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Chapter Four: Ramifications

"Round Two bitch!" Nabiki said sneering. As she did this, Shampoo swore she could see fangs, glistening in Nabiki's mouth. "Now it's my turn!"

Shampoo felt a bit afraid, but only for a moment. After all, this was Nabiki. What could she possibly do to her? She was no warrior.

"Shampoo no afraid of mercenary girl!" Shampoo told her as she prepared to use her killing strike. "You just too, too weak Japanese girl! What you possibly do to Shampoo!"

"Lesson number one bimbo!" Nabiki spoke as she suddenly vanished.

Shampoo was soon caught off guard, when the former ice queen appeared in front of her and punched her in the midsection. Now Shampoo had been through the Bakusai Tenketsu training like any other Amazon who came of age so she could take a punch. That's why she was shocked when Nabiki's punch not only knocked the wind out of her, but it also knocked her a good ten feet away from Nabiki and on to her butt. As she gasped for air, Nabiki appeared standing over her.

"Never ask, unless you're prepared to face the consequences!" Nabiki told her confidently. "Now, let me show you what happens to people who try to hurt or kill Nabiki!"

From that point forward, all Shampoo remembered was the pain and screams. Screams that just so happened to be from her very own mouth.

>Man, what a day!> Ranma thought as he headed home.

He had just finished up the fight he'd been having with Kuno and Ryoga using his brains for once, as Nabiki had been getting him to do lately. All he did was get out of sight of the two fighters and turn into his girl form. Then Kuno began attacking Ryoga for attacking his pig-tailed goddess. True Ryoga easily took care of Kuno, but that made it a one on one match like Ranma liked it.

Wonder how Nabs meeting with Mousse went? Ranma thought to herself as she bumped into someone.

"Oh, sorry." Ranma apologized.

"Don't worry about it Ranma." The person told him.

Ranma looked in amazement as he realized that was Aurora's voice. He turned toward the voice and was even more surprised to see it coming out of Nabiki's mouth.

"Nabiki?" Ranma asked in shock.

"Try again handsome." Aurora/Nabiki said as she popped something into her mouth.

"Aurora? How?" Ranma muttered confused.

"Some girl attacked Nabiki and knocked her out." Aurora explained. "I used that moment to take over the motor controls of her body."

"You can do that?" Ranma asked amazed.

"Sure. It's kinda the reason why she gave up the arts for awhile." Aurora explained. "Those thugs that attacked her had caught her off guard and threw her head first into a brick wall. I took over and the rest is history."

"I see." Ranma said thinking about that. "Is she okay?"

"She'll be fine. Although she'll have one hell of a headache when she wakes up." Aurora explained as she held up a small paper bag. "Fish cake?"

"Hey thanks!" Ranma replied as he helped himself to a few. He munched on a few before continuing the conversation. "So, who attacked Nabiki?"

"Some ditz with purple hair. Claimed she was an Amazon." Aurora told him as Ranma started to choke on his fish cake. "You okay?"

"You…were attacked…by Shampoo?" Ranma exclaimed.

"Yeah. I wouldn't worry about her though." Aurora said. "I kicked her butt so bad that she'll need a few weeks to recover."

She looked at Ranma who had suddenly turned extremely pale.

"What?" Aurora asked confused.

>Something weird is going on in Nerima!> The elder of the Chinese Amazons and Shampoo's grandmother Cologne thought to herself.

Shampoo had left to do some errands and should have returned within the hour. When she hadn't she had begun to get worried. But before she could go and look for her herself, those two friends of Ranma's, she thought their names were Hiroshi and Diasuke, walked into the Nekohanten carrying a badly beaten and unconscious Shampoo. Her grand daughter was now resting on her bed so that she could recover from her various injuries, which included cracked ribs, a broken right arm and left leg, bleeding from a head wound, and had acquired several bruises all over her body. She looked like she'd been beaten within an inch of her life. She'd offered the boys who'd brought her in a free meal as thanks, but also so she could ask them what happened.

If what they said was true, then Nabiki Tendo had single handedly defeated her grand daughter without any weapons and with skill in the arts Cologne never knew she had. Such a warrior would be a welcome addition to the tribe, but first she had to learn what style Nabiki used. As far as Cologne knew, the middle Tendo sister wasn't even a fighter. Also, she could have sworn she'd seen injuries like these before. She just couldn't remember when it was.

Even stranger was what she herself had learned. Apparently the house her granddaughter had seen son-in-law and Nabiki entering belonged to Dr. Tofu. She'd always known the good doctor was a martial artist but never could find out what style he used. Could Nabiki also use this style as well? And if so, to what purpose would she keep it a secret?

