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Chapter One: Babysitting

"Where are they, where can they be" Shenzen said nervously.

He looked around the pride searching for his sister, Shenzi, and her friends.

"Shenzi! I know your out there somewhere and this is not funny" He shouted

"Still can find them" Zacuru said as he calmly walked over to his stressed out friend and sat down in the soft grass. He sigh, another beautiful, wasted because of his friends and his family problems.

"No, we're just playing hide and seek like loving family" Shenzen said

"Sorry, don't get all sarcastic with me, I'm sure we'll find her.." he said smirking as him before he was about to finish the rest

"Oh no, don't you dare say it" Shenzen said with a twitching eye.

"...and your brothers" he burst out laughing

"Stop saying that you bastard!" Shenzen Shouted "they are not my brothers, they're just some dumb lackeys that my sister befriended"

"Your mother likes them and she did, sort a, somewhat adopted them" Zacuru said

"She did not, she just took pity on them"

"How would you know"

"You would too if you were homeless and for some odd reason couldn't talk" he explained

"True but their not all that bad and I amazed that Shenzi actually have them wrapped around her little paw, those two will do anything for her"

"You know what even amazing that they been here for four months and you haven't even learned their names" Shenzen said

"Hey, I'm just calling them the names you made up"

Shenzen chuckled a bit them fell to the floor to rest. "It bad enough she returned"

"Have you heard her story its weird and funny, it makes me want try out this stuff called coffee" Zacuru said with a big smile

"Let me finish" Shenzen said "it bad enough she returned but now she three times the stress and of course I get stuck babysitting them. I have a life too you know mom"

"Stop shouting at your mother who is obvious not here" Zacuru said

"Speaking of being here, what are you doing here, don't you have some place to go to celebrate you birthday" he asked

"Don't be jealous that I'm turning a year old and beside your mother is busy today so she asked you and me to teach Shenzi her next fighting lesson"

"Dammit, can't she get someone else to do it and beside I can't find her or the other two morons"

"Well, we got till sun down lets start looking" Zacuru said walking off and Shenzen followed him.

"Honestly Shenzen how could you lose her..again, she five months old, she can be easily spotted"

"Shut up" Shenzen said

"Now where I be if I was a five month old squirt with "quick temper" and "mute boy" Zacuru said looking around.

"I don't know where I would be if I was a five month old Brat" Shenzen said in thought "she might be near a lake or a herd since she and her friends been practicing for their first hunt"

"Oh no that's bad, that really bad, you remembered what happen the last time she was near a herd" Zacuru said

"How can I forget, I nearly lost an arm during the stampede" Shenzen said then noticed Zacuru was running up ahead. He stropped and turn to him.

"Stop talking to yourself and hurry up we got to find her" he shouted. Shenzen growled and ran to catch up.

Meanwhile almost on the other side of the pride lands, Shenzi smirked as she hid behind the tall grass, staring out at the wild buffalos a few meters away.

"Banzai, can you see what they are doing" she whisper to her friend.

Banzai was behind a large rock and took a quick peak "what luck their sleeping"

Shenzi tried hard not to laugh, Banzai's voice was changing and when he talks he has to clear his thought because it sounded like he had the hiccups. She noticed they were all changing as well, about two weeks to regain their health when they got home. She was now half her mother sizes but still smaller then Banzai and Ed. Her spots were beginning to show and she lost all her baby teeth, her fur was nice and fluffy and her mane was fully grown in with her family trademark hair that nearly cover up her face.

"What are you laughing about" Banzai asked as he cleared his throat again

"Nothing just daydreaming" She said smiling

"Why are hiding out here anyway"

"It another training day" Shenzi said

"Oh, I see"

"Yeah, that why it tough being the next Matriarch" Shenzi said

"So when do you want to attack the buffalos"

"If you see my brother or what's his face that when we attack" She said

Banzai clear his throat again, his voice was getting deeper everyday. "Crap this stupid pain in my throat won't go away" he said

"Your voice is changing stupid" Shenzi said "just the same as Ed's"

"How do you know his voice is changing he still can't talk" Banzai said

It was true, Ed still couldn't get his voice back but he manage communicate with them with his laugher. So how over the months both Banzai and Shenzi begin to understand what he wanted by the way he laugh and acted. "His laugher is deeper" she said

"Speaking of the goof ball where is he" Banzai said

"He right behind that tree waiting for my signal to start the stampede" Shenzi pointed

Banzai peaked around the rock and far ahead next to the sleeping buffalos, he spotted a tall skinny tree and Ed hiding in the grass next to it.

