It Hurts

My first ever Naruto fic. And it features my favourite pairing, Naruto and Sasuke. Man, it's first time I ever written a yaoi fic. Hmm, but I just love it when the two of them are together, they are so CUTE! There will be other pairings too. Alright, enough talking, on with the story. Oh by the way, sorry if my language is poor.

Shounen Ai: Naruto and Sasuke

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Part 1: Who Are You?

By KiraLacus Forever

One moment you were telling me…

"I love you, Naruto…"

Next moment you were asking me…

"Who are you?"

Your voice, your sentence keep repeating themselves within my mind

"I'll protect you from anyone who tries to harm you."

You promised…

"Who are you?"

It's all my fault…

Fours Hours Ago…

It was the same usual day, as Team 7 waited for their "forever late" pervert teacher. Naruto scowled at his teacher's lateness as he shot a glance at a certain dark-haired shinobi, who was leaning against the tree trunk.

Uchiha Sasuke, yes. The shinobi prodigy, love by all girls in the village, smart in everything, good looking blar, blar, blar……

Somehow, the mischievous, loud-mouthed Uzumaki Naruto was attracted to the dark-haired bishounen.

Yes. He loves him. Ever since the day he met him, and deepen when ever time he had saved him from danger.

Naruto felt his face was burning as he brushed off all the thoughts. He looked down at his feet.

No. There's no way that Sasuke will love him back. Even if he did, he will still leaves if he found out about the thing sealed within him.

Naruto shot a glance at Sasuke again. Sasuke noticed it and look up, Naruto quickly turn away without seeing the worried look from Sasuke.

It was then a silver-haired jounin appeared with a "Proof", smiling care freely at his students.

"Yo, I was helping a certain dolphin as it was trapped…"

"LIAR!" Before Kakashi could finish his sentence, Naruto and Sakura, as usual shouted at him. Naruto knows who the "dolphin" is, it was his former teacher, his closest friend, Iruka. Iruka told him that he was hanging out with Kakashi, which at first Naruto was shocked as why he wants to go out with that stupid pervert. But when he thought about him liking Sasuke, he shuts and let his two sensei be.

"Ma, ma…Cool down. Today, we will be having sparing. Sakura, you will spar with me, while Naruto, you will spar with Sasuke." Kakashi said as he looks from Sakura to Naruto, then to Sasuke. It was about a minute of silence when……


Kakashi covered his ears from the impact of the shouts. Sakura was glaring deadly at Kakashi, while Naruto was blushing like hell. Of course he was blushing, he was pairing up with Sasuke. For the past few weeks, Naruto tries to avoid him as he asked Kakashi to spar with him or wants Kakashi to pair him and Sakura up.

"Kakashi-sensei, but I want to be with Sasuke-kun!" Sakura looked from Kakashi to Sasuke, who was still leaning against the tree trunk, with his eyes close.

"My words are final. No more arguing. Alright now, Sakura you will follow me somewhere in the forest, to help me pick up some medical ingredients for Hokage-sama. While Naruto, you and Sasuke will spar with each other until we come back. Alright Sakura, let's go." The silver-haired jounin vanished as Sakura shot a last glance at Sasuke and went along.

Doki. Doki. Doki. Doki. Doki. Doki………

"Oi, dobe. How long are you going to stand there like a stone statue? Let's spar." Sasuke said as he walked towards Naruto.

"Don't call me that, you bast...!" Naruto shuts as Sasuke's face was just few inches away from his. Naruto felt blood rising up to his face again.

"Were you trying to avoid me? For the past few weeks?" Sasuke asked as his onyx eyes searching for answer within the sapphire eyes.

"N..No! W..W..What are you talking about? I don't.. know what you…mean…" Naruto put up his usual smile to hide the truth, but Sasuke don't buy the trick. He pinned Naruto towards the tree with his hand on Naruto's shoulders.

"ITE! What are you…!" "STOP LYING TO ME!" Naruto looked surprised at the dark-haired shinobi, who had just shouted at him. Sasuke looks down with his hands still pinning Naruto to the tree.