She decided to find out more before doing anything further.

With that decided, she ordered Mousse to watch over Shampoo and made her way towards the Tendo Dojo. It was on the way she sensed Ranma and an unknown chi source that equaled her wayward son-in-law. She looked down a nearby alley and spotted Ranma, speaking with the very girl she was looking for. It appeared they were having a serious conversation so Cologne masked her chi so son-in-law wouldn't be able to sense her and climbed to the top of a nearby fire escape to listen in and pick up on whatever information she could.

"You mean that was the girl Nabiki warned me about beating in combat?" Aurora exclaimed in fear. "Shit! She's gonna kill me!"

"Well of course she is." Ranma, still in girl form, agreed. "That's what Shampoo does."

"I'm not talking about that ditz. I'm talking about Nabiki!" Aurora told him. "Nabiki can be very unpleasant when she gets upset."

"You're telling me." Ranma muttered remembering the time he'd destroyed her expensive concert ticket by accident.

"What'll I do?" Aurora wondered out loud as she got a funny look in her eyes as they changed back into the eyes of the middle Tendo sisters.

"Oh, my head!" Nabiki said. "Did anyone get the number of that truck?"

"Nabs? Your awake?" Ranma asked concerned. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine. Except for this killer headache I've got." Nabiki moaned as she looked around in fear and confusion. "Where'd Shampoo go? How'd I get here?"

"Well…" Ranma started to explain when Aurora appeared before them.

"I'll tell her Ranma. I made this mess after all." Aurora told him looking depressed.

"What mess?" Nabiki asked as a look of realization showed on her face. "You didn't? You beat the holy hell outta Shampoo right?"

"I'm sorry!" Aurora exclaimed. "What was I suppose to do? Let her kill my master?"

"How bad did you hurt her?" Nabiki asked worried for both her and Shampoo's health.

"Very seriously child." A voice spoke from above them.

The two teenagers and one feline spirit looked up to find the source of the voice. They all turned pale when they spotted Cologne looking down on them.

"I'm dead!" Nabiki muttered.

"We're dead you mean!" Aurora corrected her.

"Fear not child. I mean you no harm." Cologne stated as she leap to the ground next to them.

"For real?" Ranma asked as he/she took a defensive stance to protect Nabiki.

"Yes son-in-law." Cologne assured him. "I would never be crazy enough to take on a Neko-Warrior. Especially one who is talented as young Ms. Tendo here."

"You…know about the Nekoken?" Nabiki nervously asked.

"Of course." Cologne replied. "Your noble feline spirit there says it all."

"Wow! I've never been called noble before." Aurora replied. "Nice to meet-cha."

"The pleasure is mine." Cologne told the spirit. "I haven't seen a Neko-Warrior in decades, and now I find one here in Nerima. This town never ceases to amaze me."

"Uh, not that I'm not grateful or anything…" Nabiki began to say. "But shouldn't you be trying to take my head right about now?"

"As I stated earlier child, I would never attack a Neko-Warrior." Cologne responded. "To do so to even a trainee would be suicide, and I wish to live for at least a few more years. Besides, I wouldn't want to break our treaty."

"Treaty?" Ranma asked curious.

"Yes son-in-law." Cologne explained. "Hundreds of years ago a Neko-Warrior defeated one of our warriors. Said warrior was able to drug him and drag him back to the village. We barely survived the results afterwards."

"Which were what exactly?" Ranma inquired.

"A Pride attacked the village, didn't they?" Nabiki answered.

"Correct." Cologne told them.

"Pride?" Ranma said confused.

"The Neko-Warriors are very, supportive of one another." Nabiki explained. "When one is in danger, others arrive to aid them. Those warriors are referred to as A Pride."

"Yes. On that day the entire Amazon Nation was almost completely wiped off the face of the planet." Cologne explained. "By only three warriors."

"Three warriors?" Ranma exclaimed in surprise.

"Yes son-in-law." Cologne begrudgingly admitted. "Three lone unarmed warriors, and not a single Amazon could stand before them. It was the darkest day in our history. Five thousand warriors being decimated in only a single hour, and that's only because they were taking their time."

"Uh, this may sound dumb, but why were they taking their time?" Ranma asked.

"They got bored." Nabiki and Cologne stated at the same time.

"Indeed child." Cologne said. "So when all looked hopeless, we worked out a treaty of surrender. We returned their warrior and swore to never hold them to the Kisses of Marriage and Death again. In return however, if we ever needed aid, they would help us if they could. They would even teach us some of their chi techniques if we did the same."

