu said. "This is going to hurt."

Nabiki did as her father asked and nodded that she was ready. He then pressed the points. At first she felt fine, but that didn't last. She screamed like she was being burned alive. Her entire body was now glowing that pale green until it lite up the entire living room. Tofu shielded his eyes as best as he could and a few minutes later released the points.

The glowing stopped and Nabiki fell to the floor exhausted as her father caught her so she didn't hurt herself. She gasped for air as she finally caught her breath. Then she felt a surge of strength she hadn't felt in a long time.

"Are you alright?" asked Tofu concerned.

"Daddy…" she said as she gave him a loving smile. "I've never felt better in my whole life."

Six hours later Nabiki was walking home from Tofu-daddy's. She walked with a confidence she hadn't felt in a really long time. She also was walking on the fence just like Ranma did every morning to school.

"God!" said Nabiki as she stetched. "I feel great!"

It was eight o'clock now and she had spent the last six hours training with her daddy. Luckily it was like riding a bike and she was picking it up again like she'd never stopped training.

As she got closer to the Tendo household, she leapt from the fence and landed right in front of the door. This was scary because the door was over two hundred feet from the fence she'd been walking on.

"Perfect!" said Nabiki as she chuckled like she had made a joke.

She entered the house after removing her shoes and walked straight to the kitchen. There she found Kasumi and Auntie Nodoka making breakfast for the entire household.

"Morning sis. Good morning Auntie." Nabiki said cheerfully.

"Good morning Nabiki." Nodoka said a little surprised to see Nabiki this cheerful in the morning.

"Good morning sister." Kasumi said happily. "Where you out this morning? I checked your room and you weren't there."

"Just had a few things to do." Nabiki responded as she went to the fruit bowl and got herself an apple. "Later."

Nabiki quietly ate her apple as she wandered out back. There she found Ranma beating his father to a pulp. (aka Training) As she watched as Genma was kicked into the koi pond, she suddenly sensed danger. She looked around, did some quick calculations and spoke up.

"Ranma, you might want to move six feet to the left." Nabiki said.

"Huh?" said the pig-tailed martial artist. "Why?"

"Just do it!" ordered Nabiki.

"Fine." Ranma said as he counted the steps. "One, two, three, four, five, six! Now why…"

#Ching, ching#

"Oh crap!" said Ranma said as he heard Shampoo's bicycle of doom that usually landed for some odd reason on his head.


"What the heck?" said Ranma as he watched in amazement as Shampoo and her bike crashed into the ground exactly six feet from where he'd been standing before Nabiki told him to move.

"Your welcome." Nabiki said as she finished her apple, threw the core into the garbage can, and went to her room to change.

"What to wear? What to wear?" muttered Nabiki looking into her closet.

>I'd go with the tights and muscle shirt.> A voice said in her room.

"Who said that?" said Nabiki panicing as she assumed a defensive stance.

>You don't remember me?> said the voice. >I'm hurt! True we haven't spoken since you were fifteen, but how could you forget me?>

"Fifteen?" said Nabiki as realization dawned on her face. "Aurora! Is that you?"

>How many other voices do you know talking to you inside your head?> asked the voice.

"Sorry. I've got a lot of other things on my mind." Nabiki said. "You want out?"

>Sure.> The voice said.

Nabiki's body began to glow that pale green again as suddenly a large tan colored mountain lion appeared in her room. The lion had sleek fur and razor sharp claws. It also had eyes that looked to hold much wisdom. Then the large cat spoke.

"Man, it's good to stretch again." The lion said arching its back.

"Sorry for sealing you inside Aurora." Nabiki said apologetically. "I really am. Forgive me?"

"I'll think about it." The lion said looking offended. "Of course, I won't have to think about it for long with a tuna salad covered in sardines and anchovies and a large bowl of cream."

"First chance I get." Nabiki said as she thought to herself. Same old Aurora.

"You're the best Nabs!" said Aurora happily. "So, are you gonna go with the tights and muscle shirt?"

"Sounds good to me." Nabiki said appreciating the lioness fashion tips.

#Knock, knock#

"Shit!" said Nabiki. "Hide!"

"Where exactly?" asked the lion sarcastically as it looked around the small room.

"Under the bed." Nabiki said as Aurora did so.

Then Nabiki opened the door and found Ranma standing on the other side of it.

"Uh, Nabiki." Ranma said. "Can I talk to you?"

"Sure." Nabiki said. "What's up?"

>Yum! Beefcake! Aurora want the stud!> Aurora's thoughts said in Nabiki's head.

"You okay?" asked Ranma noticing Nabiki was blushing.

"I'm fine." Nabiki said not wanting to tell Ranma the rather graphic fantasies running through her head from Aurora's mind. "What can I help you with?"

"Well, I was wondering how you knew Shampoo was about to land on my head?" inquired Ranma.

"Lucky guess." Nabiki said as she sent a message to Aurora. Will you quit with the X-rated material!

>Nope.> thought Aurora as she sent some more.

"Are you sure that it was?" asked Ranma as Nabiki blushed some more. "You sure your okay."

"I'm fine." Nabiki insisted. "Now I was about to change so unless you want to watch…"

"I'm going." Ranma said as he turned away, only to run into Akane.

"What're you doing in my sisters room you pervert?" yelled Akane as her mallet appeared.

"Two steps left, three back Ranma." Nabiki said.

Ranma didn't even question why as he did as Nabiki said and Akane's mallet smashed the floorboards. He quickly thanked Nabiki and made a break for it.

"Why are you helping that pervert?" yelled Akane to Nabiki. "You're my sister!"

"Whatever brat." Nabiki said as she slammed her door in Akane's face.

"I see the brats still the same." Aurora said as she climbed out from under the bed.

"You have no idea." Nabiki said as she changed her clothes and made a decision. "Hey Aurora, how'd you like to go shopping this afternoon? I suddenly feel like a new look."

"Cool." Aurora said smiling like a cat somehow can do. "I'd love too."

"Alright." Nabiki said as she finished dressing. "After breakfast, we're outta here."

"See you then." Aurora said as she vanished as mysteriously as she appeared.

Nabiki then left her room to join everyone for breakfast.

To be continued…

Author's Notes 1: I came up with this story while I was working on another one. It turned out so good I decided to use it and here it is. Be here for the next chapter as we learn more about the new Nabiki and also what she'd been taught in. It's Chapter Two: Revelations. See-ya then. Ciao.

Author's Notes 2: I should probably explain the Diary Interlude. This is my way for you, the reader, to look into the eyes of a Ranma Universe character. I got the idea while reading a book series called Samurai Girl by Carrie Asai. If you haven't read it I suggest you do. It's very good. Anyway, every so often there would be a couple of pages of the thoughts of a character in the series and it let you get a better understanding of that character. I thought it was kind of cool and decided to use it myself. I hope you like it.