Chapter Seventeen: The New Star

It didn't take long for the "The Stalkers" to spread aboutthe stampede in detail to the clan. The hyenas, who were listening to their stories, found it odd why the females couldn't stop laughing til they told them about Banzai's nasty little fall.

Nuacka opened her one and only good eye and stared out our cave. She was still badly injured and couldn't move an inch without hissing in pain. She overheard three hyenas talking to Info about what happen.

"And then Scar just stared at him, straight in to the King's face and said something to him." Info said

"What did he say" a male hyena asked

"I don't know because of the stampede I couldn't hear,but then he push him off the cliff and watch him get trampled by those wildebeest" she said

The three hyenas just stood there and said "whoa"

"And man that wasn't even the funny part" Info said as she tried to hold back her laugher "afterwards Shenzi, Banzai and Ed ran after the cub and the cub fell off a cliff and right in to a pile of thorns. Then Banzai couldn't stop himself from falling in"

"You mean he" a female asked with a smiled

"He fell right in to itand came out screaming covered head to tail in thorns"

They all bust out laughing.

"Now do me and Gossip a favor and spread this around" Info said

"I thought Gossip do that kind a stuff" the other female asked

"She does but due to a back injury she can't walk that much" she said

They nodded and ran off "and tell them that we are allowed to go back in to the pride lands tonight when Scar becomes king" Info shouted

She smiled and was about to leave when she made eye contact with the half-dead hyena in the cave. Nuacka gave Info a cold deadly stare causing Info to go pale. The face expression on that hyena's face was telling her "if you talk, I will kill you"

Info back away a few steps then ran off, Nuacka went back to sleep.

"So form I see the plan went well, am I right" Scar said

Shenzi and Ed continue to looked at Banzai, who still had a few thorns stuck here and there on his body.

''Speak for your self" Banzai growled

Scar raised an eyebrow "I don't even want to know what happen to you" he said "but I'm sure the little hairball was killed"

"Oh he was, he fell off some cliff and stopped moving" Shenzi lied

"Good, now then if you excuse me, I have to go and tell the pride that my poor brother had died" he said pretending to cry as he walked away.

"That guy and his friends have serious problems" Shenzi said

"Can we please go back to the skull so I can pick out the last bit of these thorns" Banzai shouted "they hurt...a lot!"

"Yeah, yeah we heard you before...cactus butt" Shenzi said and Ed burst out laughing.

"Shut...ow..up...its not..ow..funny" Banzai said as he tried to walk "do you know what will happen it the other hyenas find out about this"

"They won't but they will get suspicious why your walking so funny and saying ow between every word" Shenzi said

"You try walking with thorns jammed in to your flesh" he said

Shenzi rolled her eyes as they continue walking over to the skull.

The day turned in to a cold night. Ed sat out side of the skull as a few hyenas snuck out of the pride lands, he hold back his laugher because Banzai was shouting from the pain of those thorns.

"Ow...Ow...OW! Take it easy will ya" He shouted

"It won't hurt that much it you hold still" Shenzi said

Banzai got most of the thorns out but there were some that were hard to reach. Shenzi was carefully pulling them out.

"You should be happy, their not going to leave a mark" she said then pull out another one.

"Ow, shit!" Banzai cursed

"But for Ed, he going to have a few scratches on his nose" she said calmly

"Ow, well he was there staring at me and the whole cactus butt didn't help" he said

Shenzi snickered then pulled out another thorn.

"Ow!" he shouted

"There last one" she said

"Thank god, am I bleeding" he asked

"No, but there are a few little red dots"she said

They walked out of the skull and sat down next to Ed.

"Hey cactus butt" one hyena said as he ran past the trio and out of the pride.

"What! What did he call me" Banzai said

"Hey Shenzi, Hey Ed, hey cactus butt" a female said then she and her friends giggled as they ran out of the graveyard.

"Shenzi! Did you tell them what happen" he shouted

"No stupid, I was too busy picking thorns out of your back" she said

"Ed did you!" he asked

Ed gave him a look that said "stupid-I-can't-talk-remember"

"Hey Cactus Butt" Zacuru said then smacked him on the back "it about time you did something right, I mean how hard was it to kill a little cub"

Banzai begin to tear up since his back was still hurting from the thorns. "Stop calling me that" he said

"I can't help it, after that little fall of yours, it's a good nickname to rub in your face" he said then over to Shenzi.

"And I hope nothing bad happen to you, my little wife-to-be" he said

"Stupid question here but how did you know about the fall" Shenzi asked

"Hi Shenzi" Info said and Secret smiled and waved.

"I should've guess, where the other little stalker" Shenzi asked

"Gossip went to sleep, she had a back injury" Secret said

"Please don't tell us that you followed us to the gorge" Banzai asked

"Well, how else are we going to get the information" Info said "and trust me, we saw EVERYTHING"

"EVERYTHING" Secret said "both sick, disturbing and funny"

Banzai just wanted to buried his head under ground to escape this humiliation.

"Are you three here just to make fun of Banzai or what" Shenzi said

"Calm down, we're just going to see that lion Scar getting crowned as the new king then help ourselves to the food" Zacuru said

"And it funny because you think Ed would be the one falling in" Info said

"He doesn't exactly have the biggest IQ here" Zacuru said

"Will you guys beat it before I get mad" Shenzi said

"Fine, lets go Secret" Info said leaving

"Shenzi, if your not busy later, maybe you want to go for a walk later to talk" Zacuru asked

"I can walk by myself thank you"

he sigh "well, I'll catch us some food, I know you'll hungry" he winked then started to leave.

