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Okay for one, I would like to mention that though Tom and B'Elanna did get together, they are NOT married. Okay? Oh and this will be a lesbian fanfiction. If you don't like it don't read it. If you truly truly feel the need to flame, please do so in a constructive manner so I can improve my work

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Very much a corruption of the show.

I waited for her tirade to end. Her yelling was disrupting the rest of the shift and though I almost wished to patiently wait her out, I decided that it would be inefficient to do so. I calmly interrupted her current speech.

"Lt. your adjustments were incorrect, not flawed." I said softly. It caused her to go purple. I sighed internally even as my nanoprobes whisked away the hormones.

"What!" She roared. I turned back to the consul and tapped a few of the keys. She gripped my arm and tried to pull me away. She succeeded only in moving my arm enough for me to miss one of the keys. I felt a brief flash of anger before that too was whisked away. "It is not incorrect! The containment field was fine!"

"The power needed to be adjusted by two point five six nine percent to contain it safely." I replied smoothly. Of course, I would never say it whose safety I was concerned about.

"Seven, just leave." B'Elanna said with a barely controlled voice. She was at the edge of her limits and I knew it. I nodded and left, drawing looks as the doors opened and closed behind me. Just as the door closed, a voice drifted to me.

"Ice queen has left the area."

"Captain, do something about her! She is getting on my nerves! She keeps interfering with my department! She keeps fiddling with things without asking or telling me why!" B'Elanna said to the captain.

The captain, on the other hand, studied her. She could see the half-klingon's side, but she also understood Seven's point of view. Seven was only trying to keep everyone safe.

"Lt. I know you dislike Seven."

"That's an understatement." B'Elanna muttered under her breath. The captain gave her a sharp look.

"I will talk to her. But I want you to try and control your temper. She seems to bring out the worst in you. Maybe if you try just listening to her, she wouldn't seem so bad."

"Fat chance." The captain let that one slide by.

"Dismissed." B'Elanna stalked out of the room, still angry about the incident earlier. The captain finished the rest of her morning coffee and stood up. She sighed as she left the room. It felt like it was going to be one of those days.

I was logging off when the captain strode into the room, looking stern and disappointed. I immediately knew why she was here. Clearly the Lieutenant had spoken to Janeway, who was now going to reprimand me. I slipped her hands behind my back and waited stoically for the words to come.

"Seven." Jane way said with a sigh of frustration.

"Captain." I acknowledged.

"Lt Torres has filed another complaint. She is tired of you interfering with her department." The captain said. Her eyes were flashing.

"I apologize Captain. The containment field was causing a steady leak of trance amounts of radiation. Many of the crewmen would have reported ill within a few hours." I replied. It was true enough. I was just more concerned with one person's well being.

"Seven, I can understand you wanted to help, but it would have been better if you told B'Elanna of your calculations rather than just go ahead and correct it. She would have gladly accepted your help." She replied with another sigh

I raised a brow. "Improbable."

"Seven, I am ordering you to ask B'Elanna for her permission to alter anything in the engineering room. And that includes using consuls outside the room Seven." I sighed but nodded grimly.

"Yes Captain."

"It might be easier if you just avoid B'Elanna entirely. Just leave her alone Seven." The captain turned and left the room, leaving me standing stiffly, my eyes trained on the far wall. My nanoprobes destroyed the faint flash of emotion before it ever showed on my face.

B'Elanna smiled as she looked around her engineering room. Everything was running smoothly. Everything was running on schedule and everyone was doing their assigned tasks. She stretched after hours of paperwork. It had been a good day.

Her smile slipped when she saw who just entered with a data pad in her hand. Seven walked in at her usual brisk pace, pausing to search the room. She headed towards the half-klingon. B'Elanna could feel herself already becoming angry.

Seven hadn't been in the engineering room in over two weeks. B'Elanna glared at the former Borg who had once again invaded her department.

"Seven, what the hell are you doing here?" she snapped. When she saw something flicker in Seven's eyes she felt a surge of satisfaction.

"Lt. While I was waiting for a long range scan to complete, I ran a short range scan of the immediate area. There is an ionic storm two point six light-years from our present location. The information may be valuable to adjusting shielding to compensate." Seven handed the data pad she held to B'Elanna who gripped it with white fingers as she watched Seven leave the room.

"Thank you…" she mumbled under her breath at the closing doors. She quickly looked over the scans information. "Strange ionic storm." She tapped her comm. to speak to the captain.

The ship lurched as it passed through the ionic storm. I barely kept my balance as the ship gave another buck at the ionic storm. A console near me sparked, followed by the one I stood at.