"Why won't you just tell me your problem? Stop hiding the truth..." The blond noticed that Sasuke's hands were trembling, he could not see his face as Sasuke is still looking down on the ground. Clenching his fist, Naruto decided to tell the truth.

"I love you."

Sasuke jerked as he slowly looked up and saw Naruto blushing, tears are starting to flow out from the pair of ocean blue eyes.

"I love you, Sasuke! I really do! Ever since the day I met you, I starts to have feelings for you. You were always there when I'm in trouble! But…I know you won't love me back the way I love you, that's why I tried to avoid you for…" Naruto's word was being cut off again for the third time, as Sasuke's was pressed against his.

Trying to resist it, Naruto tries to push Sasuke away but his strength is too strong. When did he become so strong? Naruto starts to lose resistance as Sasuke slipped his tongue in, forcing for entrance. Not allowing that, Naruto brings up a kunai and slashed Sasuke across his arm. Sasuke hold onto his bleeding arm as he looked back at Naruto, who was trembling with fear for hurting his love.

Slowly. Naruto starts to chuckle.

"Haha…you see? I was trying to kill a person I love, I really was a monster, like what the villagers said. Sasuke, now you know why I can't be with you? BECAUSE I'M A MONSTER! I'M THE KYUUBI!"

Looking shocked, Sasuke asked, "What do you mean? Why were you the Kyuubi? It was sealed 12 years ago, wasn't it?"

"And do you know where they sealed it?" Sasuke answered by shutting his mouth.

Naruto starts to unzip his jacket and lift up his black shirt to show the seal on his belly.

"It's me! Yondaime sealed it within me! Don't you find weird why all the adults hate me so much? Because of this! I was treated as a monster, a demon which destroyed the village 12 years ago!" Naruto looked down as more tears starts to drop, it was then he heard a soft mumbling from Sasuke.

"I don't care…" "Eh?" Sasuke moved forward, Naruto quickly hold up his kunai in defence as he glares at him. "Don't come near me!"

Sasuke grabbed the kunai with his other hand, which cause his hand to bleed. He tossed away the kunai and look down at the terrified blond. Sasuke lean forward and hugged the trembling figure.

"I don't care how the villagers thought about you. I don't care about the Kyuubi within you either! Kyuubi is Kyuubi! Naruto is Naruto! The one I love is the dobe I know, the mischievous, loud-mouthed Uzumaki Naruto!" Sasuke tighten his grip around his love one.

Naruto slowly hugged back as he cries on Sasuke's shoulder. "You really don't care? You really don't hate me because of the Kyuubi within me? You really love me as Naruto?"

Sasuke released him as he smiles at Naruto. "Kono dobe! After all the things I had said, you still don't believe me?"

"NO! No..It's just that I'm glad you love me…I'm really glad…" Naruto felt his chin lifted up and Sasuke lean in to kiss him.

They broke off after a while for the need of oxygen. Naruto holds up Sasuke's bleeding hand and examine the wound.

"I'm sorry for hurting you…" "You should be, dobe." "Why you..!" "But to make you know how much I love you, it was worth it.I willprotect you from anyone who tries to harm you."

Naruto blushed at his words as he smiles at him.

"What a lovely scene, wait till Itachi hears about it. What will he thinks?"

Naruto and Sasuke turn their direction to the voice, as they saw Hoshigaki Kisame coming out, with his Samehada hanging behind his back. Sasuke immediately shield himself in front of Naruto.

"What do you want? Try to take Naruto away again!" Sasuke growled as he prepare for any upcoming attacks.

"I was just lying around, waiting for Itachi to come back from his chores. Then I saw the two of you, so I was thinkng why don't I just grab the chance and capture Naruto back to 'Akatsuki'." Kisame said as he reaches for his Samehada.

"I won't let you have him."

"And what are you going to do? Brat."

