Had Sasuke been any other man Sakura would have definitely kicked his sorry (albeit cute) ass out the door.

But he wasn't any other man, so she was indeed in a sticky situation where it involved being permanently stuck (not literally of course) to an overly grumpy and brooding man of twenty-three. And he had the nerve to gloat about it in front of her face in his silent way of teasing her.

Things would have been better had she not been married to him, but alas she was indeed married to Mr. Royal-pain-in-the-ass. Sakura shrugged it off since she had agreed from the very beginning when he proposed in his so-not-totally-romantic-way of asking her to make babies with him. Of course she had blown him off without thinking (she was angry and hurt, damn it!) when he had asked her to be the mother of his children. But Sasuke wasn't one to be defeated or rejected and he had carefully seduced her until she moaned the word 'yes'…or something similar to it.

Blinking away the onslaught of thoughts, Sakura watched as Sasuke ate. Funny, she thought as he glowered his dinner, how the years had passed by rather quickly. He brought another piece of dinner to his lips, his mouth opening slightly and tongue sweeping out to catch the small piece of food away from his chopsticks.

At one point Sakura had to ponder amidst the silent watching of her husband if he ever did anything out of the routine, well, with the exception of when they screwed like bunnies of course, but for some reason she couldn't help but feel that their senseless romping was slowly becoming part of the routine.

She sighed tiredly oblivious to the hard and questioning stare she received from across the table.


Sakura looked up, startled to see Sasuke's dark look upon her. Tilting her head to the side she studied him before answering his question.

"What what?"

She noticed his eyebrow twitching, a sign of his irritation. She smiled sweetly at him and he continued to glower and eat his dinner as if nothing had occurred. Sakura quickly stole a glance at him before munching on her food.

"Stop it."

She shot Sasuke a mean glare, "Stop what?"

He didn't answer, just stared at her as a pretty pout made its way onto her supple lips. He stood up swiftly, the chair sliding under him as he moved his body about and around the table. Sakura watched with interest as Sasuke sat on the table next to her dinner.

With his left hand he tangled his calloused finger into her soft hair, massaging her scalp as she mewled in satisfaction. Smirking, he let his right hand stroke her flushed cheek before letting it wander playfully down her arm and finally rest on her small hand.

Sakura closed her eyes as Sasuke's warm breath brushed against her eager and awaiting lips.

"Stop looking at me as if you want me," he whispered haughtily on her lips.

She jerked away from his embrace, eyes wide in horror and an angry blush adorning her face. She was ready to pound the living daylights out of him as her fist came swinging across his face.

Sasuke caught her fist as she let out colourful swear words under her breath and gently he tugged on her hand to lay a soft kiss on her knuckles. Speechless, Sakura could only stare as her husband smiled at her. She felt her whole face burn in embarrassment.


She watched in wonder as he made quick works on the buttons of her blouse. He kissed her roughly effectively bringing her out of her short daydream.

"Where?" he repeated again against her bruised and swollen lips as his playful hands roamed across her heated body.

"I don't care. The floor?" she tore at his shirt as he busied himself with her skirt.

He snorted and she immediately reconsidered her answer, "The table?"


He slapped her dinner plate off the table, a loud crash echoing in the small kitchen as the plate shattered into pieces on the ground. She twisted his nipple painfully when she realized he broke her good china.

Not so bored after all…