When the ship next lurched a few seconds later, I fell to the ground. Pain blossomed throughout my torso. I began to feel slightly ill and my vision began to fade. A pink mist filtered past my eyes just before I fell unconscious.

"Captain, there's been a breech." Kim said from his consul on the bridge. Janeway gripped the arms of her chair.

"Where?" she snapped. She heard a few keys being tapped before Kim responded.

"In Astrometrics, strangely enough." Kim said.

"Oh god Seven!" Janeway said.

"Seal that breech!" B'Elanna snapped at Voric. He obeyed, his impassive Vulcan face not showing any sign of stress. B'Elanna sealed a breech to cargo bay one and kept a close eye on the engine.

"The breech is now sealed, although I must tell you that some of the ions from the storm briefly entered Astrometrics." Voric reported a few minutes later.

"Fine." She replied automatically. It wasn't until the ship began to enter clear space that she realized what that meant. "Oh shit, Seven!"

Something was wrong. Nothing seemed to be the same. Something had changed something significant. I just couldn't sense what it was.

The friendly smiles all around me seemed aimed towards me. Even Tuvok seemed to be smiling. They all seemed so happy to see me. They urged me to continue on, their words slurred into oblivion.

I drew closer to my destination. The doors opened and the engine room was revealed to my eyes. Only one person stood in the room. She turned to look at me.

Her eyes sparkled. She knew exactly who it was. But I didn't see her frown or the angry look that sent others running. I saw something I had only seen briefly before and that always left her face when she saw me. She was smiling and it grew when she saw me. But just as she took a step towards me, it turned to black.

Light began to leech through my eye lids. When I opened my eyes, I realized ithad all beena dream. It happened, though only rarely and usually they were nightmares.

I focused on the three faces looming over me. The doctor broke out into a smile when he saw I was functioning.

"Hello Seven, glad to have you back. You took a nasty bump to the head, although you don't seem to be suffering any ill effects to your exposure to the ion storm. After you have rested, you'll be given a bill of good health." He replied. He smiled at the Captain. "She's all yours."

"Glad to see you're alright Seven." Janeway said, smiling.

I shook of the sense of fatigue I was feeling. "I am functioning within accepted parameters." I replied. She smiled and patted me on the shoulder.

"I have to return to the bridge. I hereby order you to relax here for the rest of the day." Janeway left.

"Lt, I assure you, I am functioning properly." I told the last remaining person in the room.

"I just wanted to make sure you were alright. And I wanted to thank you." She rubbed the back of her neck. "For giving me that data pad. I know you didn't have to, and the ship would have come out with a lot more damage without it." She gave me a timid smile. "Thanks."

I felt an unaccustomed warmth spread through my body. "You're welcome Lt." I replied. Her smile became a little less shy when the Doctor returned.

"Lt Torres, I am going to have to ask you to leave. My patient needs her rest." When she nodded and left, I thought I felt a brief flash of emotion. A flash of disappointment.

"How is Seven?" Chakotay asked when Janeway stepped onto the bridge. She gave him a small smile.

"She's fine. A good knock to her head, but the doctor has cleared her for duty once she's had some rest." Chakotay let out a small sigh of relief at which Janeway gave him a raised brow.

"I'm glad to hear it." He said as a cover though he turned a bright red. Janeway let it drop and told Paris to resume course.

"Ai, Captain."

It felt good to move around. The doctor was irritating at times. Not that it was his fault, but nonetheless, I wish sometimes he would be a bit quieter.

The people in the corridor gave me odd looks, but for the most part they left me alone. I headed towards the cargo bay to regenerate my nanoprobes. It was something I had come to live with everyday, the looks, and the names.

"Looks like the drone is being put away." Someone said behind me.

"It thinks it so much smarter than us, but how can it? It's only a machine." Someone else replied.

When the cargo bay doors closed behind me, I felt something new. It was uncomfortable and made my eye burn. I raised my hand to my real eye and it had a salty fluid seeping out.

I realized what it was almost instantly. They were tears. My tears. I was crying. The uncomfortable feeling was… hurt. For some reason, I was hurt at what the crewmen had said.

I wiped my eye with the back of the sleeve of my bio suit, wiping the tears away. I stepped onto the active Borg alcove to regenerate.

After a few moments, I stumbled out of the alcove. It felt as though something was horribly wrong once more. It was painful to regenerate. I collapsed to the ground. I tapped my comm. badge weakly.

"Seven to the doctor."

"Doctor here."

"Doctor… I require…" I couldn't finish the sentence before I fell unconscious.

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