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Nomak watched from the distance, watched his sister. He watched her as she looked for him, hunted for him. He watched her while she tried to find him, so she could kill him. Him, her own brother, and he watched her as she searched for her prey.

But was he really the prey? Or was she the prey, not the predator? Of course she was. She was a vampire. He was a reaper. Top of the food chain now. The more powerful species - the deadlier species. She was his food, yet somehow she was also his family. His own flesh and blood, despite the mutations in his.

And she was completely unaware. Because of Father. Because of their father, their creator. The one who sired them both from his flesh and not his virus, the one who had sent them both out to die, the one who only cared to keep his secret safe.

Nomak. Jared Nomak. Dirty little secret. Filthy, unwanted, a freak of nature, an experiment gone wrong. Damaskinos' own son. Nyssa's brother.

And he couldn't tell her the truth, because he knew she would kill him before she believed him. She wouldn't give him any chance to pull out his own ring, the only gift his father ever gave him.

They were brother and sister, predator and prey, and Damaskinos didn't care if he sacrificed his daughter to kill his son.

He still favored her though. Still gave her attention and as much affection as one as cold as himself could. He never gave any to Nomak. He didn't look at Nomak like a son. He had looked at Nomak as though there was potential, but his eyes were always so judgmental.

To Nomak! To his son! Jared Nomak should have been the one cherished and treasured! The one treated as the royal offspring of the vampire overlord! He was Damaskinos' firstborn son, and he was treated like skeleton in the closet.

And he sent Nyssa out to clean his closet and bury the skeleton. And Nyssa followed blindly. Because she loved Father. He made her think he loved her.

He had never loved Nomak. He had never even tried to pretend just to make little Jared Nomak happy.

Now little Jared wasn't so little. He was Nomak. He was a reaper. He was contagious. He was a disease. He was powerful. He was a plague. And he would kill them all. He would kill his sister and hold her comfortingly as she turned to dust after crushing his father's marble skull.