Yet another slightly pointless story from yours truly!

With the approaching war, Professor Dumbledore had thought it a good idea to throw a New Year's Eve ball. Most of the staff disapproved, saying that they should concentrate on tactics and such, but the Headmaster insisted. "People, especially young people, need time to remember that there is a brighter tomorrow outside of the darkness of today. What better time to honor this than New Year's?" Snape, upon hearing this, said nothing, but the look of someone humoring a madman spoke volumes.

It was agreed that only of-age students would attend,and that alcohol would be served, as a treat. Severus just scowled.

They also decided that the first week of classes after the holidays would be canceled. Sev, as well as most of the other teachers – and later the students – were thrilled.


Harry entered the Great Hall, looking around at the splendid decorations. Used to it, and dreadfully bored, he sat at a table near the back of the room. He spotted Hermione chatting with Hannah Abbott at the other side of the room as Ron danced with Susan Bones. He watched the pair for a moment. They made a good couple, certainly. Ron looked dashing in his new dress robes, and Susan's hair swung gracefully around her face, her blue gown accentuating her eyes. After a while of watching them waltz to a slow song, Harry grew bored and his eyes began to dart around the crowd once more.

Draco Malfoy was dancing with Blaise Zabini. That was unexpected. As he watched, Harry's temper died down a bit. Pansy looked furious, a woman truly scorned.

Draco's chin rested in Blaise's hair, while Blaise's dark head rested on Draco's chest, his black eyelashes resting calmly on pale cheeks. Both were smiling. It was nice to see; plus the look on Pansy's face was hilarious, truly priceless. But soon, that too bored Harry, who felt as if he were waiting for something to happen. He didn't know if it was good or bad, but it would be something, at least. Grabbing a glass of Firewhisky, he began a solid attempt at alleviating his boredom.


Severus Snape strolled casually into the Great Hall, looking for the entire world like someone who wishes themselves anywhere else but cannot do a thing about it. He saw the students that were of age milling about, dancing and drinking. He saw one couple in the corner, doing things that they would not have done in front of teachers had they not been very drunk. He contemplated going over and taking some points, just to liven things up, but changed his mind and settled for rolling his eyes.

Then he saw Harry.


Harry looked around once more, his attention wandering from his shot glass. He really couldn't concentrate on anything tonight. Glancing towards the door, he saw Snape standing there, eyes sharp as ever. In black pants and a dark green shirt, he looked out-of-place. Not in a bad way, but almost ethereal in the moonlight. His pale skin seemed to glow, and his not-greasy hair was pulled away from his face. Spotting him, Snape started over towards Harry, seemingly desperate for conversation that was semi intelligent. Harry grinned at his lover, who grinned back.


Reaching Harry, Severus pushed himself up onto the table.

"You're bored as well, I see."

"Look around, Sev. It would be impossible not to be."

Severus smirked, and both of them turned to watch the crowds again. After a few minutes, Severus spoke again.

"Would you like to dance?"

Harry started, staring at the man before him, who had surely gone insane.

"What are you talking about?"

Sev looked at him as if he was the crazy one.

"There's nothing else to do. Besides, I want to. I think it's time people know, don't you?"

Harry searched Sev's face for a sign that he was jesting, but he seemed intent on his cause.

"There will be questions tomorrow. People won't like it." he said quietly.

"We already knew that."

Sev stood up, offering his hand insistently. His onyx eyes were fixed on Harry.

"Tomorrow is a new day. We'll face it when it comes, just like we always have."

Harry looked at the hand dubiously, still unsure.


Looking at Severus as he stood there, seeming so innocent, Harry slipped his hand into Severus's and allowed himself to be lead onto the dance floor.


Severus slowly pulled his lover towards the dancing area, both of them smiling slightly. They moved to the very center of attention, making sure everyone was looking, and began to dance. The dance was slow; the last dance of the year. Most of the dancers and onlookers were almost completely immobile as they watched the pair. Severus and Harry continued, aware but uncaring.

As the song ended, the countdown to midnight began, and the magical voice was the only thing that echoed across the silent Hall. The lovers stopped for a moment, simply looking at each other.

"I love you this year, and I'll love you next year, and I'll love you forever." Severus intoned quietly, though his voice carried quite clearly.

"And I you, but let us wait and see." Harry smiled softly.

"Three, two, one…Happy New Year!" The magical voice shouted.

"Do you still love me?" Harry whispered into the still-quieted Hall.

"Now, tomorrow, and forever." Severus responded, capturing Harry's lips in a chaste kiss. The Hall, if possible, got even quieter. The pair looked around at the crowd, smiling amusedly. Then Sev took Harry's hand, and they left the Great Hall to sort themselves out for the New Year. They had better things to do.


Draco laughed as he watched the couple waltz out of the doors. He stood behind a grinning Blaise, his arms wrapped comfortably around his boyfriend.

"Do you think they'll be able to handle all the questions tomorrow will bring?" the quiet, dark-haired boy wanted to know.

"I'm not sure, but I plan to have a lot of fun watching them try. Might even add some more…personal questions of my own." Draco's grin was as evil as he normally acted, causing Blaise to swat an 'innocent' smile onto his face again.



Harry woke up to find himself under the covers, fully dressed for bed with Severus sliding in on the other side. He felt arms as they wrapped silently around his waist, and snuggled in. He was warm, comfortable, and happy.

"G'night, Sev."

"Goodnight, Harry, love."