Sasuke turns his head slightly to Naruto and whisper, "Naruto, I will count to 3 and we will run away." "But…" "No, they are too strong for the both of us, and with the condition of my hands, I can't use Chidori." "Ok, on 3."


Both of them prepare to sprint.


Kisame chuckled as he grabbed firm on his Samehada.


Before they can even move, Kisame was already in front of them, bring forward his Samehada to slash them. Both of them jumped backwards, Sasuke does a seal while he jumped. Snake. Sheep. Monkey. Pig. Horse. Tiger.

"Katon! Goukakyuu no jutsu!" Sasuke blows a huge fire wall, which surrounded Kisame.

As Sasuke landed on his feet, he looked as the fire starts to vanish and Kisame was nowhere to be seen. It was then he heard Naruto shout out to him.



"Too slow!" Kisame slashed Sasuke across his chest and sent him flying and hitting against the tree. Sasuke coughed out blood as he tries to sit up. Kisame walked towards him, he grabbed him by the hair and make Sasuke face him.

"Too weak. No wonder Itachi is always thinking ways to make you stronger."

"Wh..What..?" Sasuke winced at the name of his brother. That bastard wants him to be stronger? For what? To kill him? Or are there other reasons behind it?

"Let Sasuke go! You stupid shark!"

Kisame turned around and saw Naruto glaring at him with a blue spinning sphere on his right palm. Naruto dashed forwards with his Rasengan, seeing this, Kisame immediately used Sasuke as a shield. Surprised by his action, Naruto hit his Rasengan against the ground, resulting the ground cracking apart below them. When Kisame is off balance, Sasuke swing his leg and kick at the arm which was grabbing him, and landed beside Naruto.

Kisame was pissed off as he swings his Samehada at them again, Sasuke was slashed again to shield Naruto from it. The both of them were sent flying as Sasuke hit his head against the tree. Naruto sit up and hold Sasuke in his arms with tears flowing down his cheek.

"Sasuke! Sasuke!" Trails of blood flows along his face from his head. Naruto tries to stop the bleeding with his clothes, but it was useless. Kisame walked towards them, Naruto hold Sasuke close to him as he glared at the shark. Naruto shut his eyes as Kisame brings down his blade to slash them but the action was stopped when they heard a low and deadly voice.

"Kisame, stop it." Naruto look at the figure who steps out from the shadow of the trees.

It was Itachi. With his blood red sharingan staring at Kisame to Naruto and Sasuke. It was a glance that sent a shiver down Naruto's spine, but he can't help noticing the eyes soften a little when the Uchiha prodigy is looking at his injured brother. But with his hat and cloak covering his face, he can't really tell from it. Itachi stare at Kisame who startled a bit.

"Didn't I told you to wait quietly for me over here. I don't remember telling you to create trouble while you are waiting."

"The Kyuubi boy was just right in front of my eyes, how can I miss the chance of capturing him? And beside your little brother... " Itachi glares more at the mention of his brother. "Che, alright, fine! It's all my fault. So are you done with your stuffs? Can we go?"

Kisame placed his Samehada back behind him and walked towards Itachi. Before leaving, Itachi shot a quick glance at Sasuke and vanished into the woods along with Kisame. When they leaves, Naruto carried Sasuke in his arms and was about to rush to the hospital when Kakashi and Sakura appears with all the plants medicine in their hands.

Seeing Sasuke injured both of them rushed to Naruto. "Sasuke-kun? Oh my god! Naruto, what happened?"

"Let's talk later. We must bring him to Hokage-sama immediately. Naruto, hand Sasuke to me while I can teleport him there." At first Naruto was reluctant, but he nodded and hand Sasuke over to Kakashi. Once he takes hold off Sasuke, He vanished while Naruto and Sakura rushed to the Hokage's office.

After an hour of operation, Shizune come out from the Hokage's office to tell Naruto and the others to come in. Naruto rushed in, to see Tsunade sitting on the Hokage chair, sweating and worn out from the healing. On the bed was Sasuke sleeping soundly, who had bandages around his body and forehead. Naruto walked towards him as he caresses his face with his fingers. He turned towards Tsunade.