When he left Shenzi growled "god, I hate him" Then noticed Banzai and Ed staring at the ground.

"My friends didn't mean what they said, you know how they are" Secret said

"For a nice hyena, why do you hang out with females like Info and Gossip" Shenzi asked

"Well the same reason you three are always together" she said

The trio looked at her with a confused face.

"They're all I got since my parents died from starvation" she finished

"Secret will you hurry up" Info shouted from the borders

"I'm coming" she said then looked at Ed. "I don't think your dumb"

Ed felt like he went numb as she smiled and ran off and out of the borders.

"You guys alright" Shenzi asked

Ed nodded and smiled but Banzai still frowned "great now everybody knows what happen, I swear those females are just doing this to annoy me"

"Oh Banzai, you know they do this to everybody, to them its their job no matter how many hyenas hate them"

Banzai growled "and doesn't help when one of us is love sick over one of them" he pointed to Ed who seem to be lost in his own world right now..

"Leave him alone, you can't who you like and I'm okay with it since its Secret" she said then smiled "now lets gets some food before the others do"

"Are you ok" Banzai asked

"Of coruse I'm am, why wouldn't I be" she said

"Well, you seen real withdrawn this morning" he said and Ed nodded

"I'm fine now come on, I haven't had a zebra in ages" she said

Banzai and Ed looked at each other with a worried face but followed her as she walked out of graveyard.

"Remember our deal Zacuru, we spy on your little wife-to-be now it time for you get us some food" Info said

"I want to wildebeest please" Secret said

"You guys were up there at the gorge, why didn't you get one there" he asked

"We were too busy spying" Info said

"And dealing with Gossip's stubbornness, we told her not to come because of her back but no and now she reopened her wounds again" Secret said

"How did she hurt her back anyway" Zacuru asked

The two females went pale "that's none of your business" Info said

Zacuru raised on eyebrow "you guys don't look so well, you seen very pale"

"No we're not, we're just tired, that's all" Secret said nervously

"From the way it looks, its like your hiding something that not even Gossip would spread to the others"

"Will you just get us some food or we'll tell Shenzi what you hired us for" Info said

"I don't know why you called yourself Info, you should've of called yourself Snitch" Zacuru said as he walked off to where the hunting was at. "What are your real names anyway"

"The only ones who knows are us and our mothers" Secret said

"And our mothers died without telling a soul" Info said

"Whatever, just keep doing your job, and I'll get all the food you want"

Hours past as the hyenas killed every animal in sight to feed on.

Ed licked his lips, even he didn't know he can all that food. He sigh in happiness and laid down for a minute.

"Wow Ed, I didn't know you can eat a whole gazelle by yourself" Banzai said

Ed just burped and smiled "well I guess that what happen when you don't eat in days" Banzai said

Banzai turned his head to Shenzi slowly eating her zebra she caught but doesn't seem to be enjoying it.

"How's your meal Shenzi" he asked

"It good but I don't feel that hungry" she said "I think going to take a walk"

Banzai was suprised from what she said "do you want us to come"

"I don't care" she said as she started to walk away.

Banzai sigh, he decided to leave her alone for a few minutes before following her.

Shenzi walked as far away from the clan as possible, she had a lot on her mind that food was the last thing she was thinking about. She walked through the tall grass, taking a deep breath of the fresh cool air. She suddenly heard the sounds of weeping. She peaked through the tall grass and spotted a small cub.

It was the female cub that hang around with Simba all the time. She was sitting a rock that hang above a small water hole. She was crying, watching the tear drop in to the water.

"Simba...why did you leave me" she cried "I have no one now"

Shenzi couldn't stand it and took off with out the cub noticing her. She found herself at her favorite hill top that she and her friends would go to watch the stars. She sat down on top of the hill and looked up at the stars and found her father's star.

"Father I hope you can forgive me for all I done for the past week." she said "tell mom that I'm sorry for letting her die, I know it was all my fault"

Tears were forming in her eyes "I'm sorry but I did let the cub go" she said

She closed her eyes letting the tears run down her cheek.

"It wasn't your fault" she heard someone behind her. She turned around to see Banzai walking over and sitting down next to her.

"Why would you say it was your fault that your mother died" he asked

"Because if I would've gone with her she would still be alive" she said "the last thing she told me that she loved me"

"But look on the bright side, at least you avenge her death since it was Mufasa that killed her" Banzai said trying to cheer her up but it didn't work

"Something telling me got the wrong guy" she said


"And that not the only thing, I feel like there are things being hidden from me"

"What makes you say that" he asked

"I don't know, its just a feeling I'm been getting all day like something bad is going to happen soon" she said "a feeling that you or Ed might leave me"

"Don't think that way, you know Ed and I won't leave you, we been through a lot in our lives and we stuck by each other through it all" He said "it like what you told me and Ed when we were pups"

Shenzi chuckled "we're sticking together"

"Weather we like it or not" Banzai finished

Shenzi leaned her head against his for comfort "you know I'll always be there for you" Banzai said

Shenzi smiled but deep down she still felt scare about what was coming up next in her life. The two friends stayed silent as they looked up at the stars. Then Shenzi noticed something different in the sky.

There was a new star that was next to her father's star, it was bright and twinkling, and she knew that was her mother's star watching down at her...

To Be Continue...

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