"Whoa!" Ranma muttered. To hear the old ghoul admit that the Amazons were weak against an enemy was a shocker.

"So, might I ask what it will take to make up for my grand-daughters foolishness?" Cologne asked.

"Well, if you can keep it secret that I did this to Shampoo I'd really appreciate it." Nabiki told her.

"Done. However, you should know that Hiroshi and Daisuke were the ones who brought her to me." Cologne warned them.

"Shit." Nabiki muttered. "Those two will blab to the whole school."

"I do not understand why the need to hide you are a brave warrior, but I can keep them from telling anyone." Cologne replied.

"How?" Aurora asked wondering.

"The Xi Fa Xiang Gao Shiatsu." Cologne answered as she held up a bottle of the special shampoo that allowed the technique to be used.

"Of course!" Nabiki replied. "That'll do it alright."

"Indeed child." Cologne agreed.

"But, Akane remembered me after Shampoo used it on her." Ranma stated.

"Because she was still learning it son-in-law, if I may still call you that?" Cologne asked.

"Why wouldn't you?" Ranma responded.

"If what I fear is true, then you have been taken under Nabiki's teacher as a student thus making you a Neko-Trainee. Am I correct?" Cologne stated.

"Yeah. So?" Ranma replied.

"Ranma, she just stated that Neko-Warriors and Trainee's are free of Amazon laws." Nabiki reminded him.

"You mean?" Ranma began to say hopefully.

"Indeed. You are no longer Shampoo's Airen." Cologne announced. "We shall return to the village when Shampoo is able to travel."

"Nothing bad is going to happen to her is it?" Ranma asked concerned.

"What'd you mean?" Nabiki asked.

"I read that rule book Shampoo left the first time she came here." Ranma explained. "For failing to kill her enemy, or bring back her husband, she can be held punishable by Amazon law. I didn't want to see that happen. It wasn't her fault I beat her in combat. You have no idea how relieved I was to see she only received a Jusenkyo curse when she returned. If I had known then what I know now, I would have done things differently."

"You are wiser than you appear Ranma." Cologne respectfully admitted. "To answer your question, I don't know what the council will do."

"Nothing!" Nabiki announced. "They'll do nothing!"

"How can you be so sure?" Cologne asked curious.

"Because she is an ally to the Neko-Warriors." Nabiki stated. "She has helped us out enough times to earn that trust. Hurt her, and the council will break the treaty."

"You are truly kind to help my grand-daughter like this Miss Tendo." Cologne told her bowing respectfully.

"Please, call me Nabiki." The middle Tendo sister insisted.

"Indeed I shall Nabiki." Cologne replied as she prepared to leave. "I'd best take care of that little problem we discussed. Until we meet again!"

"Later!" Ranma and Nabiki called out as the elder went off into the night.

Diary Interlude One

That pervert is up to something, and I know it!

He thinks I don't, but I do. He's not as smart or as great a Martial Artist as I am. (Someone has serious delusions of grandeur don't they?) I only wish I knew what he was forcing my sister to do. She's not a fighter anymore and needs someone to protect her.

I began to notice that he was up to something a week ago. I woke up early and decided to start my morning jog then, when I spotted him sneaking into the house through the back way with Nabiki. I got suspicious and started getting up earlier everyday this week and found they did this every morning. I asked Nabiki about it, but she told me it was none of my business. I insisted I had to know so I could protect her and she laughed in my face.

Then the Amazons seem to have given up on Ranma altogether. Shampoo arrived at school yesterday looking horrible with her arm and leg in a cast and several bandages around her body. She told Ranma she needed to talk to Nabiki so the pervert lifted her into his arms and jumped off to look for her, or so he claimed. I know he was probably doing who knows what kind of perverted things to her behind my back. Then I caught him actually kissing Mousse a couple of days later! Does his perverted nature know no bounds!

But I wonder who hurt Shampoo? Whoever it was, I pity them when she's healthy again.

Anyway, now Shampoo seems to claim that she is Ranma and Nabiki friend but I know it's some sort of trick. That Amazon hussy just wants to take what belongs to me! Just like everyone else.

Ukyo wants to steal my title of best cook at Furinken High School, Shampoo wants my fiancée, not that I want the pervert, and Ranma wants my title as best martial artist in Nerima! Just like Nabiki did years ago. But I beat her just like I'll beat all of them. It my duty as a true martial artist! (Like I stated earlier, delusions of grandeur.)

Akane Tendo

End of Diary Interlude One

Diary Interlude Two

It has been a strange week in Nerima, I'll tell you that.

