It Hurts

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Part 5: Promise

By KiraLacus Forever

Where am I?

"You are…always so...troublesome…"

Is that me?

"Yatta na, Sa…!"


"What... with that face, kono.. dobe..."

"You...You shield me...from...? Nande...Doushite?"

"How…would I know? My body…moves at its own will…"

Is this one of my memories?


"Baka…I told you that my body moves on its own…"


"I…don't…want to die…before I kill that guy…"

That guy? Ni-san?

"Naruto…Don't you…die…"


Sasuke jerks up from his bed, as cold sweats flows from his neck and forehead. Wiping it off, Sasuke thought back about the dream.

'What really did happened back that? Am I protecting Naruto from something? Damn, why can't I just remember anything!'

Knock, knock.

"Come in. Doushita no? Nii-san"

"Just to check on you. What happened? You look pale."

"It's nothing…"

"You don't want to tell me about it? Something you don't want me to know?"

Sasuke looks at Itachi, who was looking on the floor. Sasuke smiles as he gets up from his bed and hugs his brother, who was stunned by the action but returns it.

"Arigatou, Nii-san. But really, it's nothing."

"Alright, go and take your bath while I go and wake Naruto up."


After 5 minutes, Sasuke had finished his bath and he went to the kitchen. Sitting at the dining table was Naruto, who was dozing on the table with a trail of saliva at the side of his mouth. Sasuke chuckles as he went over to Naruto's side and pats on his shoulder.

"Naruto. Naruto. Wake up and go and take your bath."

"Hmmm! Yawn! Ohayo, Sasuke."

"Not Ohayo, Naruto. It's already afternoon! Go and take your bath now."

"Yawn! Okay…"

After 2 minutes, Naruto came out from the bathroom. Sasuke sweat dropped at his speed of bathing. Itachi came out from his room.

"Nii-san, are we going to have any lunch?"

"I'm so hungry…" Naruto complains as he clenches his fist on his stomach.

"There's no ingredients left in the kitchen, or I will be cooking for all of us."

"Nii-san, you can cook?"

"Our mother taught us when we were young."

"Why don't me and Sasuke go to the store to buy some ingredients."

"Let me accompany the both of you."

"But Itachi-nii, what happen if the villagers recognize you! Won't they kill you?"

"That's right! It's too dangerous!"

"But, the situation the both of you in were more dangerous than mine. I can't just let the two of you wonder around by yourselves."

Sasuke cross his arms across his chest, thinking for a while. He looks up at Naruto then to Itachi with a smile, a mischievous one.

"Leave it to me, Nii-san. Naruto and I will let you have an extreme makeover!"

Looking at the look Sasuke is giving, Ittachi cannot help to feel a shiver going down his spine. Sasuke signal Naruto to come closer as he whisper into his ears. After a while, both of nod to each other and look at Itachi from head to toe. Sasuke went into his room and Naruto brings Itachi to the living room. Sasuke came back with a comb and a sleeveless red yukata. Itachi sweat drops more as he looks from the yukata to his little brother, who grinning at him.

"Sasuke, what are you going to do with that yukata?"

"You are going to wear it of course. Although I don't know why I have this inside my closet, as it was too big for me."

"That belongs to our mother."

"Really? It's pretty and it suits you."

"True! It does suits you, Itachi-nii."

"Do I really need to wear that?"


"Alright, alright…"

Itachi takes the yukata and went into his room, after a minute, he came. Sasuke and Naruto felt that blood was flowing up to their face as they saw the new Itachi stepping out. Itachi had let his hair down, his forehead protector were also taken off. He wears the red yukata with a black cloth wrapped itself around his waist, he wears his shinobi vest inside too, but since it suits the whole dress, the both of them never complain about it. Itachi's appearance reminds Naruto about Haku when they met each other the first time, that he thought that Haku is a girl.

"How is it?"

"Er…it…it's good…I mean, Nii-san, it's prefect! Look at you, a totally different person now!"

"Should call you Itachi-Nee-chan now."

Sasuke takes his comb and comb Itachi's hair. It was smooth and silky, he decide not to tie it in any girlish style as it looks nice as it was in.