"Ne, Tsunade no Baa-san. Is Sasuke…is he alright?"

"It was a miracle that he survived after receiving those injures, normal people will died due to blood lost. But we can't be sure that he will wake up as he suffered a serious injure at the back of his head." Tsunade said as she walked towards Naruto. She pats his shoulder and smiles at him. "Just let him rest, you can stay with him if you want, I will give order for him to rest in one of the medical room."

"Arigatou, Baa-san." "You're welcome, brat. But before you go, could you tell me and Kakashi what happened in the forest?"

Kakashi tell Sakura to go along with Shizune to Sasuke's room. Left in the room are Naruto, Kakashi and Tsunade.

"I was sparing with Sasuke when that shark guy called Kisame come and tried to capture me. Sasuke was injured from saving me. It was then Sasuke's brother came and stop the fight, they left after that."

"Kisame and Itachi." Kakashi look from Naruto to Tsunade, who was looking down at the blond. She sighed and went back to her seat.

"Jiraiya had told me about them before. Looks like they won't give up until they get their hands on Naruto. Kakashi, from now onwards, keep an eye on Naruto," "Roger that." "And Naruto, be careful on yourself, don't wonder into the woods or any other place by yourself. We won't know when they will try to attack."

It was then Sakura came rushing in. "Kakashi-sensei, Sasuke-kun…Sasuke-kun, he's…!"

Naruto was frighten as he asked, "What! What happened to him, Sakura-chan?"

"He's awake now, Shizune-san want me to call for Hokage-sama."

"Bakana! Suffering from that kind of injures, he can regain his conscious so quickly! We better go and check on him!"

All of them rushed to the room, Naruto banged in as he saw Sasuke sitting up with Shizune supporting him at his back. Naruto, walking slowly to Sasuke, placed his hand on Sasuke's as the blond looked worried at him.


The dark-haired shinobi looks up at him, his onyx eyes were blank, emotionless. Naruto starts to get worried.

"Sasuke? Are you alright? Answer me."



"Who are you?"

"What…What do you mean Sasuke? It's me, Naruto!"

" I don't remember, I don't remember anything..."

"So it's true." Everyone turned towards Tsunade, who had her arms folded across her chest. "Wh..What's true, Baa-san?"

"As I expected, suffering that damage on his head will either cause his eyes to go blind or..."


"He will suffer from Amnesia; he will lose all his memories."

The sound of thunder clashed as the heavy rain hit against the window. Naruto stood there stunned, in front of him is Sasuke who had lost all his memories, looking back at him.

"You must be kidding me...Sasuke is...He's..." Naruto dashed out of the room and ran out.

"Kakashi, follow him and don't lose track of him." "Roger."

Sitting on the bed, Sasuke was mumbling.


Outside, Naruto stand at their usual training place, his clothes were dirty by the bloods and mud, drenched by the heavy rain.

It hurts…

My heart hurts…

Salty taste touches my lips as

The rain washes away the tears from me.

Or was it helping me

To hide my tears?

I don't care...

All I care about now was...

"I don't care how the villagers thought about you."

"Come back..."

"I don't care about the Kyuubi within you either!"

"Please come back..."

" Kyuubi is Kyuubi! Naruto is Naruto!"


"The one I love is the dobe I know, the mischievous, loud-mouthed Uzumaki Naruto!"


The blond continue crying as Kakashi watched him from a distance.

But neither have they known...

A figure was nearby, watching them

With his soft red blood eyes...

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Preview for next chapter:

Staring at the night sky, Sasuke could not help but think about the blond boy called Naruto.

'What is this feeling? Who is this Naruto? What is he to me?' Sasuke thought as he clenched his fist.

"Looks like you are still alive."

"Dare!" Sasuke turn towards the dark area of his room as a figure slowly walks towards him, with a pair of red eyes looking back at him.

"Who are you?"

"I'm your elder brother. Sasuke."

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