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She had just told him. He was staring at her with a mixed look of disbelief and surprise. B'Elanna could only hope that it would turn to happiness.

No such luck. "What!" He shouted. He stretched forward until his face was barely an inch from her. His rarely shown explosive temper rose to the surface, turning his handsome face an ugly shade of red. "What do you mean you're pregnant?" She stepped back from him.

"Just that Tom. We're going to have a baby." She smiled, trying to mask her fear. She was scared for herself, she could easily handle Tom if his temper got the best of him, but she wanted him to want the child.

"We can't be! We're… too young to be considering children." He was wavering.

"Tom, it's our child. There isn't anything wrong with it." B'Elanna snapped. Tom immediately developed a smile.

"Of course there isn't. It just might not be the best time for a child. Can we talk about this later? I'm up early for a shift in the sickbay." B'Elanna nodded. Hopefully, talking to the doctor would let Tom open his eyes.

Later that night, B'Elanna couldn't fall asleep. She kept thinking how Seven had felt in her arms and the feeling of total acceptance that had surrounded her the entire time. When she finally fell asleep, late into the night, images filled her dreams.

I tapped the console, glad to finally be allowed to do something useful. As much as both the captain and the doctor insisted otherwise, leisure time was not something I found attractive.

Though sometimes I wondered if it was because of my solitude that formed my opinion rather than the experience I gained. At those times, I would shake the thoughts out of my head and focus harder on whatever task was at hand.

"Doctor to Seven of Nine." The Doctor's voice over the comm. system rang out in the quiet environment of Astrometrics.

"How may I be of assistance Doctor?" I replied, tapping my comm. badge.

"Dinner time Seven. The Alpha shift ended thirty minutes ago. I must remind you that you are not to work the long hours you did before." I felt an urge to growl, but I smothered it in iron control.

"I recall your orders Doctor. However, it would be inefficient to cease the scan I was in the process of completing. I am now merely taking the time to analyze the data received." I replied.

"Seven, your shift has ended, so its time to stop working and go play." The doctor had taken on that tone he usually reserves for Naomi. "Go eat Seven. Don't get me to call the captain on this."

"Understood." I tapped my badge once more, ending the conversation. I saved the work I had done thus far on the data and logged out. I left the room, knowing the doctor would checkup to see if I had actually followed his orders. Though he meant well, it was starting to be tiresome, the constant reminders to be more human, as he put it. It was not as though I did not remember his suggestions. I just chose to ignore him.

I entered the mess hall, and found it fairly busy. The Talaxian had his hands full and was serving one of the half a dozen people who waited patiently for his attention. Most of the tables were filled, but there were a few at the back which remained unoccupied. After selecting a nutritional supplement, I headed for them, taking a seat that faced the view of the stars speeding past.

There was a temporary drop in the volume of noise that was in the mess hall the moment I stepped into the room, but once I sat down, they picked up to their normal level of noise. I heard a few comments on my appearance, and was glad to note that none were degrading or insulting, although a few were odd.

The main source of gossip in the mess hall was the pregnancy of Lt B'Elanna Torres. Many were exploring the different reactions they expected Tom Paris to take once he found out. Others were merely wondering what this would mean to the relationship between the two.

I sighed as I slowly tuned out the people around, instead focusing on the stars. They were beautiful, in their own way. Though many people on the ship had lost their taste for the picturesque stars gleaming in the sky, the image still managed to bring me peace, if only for a brief moment.

I nearly jumped when I heard, then saw B'Elanna sit in front of me, snapping me from my line of thought. I focused on her face, searching the tired eyes that were regarding me wearily.

"Mind if I sit here?" she asked. A quick glance around the room, and I could see why she chose to sit here rather than elsewhere. At least with me, she wouldn't be approached by the different crewmembers with offers of congratulations and good wishes. I smiled crookedly to myself.

"No." I replied simply, taking a sip of the murky grey liquid I held. I could see the tension in her shoulders. They were taunt and obviously knotted. For a brief moment, I wished I could reach out and somehow make it dissipate. I shook off the uncomfortable thoughts and dropped my gaze to my supplement.

"I don't think I ever thought I would prefer your company to the rest of the crew." B'Elanna commented out of the blue. I looked up to see her looking around the room.

"Not many like to interact with an Ice Queen." I stated with a shrug, wrapping my human hand around the supplement. At the bewildered look I received from the Lt. I decided to elaborate. "The crew is too intimidated by my appearance and my past to approach me in anything more than professional terms, and only with great reluctance even then, with exceptions."

"You… you know what they call you?" B'Elanna turned a bright red and had begun to stammer.

"My enhanced hearing causes people to misjudge the distance to which I am capable of hearing. I am quite aware of the remarks the crew make of me." She went redder and her temperature rose significantly. A reaction that I determined resulted from extreme embarrassment.

"You know what I called you then." A simple statement.

"That is correct."

"I'll go." B'Elanna picked up her tray to go to another table.

"Do not bother Lt. This…" I felt myself becoming angry at the actions of the hybrid. I tried to smother them, but it would not be quelled this time. "piece of equipment will leave. Enjoy your meal." I cast a single glare to the rest of the room as I stood up. With my usual pace, I strode out of the room. Very little of the changes had scared me, but the rage that bubbled through my systems terrified me with its inherent violence. I directed myself towards my quarters.

I walked right past the captain without even a greeting. She, however, must have noticed something in my facial features, for she held out a hand to stop me mid stride.

"Seven? Are you okay? Is something wrong?" She asked, her eyes searching me for the answers.

I pulled my arm from her grasp with a swift jerk. "I am functioning within acceptable parameters. Your pet project was just returning to her quarters." I didn't mean to snap at her, but from the instant shock that was displayed on her face, I had. Before she could regain herself, I was already out of sight, feeling a violent urge to damage something.

Once I entered my room, I sealed the doors, commanding to the computer to allow no one. To make sure no one would try to bypass the seal, I encrypted the command with a Borg encryption code that I had yet to use, and would take both Lt Tuvok and Lt Torres hours of work to break. Only an emergency would allow anyone into the room.

I was suddenly glad for the privacy of my quarters, for tears began to escape from my human eye. The rage that had swamped my mind left as quickly as it came replaced by a great sense of hurt, one I had always denied myself to feel. So I just let the tears fall from my eye as I curled up in the armchair. After a few moments, I didn't recall anything but a pain that ran down my spine.