"Oh, by the way! Nii-san, you are not allowed to use your Sharingan!"

"That's right, people will recognize as Sasuke should be the only one now in the village known to have the Sharingan."

Itachi close his eyes and reopen it, red Sharingan changed back to normal onyx eyes.

"Sasuke, we can't call him Itachi-nii. We must think of a name. what about Ita-Nee-chan?"

"Okay. And also, try not to talk. Your voice is too low for a girl. We will try to cover up when someone tries to talk to you."

"Alright, since I'm not that kind of person who talks much…"

"That's true. Nii…Ita-Nee-Chan, why don't write down the ingredient you want us to buy? So that you don't need to tell as when we were in the shops."

Naruto gave Itachi pen and paper, after writing the ingredients, taking their money, they set off.

As they were walking, a lot of people were looking at them, mostly guys. But there were girls too.

"Hey, look at her. What a babe."

"Who's that girl? Is she Sasuke-kun's girlfriend?"

"She's pretty."

Itachi blushes a little, Sasuke and Naruto chuckle.

It was then a trio of guys came forward, two of them push Naruto and Sasuke aside, while the 'boss' hangs his arm around Itachi's shoulder.

"Hey, girly. You are pretty. Want to go on a date with me?

Itachi push the man's arm off him and went over to Naruto and Sasuke, who just landed hard on the ground. The man felt ignored, as he went up and grab hold of Itachi's shoulder and make him turn around. But before he can say anything, a deadly glare was staring at him.

Onyx eyes. But with a bit of red, bloody colour in it. It was like daring that guy to say another word.

The man backs off and runs away, his man follows him. Itachi turns his attention towards the two teens and holds out his hands.

"Are the both of you alright?"

"You shouldn't scare them off like that…"

"It's their fault first. Come on, let's go."

When they reached the shop, Sasuke went in with the paper in his hand. Itachi was about to go in when he notice Naruto kept his distance away from the shop. He walks towards him and pats his head.

"What's wrong? Aren't you coming?"

"I…er…I should stay out here and wait for the two of you."

"No. You are coming along."


Itachi push Naruto from the back as they went into the shop. The shopkeeper, a woman around 22 years old, was helping Sasuke to take all the ingredients when she saw Naruto. Her smiley face vanished, replaced by a face of hatred.

"Kono bakemono! What are you doing here! Go away! You are not allowed to be here!"

The woman was about to use a broom to hit Naruto, when Sasuke shield himself in front of him and Itachi caught hold of the woman's hand, to stop her action. A few people start to gather around the shop, most of them were looking at Naruto with disgust and anger. Itachi and Sasuke can heard some of them mumbling under their breath.

"Look, it's that bakemono again."

"What does he want now? Destroying the village again?"

"Why are the two protecting him?"

"Don't look at him, or he will kill you."

Naruto felt tears welling in his eyes, hands covering his eyes, he ran out of the shop.


"Don't care about that monster! He's not worth caring about. So don't…"

Before she could finished her words, two pairs of red eyes glare at her. Making her wetting her pants and fells onto the ground. Itachi was a bit surprise as Sasuke knows how to use Sharingan even though he had lost his memories. He deactivate his Sharingan and signals Sasuke to run after Naruto. Sasuke, still having his Sharingan, nods and run out of the shop with Itachi.

At the training ground where Team 7 always train, Naruto sat on one of the logs, that Kakshi once tied him onto one of it. More tears flows down his cheek as he recalled what just happened. It was then he heard someone calling him.

"Naruto! Naruto, where are you!"

Naruto wipes off all his tears and shout.

"Sasuke! Itachi-nii! I'm over here."

Itachi appears suddenly with Sasuke beside him, Naruto sweat drops as he knows that Itachi used his teleport jutsu. Sasuke went up to him, and to Naruto's surprise, Sasuke's eyes are Sharingan. Sasuke grab hold of his shoulder.

"Are you alright! Man, don't run away like that. You make me worry!"


"It's alright. But what really happened back there? What do they mean by…" Sasuke stops as Itachi lands his hand on his shoulder. He shakes his head at Sasuke and went towards Naruto.