"So how long are we going to hide" he asked

"Until my brother gives up trying to fine us" Shenzi said "so lets sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of this fine day"

"Can we go swimming later it hot out here" Banzai said then clear his throat again

"Sure maybe later" she said then closed her eyes as the breeze blew in to her face.

Ed looked at the sleeping buffalos from behind the tall grass. He too has change a bit over the mouths. Somehow his eyes grew bigger and his fur was fluffy but messy. His mane was fully grown in but he didn't have much on the top his head like Banzai. Even though he was growing is intelligence was still a bit slow. He wonder what would happen if he woken one of those buffalos so he slowly took a few steps over to the closest one.

Shenzi was just about to fall asleep when she felt the ground starting to shake and Banzai shaking her to wake up.

"Shenzi wake up and RUN" He shouted

Shenzi quickly got up and looked to see the herd of buffalos storming towards them. "Oh man"

"Do you hear something or better feel something" Zacuru asked Shenzen

They stopped dead in their tracks when they felt the ground shaking beneath them. They suddenly heard Shenzi screaming and looked up to see her running towards them.

"There you are Shenzi why do you always have to wondered off" Shenzen shouted

"Run for life" She scream at them as she kept on running pasted them.

"Shenzi I'm talking to you!" her brother shouted

"What's with her" Zacuru asked til Banzai bumped in to him.

"Run, Ed got curious again!" Banzai shouted then past Zacuru and continue to run.

The two hyenas looked at each other but felt the ground shaking even more they turned around to see the stampede of wild buffalos coming towards them. Their eyes widen and their pupils shrunk.

"Holy shit!" Zacuru shouted

"Dammit" Shenzen screamed as they ran as fast as they could to avoid getting stomped on. The whole pride was full of screaming and the sound of the stampede.

"Shenzi, I'm getting very tire" Banzai shouted

"Shut up and keep running" she said

Shenzi looked around for some place to hide she spotted a large rock at the corner of her eyes, she slow down a bit so Banzai could catch up with her.

"Banzai do you trust me" She asked running out of breath

"What kind of stupid question is that" he said

Shenzi, taken that as a yes, grabbed Banzai by the next with her mouth and swung him towards the rock. Banzai fell to the ground and felt Shenzi jumping next to him. He lower her to the ground for protection as the stampede ran past them. Thanks to the rock they didn't get stomped on. When the stampede past and the dust settle the two friends looked up and cough a bit from the dust.

"I don't know about you but...that..was...Awesome!" Shenzi shouted in excitement

"Yeah it was" Banzai laughed as he rubbed the back of his neck where Shenzi bit him, luckily there wasn't that much blood. "Hey what happen to your brother"

It didn't take that long to hear Shenzen shouting, cursing and coughing form the dust. Then they heard a high pitch laugher and grunt noises as well.

"Why do I have a bad feeling they escaped the stampede and found Ed afterwards" Shenzi said calmly.

"I thinking their blaming this on them since I sort a told them that it was his fault" he laughed nervously

Shenzi gave him a cold stare then sigh "what am I going to do with you two" she said "come on lets find them before they tried to kill Ed again"

It didn't take that long to find her brother, what's his face and Ed. Poor Ed, he was shaken in fear as then two older hyenas started to gain up on him.

"You stupid little moron, you nearly got us kill" Zacuru growled right in to Ed's face. Ed tried to smile but couldn't only his eyes grew bigger from fear.