But the strange thing is I wouldn't give it up for anything.

I suppose I should start where I left off. After Cologne wished us well, a couple of days later Shampoo arrived at the school wanting to talk to me. I found out when Ranma brought her to me on the roof of the school where I practice a few katas at lunch in private. Shampoo then thanked me for protecting her from the council's retribution and apologized for trying to kill me.

She then told us that Cologne had decided to stay in Nerima, stating that she wanted to live out her remaining years in a place that always kept her wondering what would happen next.

Shampoo than asked if I could find it in my heart to forgive her, and I assured her I did. It was then that she did the weirdest thing. She kissed me on both cheeks and the forehead. She then announced that she had proclaimed me her Sword Sister. She explained it was an honor only an Amazon could give. It basically was a lot like a blood sister. The difference being that it meant that she trusted me to watch her back in combat and look after her affairs after death. Once given it couldn't be taken back.

Still, to receive such an honor, what else could I do but accept. The three of us are now the best of friends. Shampoo has even started going to school at Furinken with us. Kuno has of course fallen in love with her and has claimed that he has love in his heart for Akane, the pig-tailed girl, and the enchanting warrior.

Shampoo still hasn't stopped throwing up at that idea. Mousse luckily has taken it upon himself to deal with Kuno and she was happy to let him. I asked her why, but she told me that she didn't want to dishonor her ancestors by killing the jackass.

Personally, I would believe her, except every time Mousse attacks Kuno, she gets a lovesick look in her eyes. I can tell she likes Mousse and just doesn't want to admit it.

Speaking about Mousse, he has also apologized to Ranma and even named him his Shield Brother. That's pretty much the same as a Sword Sister. Ranma was honored and also named Mousse his in kind. Luckily, instead of kissing, it involves a very complicated handshake so Ranma didn't get embarrassed. Well, except when he also had to do the promise in his cursed form and actually had to kiss Mousse. Akane walked in on that and the look on her face was hilarious. I should really think about ways to make her suffer like that more often. Soun and Genma were plotting another wedding attempt the other day, only with Ranma knocked out and thrown in a sack. Maybe I can have a little fun with it.

Anyway, Mousse has also become a trusted friend now and I couldn't be happier. A while ago, I didn't have a friend to my name. Now I have a wonderful father, three best friends, a trusted confident in Cologne, and a mother figure in Auntie. I couldn't be happier! Nothing could ruin this for me.

Nabiki Tendo

End of Diary Interlude Two

"Hiyah!" Nabiki screamed as she launched a flying kick at Ranma's head.

They were training in her father's private dojo like they did every night, but this time they had a small audience. Cologne, Shampoo, and Mousse were watching off to the side with her dad. After he gave his approval, she'd taken them into her confidence and invited them to the dojo. To say they were impressed was putting it mildly.

"Shampoo amazed!" The purple haired Amazon said looking around.

"Indeed." Mousse agreed. "It's like being outdoors! This must have taken forever to build."

"Actually it took about six months." Dr. Tofu told them as he served some lemonade. "But it was worth it. The entire design can simulate any and all weather environments."

"Any?" Cologne said amazed. "What about winter?"

"Tofu-san installed a freezer unit years ago." The voice of Stalker replied as he appeared. "When activated, shaved ice will fill the dojo. This in turn, will simulate a winter environment."

"Incredible!" Cologne stated.

"Got anything else you care to try?" Ranma asked as he flipped Nabiki over his head. He hadn't had this much fun in years.

The closest thing to an equal sparring partner he ever had around here in Nerima was Ryoga. But now that he'd started training with Nabiki, he was amazed at how good she was. She was every bit his equal in combat, and a sparring partner that he could really go all out on. That's something he always wanted, someone who could be his equal within and outside of the arts.

"Just this Ranma." Nabiki replied as she grabbed three rocks off the ground and threw them at him.

Ranma dodged them, and noticed at the last second they were glowing with Nabiki chi! As he soon enough suspected, they came flying back at him and began circling him.

"So, you mastered your Chi-Fusion technique huh?" Ranma asked as he dodged punches from her as well as the floating rocks.

"Yep." Nabiki told him. "I even have a good attack with them."

"Oh!" Ranma responded interested. "Like what?"

"This!" Nabiki replied as the rocks floated in front of her. "Rock Crusher!"

Ranma barely jumped out of the way as the three flew as one towards him and exploded seconds later. This was only a distraction though as she suddenly jumped at him and kicked him in the chest. She then straddled him to the ground and smiled at him.