"It's alright now. Let's go home."

"I want to go to 'Ichiraku Ramen'."

"Is it alright to go there?"

"Hm, I went there every time. Their ramen is the best! We can buy some back home to eat."

"Alright. But first, Sasuke, deactivate your Sharingan, or you will use up your chakra and scare all the people away."

"Eh? What are you talking about?"

"Nevermind, now close your eyes. Relax and slowly open."

Sasuke did as what he was told to do. Seeing that the Sharingan was gone, Naruto brought them to 'Ichiraku Ramen' and they bought four packets of ramen, whereby Naruto eats two packets.

After eating, Naruto went back to his room, leaving Itachi and Sasuke cleaning up the bowls. Itachi had taken out his yukata and wear back his black pants.



"Why are the villagers calling Naruto a 'monster'?"

Itachi places the bowls back into the cupboard and brings Sasuke to the living room. Both of them sit down on the sofa.

"You see, Sasuke. Twelve years ago, a demon kitsune, the Kyuubi attacks Konoha. A lot of people had died trying to fight against him. Yondaime Hokage died when he sealed the Kyuubi within Naruto. From that day onwards, everyone, especially the adults see Naruto as a demon, as the Kyuubi. They tell their child to keep away from him but did not tell them why, because Sandaime Hokage will punished anyone who say the truth to Naruto."

"That's terrible! Although Kyuubi was sealed within Naruto, he's not Kyuubi!"

"But that is what only you think, Sasuke. Everyone in the village doesn't think that way."

"Why…? Why a person like Naruto must suffer all of this?"

Itachi pats Sasuke on the back. "That is what humans are. Let him rest now."



Yes, Kit?

Am I really a monster?

No. they are talking about me

Not you, Naruto.'s scary...

When all of them look at me with those eyes...

Their eyes full of hatred and disgust...

Don't care about them, Naruto!

That is why I dislike humans…

I always wanted to take over your body and

Kill all those people who look at you like that!

NO! Kyuubi, it's okay...

I'm used to it anyway...

How can you say that! I know everthing!

You were always smiling, but deep down you were crying.

Wondering why people hate you so much…

I'm sorry, kit. Because of me…

It's alright...Kyuubi...


What's wrong?

Your mate's here. Go and meet him.


Naruto opens his eyes and heard someone knocking on his door. It was already 10pm. He got up and open the door, revealing Sasuke, who was in his dark blue pajamas. Naruto blushes as he remember calling Sasuke his mate.

"Sasuke? Is there anything?"

"Can…Can I come in?"

"Su..Sure, of course. Come on in."

Sasuke went in and sits on the bed, Naruto close the door behind him and sits down beside Sasuke.

"Are you alright?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I mean…after that thing happened in the afternoon."

"Arigatou Sasuke, it's alright now…I'm used to it anyway…"

"NO, you are not!"


"Go..Gome. I shouldn't have shouted at you. But I just want you to know something, Naruto. That I'm there for you, whenever you have trouble. No, I'll always be, I promise!"


"I'll protect you from anyone who tries to harm you."

'You are still the same, even though you have lost all of your memories…"

Naruto leans forward and hugs Sasuke, who was blushing hard at the action but returns it.

"Arigatou…Sasuke… Can you stay here with me tonight?"


Naruto fell asleep in Sasuke's arms. He tries to grab the blanket without waking Naruto up when someone helps him with it, it was Itachi. Itachi signals Sasuke to lie down and he covers them with the blanket. He smiles and shuffle his brother's hair. Switching off the light, Itachi went out of the room quietly.

Sasuke looks at the blond in his arms, he smiles as he pulls Naruto closer to him and slowly fell into sleep.

I want to protect him...

He looks strong outside, but weak inside...

I want to be there with him whenever he's in trouble...

I do not wish to see him getting hurt again...

I swear... I promise...

That I will protect him...


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"Kisame, get out of my sight now!" Itachi glares at his former partner.

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Kisame glances towards Sasuke as he dashes forward with his Samehada.

"Kuso! SASUKE!"

"That's the end of you, boy."


A familiar colour of orange appears in front of Sasuke. With the colour of blood mixing with it.


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