Shenzen was covered in dust and continue to cough as he grabbed ed by his neck to look at him straight in to the eyes. "I swear if you wouldn't my sister's friend I would have already kill you"

"Shenzen put him down, no one threatens my friends but me" Shenzi shouted

Shenzen just growled to himself as he dropped Ed to the floor, Ed quickly crawled over and hid behind Shenzi and Banzai. "It ok Ed, calm down" Banzai whispered

"Your just lucky mom took pity on your friends" Shenzen said

"Oh shut up" Shenzi said

"She right Shenzen, we found her so lets just get the training down before it gets dark" Zacuru said

"But I trained yesterday, the whole day gimme a break" Shenzi said

"Fine, lets just do some pouncing lesson ok" Zacuru said

Ed swallowed he knew what Zacuru meant by the pouncing lesson.

Ed stood there shaking from nervousness, a few yards away from him was his friends, Shenzen and Zacuru.

"I'm tire of doing the pouncing lesson" Shenzi said but her brother just ignored her.

"It either this or run the daily five miles" Zacuru said "now since Ed volunteer to be the pouncing dummy I think Shenzen should show you a demonstration"

"I don't know the last time you did that to Ed you nearly broke his ribs" Banzai said then cleared his throat again.

"And don't it seem odd to you that Ed always the pouncing dummy when ever he did something wrong" Shenzi said to Banzai who nodded.

"Hey" Shenzen said "Shut up and watch"

"Please go easy on him" Shenzi said

"I'll do that when hell freezes over and beside this might help him bring his voice back, don't you think" Shenzen said smirking

"Just go" Zacuru said

"Brace yourself Ed" Banzai shouted causing Ed to shaking even more and her begin to sweat.

Shenzen took a deep breath and raced off towards Ed as quick as he can. Ed's eyes widen as Shenzen came closer and closer. He closed his eyes before he felt all his air being blown out of him and he was slammed in to the floor. He open his eyes and saw his "brother" getting off of him with a grin.

"And that's how you do it" he said

"And a good way to blow off stream" Zacuru said giving Shenzen a high five.

"Oh my god he kill him" Banzai said as he and Shenzi ran over to Ed who was still lying on the ground.

"Ed, are you ok" Banzai said

Ed just laugh then cough a bit, he felt his bones shatter. His friends help him sat up and he shake his head. Ed laughed

"I know Ed, but we'll get them back, you guys thinking what I'm thinking" Shenzi said

"We tackle our brother to the floor, Ed hacks a loogie in his face, I'll hold him and you give him the pink belly" Banzai said

"And since what's his face (Zacuru's nickname from Shenzi) enjoys Shenzen agony he won't stop us" Shenzi said

Three friends looked at each other then grinned "don't you love it when my brother babysits" Shenzi said then looked to see Shenzen talking to Zacuru with his back turn away from them.

"On my count" she said "one..two..."

"I'm glad I master this lesson already and I find quite enjoyable teaching it to my sister" Shenzen said with a smiled

"But your forgetting one little thing" Zacuru said

"What" he asked before Zacuru could answer Shenzen was tackle to the floor by the trio and they all begin to fight.

"Never dropped you guard " Zacuru said calmly watching his friends getting torture by Shenzi and her friends.

"get off me!" Shenzen shouted

"Pink belly!" Shenzi screamed and smacked Shenzen's belly as hard as she can.

Shenzen screams of pain echos across the pride lands.

Shentana waited on her rock when she spotted Shenzi and the boys coming over.

"Hi momma" Shenzi smiled and ran over to her.

Shentana gave her a little nuzzle " how's my Shenzi today, did you get some training done"

"You could say that" Banzai snicker a bit

Shentana gave them a confuse look then she realize what he was talking about. Behind them Zacuru smiled and pointed at Shenzen who was still trying to wipe off some of Ed's sticky thick drool on his face. His belly was red and burning in pain.

"I see" Shentana said but then smiled "well I guess you'll all have a busy day, there some leftover food if you guys hungry"

"Thanks mom" Shenzi said

"Thanks Mrs. S" Banzai said since he was not ready to call her mom or anything else. And Ed laughed as he followed his friends to the food.

"Good night Shentana" Zacuru said then went off to fine a spot to sleep

"Good night Zacuru" she said then faced her son

"Mom, how long am I going to babysit the little monsters" he asked in a pitiful tone of voice

"When Shenzi can be trusted to be off on her own and beside you guys never spend time with each other"

"You say that as a bad thing" Shenzen said then sat down and rubbed his painful belly. He sigh to him this was just another normal babysitting day.

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