"Give up?" She asked giving him one hell of a cute smile.

"Not yet!" Ranma replied as he kicked his legs up and around her neck and tossed her off of him.

He leapt to his feet and was preparing a counter attack when Nabiki tackled him to the ground again. She attempted to use the Cat's Cradle technique she used to beat him in their first sparring match, but this time he was ready for it, as he'd found a counter to use on her. He started tickling her sides mercilessly.

"NO!" Nabiki exclaimed as she started laughing uncontrollably. She fell off of Ranma and tried to get away but he continued the assault.

"Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken Revised!" Ranma called out. "Saotome Merciless Tickle Attack!"

Nabiki then started squealing like crazy as Ranma used the speed of the Chestnut Fist to tickle her all over. She couldn't help herself as she laughed and laughed more and more. Finally she decided she couldn't take it anymore.

"I give! I give!" She called out in laughter. As soon as she did, the attack stopped.

She lay there on the ground catching her breath as Ranma appeared above her.

"Need some help?" Ranma asked as he helped her to her feet.

"That was dirty!" Nabiki told him with a pout.

"Hey, it's called Anything Goes for a reason." Ranma told her as he pulled a small notebook out of his shirt and marked something down. "Let's see, that's ten wins for me, and one for you."

"I'll beat you again one of these days." Nabiki told him.

"I look forward to it." Ranma replied as he put the notebook away as the Amazons and Dr. Tofu approached.

"Excellent match!" Cologne told them. "Never have I seen a sparring match like that since the day I watched the Musk in training."

"Thank you for the compliment honored elder." Nabiki spoke with respect as she bowed.

"Daughter, I see you have mastered your new technique." Dr. Tofu said in his sensei voice. "I am very proud of you."

"Thank you sensei!" Nabiki responded with a bow of respect.

"The time has finally come for you to now attempt the Merger." Tofu informed her.

"I thought I knew most of the Techniques of the Neko-Ken Tofu-san." Cologne asked curious. "But I have never heard of this Merger."

"As well you shouldn't have." Tofu told her. "My ancestors never used it against your people. If we had, only a lone warrior would have been enough to destroy your people in less time then it took three to almost wipe the amazons off the face of the earth."

"WHAT?" Cologne exclaimed in shock.

"Allow me to demonstrate." Tofu continued as Stalker walked up beside him. "Ready to use the Merger old friend?"

"Of course Tofu-san." Stalker assured him.

Dr. Tofu then stood there and assumed a pose with his arms at his sides as chi began to build within his body like crazy. Nabiki had seen the characters of Dragonball Z do this same move countless times but didn't think a real person could do it. The five of them continued to watch as they heard Tofu and Stalker chanting something under their breath.

Suddenly Stalker vanished and reappeared outlined around Tofu-sensei's body. Then the really weird thing started to happen. Dr. Tofu opened his eyes, which were glowing that pale green color. Seconds later, his body started to appear to build in muscle mass as he also grew taller. He then pulled open his gi top as they gasped in shock. Actual black fur similar to Stalker's began to grow all over his body. His face became more cat-like as his ears rounded and he grew whiskers and fangs. Huge, sharp looking claws grew out of his fingers and a tail grew out behind him.

Eventually Dr. Tofu took a more relaxed pose and stood before them as what appear to be a Were-panther.

"This is the power of the Merger." Tofu told them as it sounded like Stalker's voice was speaking at the same time. "Some refer to it as forced lycanthrope, but what it really is, is the unity between man and beast. The human and the feline spirits standing together as one! Separate we are strong, as one we are unstoppable!"

"Amazing!" Cologne admitted while the others stared in amazement. "One would think you had become a lycan."

"Allow us to demonstrate how powerful this technique really is." Tofu/Stalker told them as he assumed a defensive stance. "All of you attack me!"

"Excuse me?" Ranma replied not sure he'd heard him right.

"I would like to demonstrate how powerful this technique is by facing all five of you in a sparring match." Tofu/Stalker told them. "Attack anyway you would like to at all."

The five of them looked at each other and shrugged. Mousse and Shampoo charged with Ranma and Nabiki close behind. Cologne decided to sit this one out and watch.

To be continued…

Author's Notes: Well, that's it for Chapter Four. In the next installment, we'll see how well Tofu/Stalker does against three members of the NWC and his daughter, learn more about Dr. Tofu's past with Kimiko, Ranma finally summons his feline spirit, and what is this about a prophecy? It's Chapter Five: Revelations. Until then, See-ya, Ciao, Hasta la Vista, Sayonara, Adios and Bye-bye.