Rogue was jogging, a activity that had somehow become a ritual., Every morning she would try to get up before everyone else so that she could have some time to her self and exercise in privacy. Followed by a session with Wolverine to hone her martial arts skills.

This particular morning her thoughts were overwhelming and she couldn't stop thinking.

She always felt so vulnerable, Cyclops had his deadly eye beams, Jean her telekinesis and telepathy, kitty her phasing, Kurt his teleportation and so on. Every time they got into a situation that required them to use force she felt so utterly and completely useless. That is why she decided to train harder, to learn more. And she was getting quite good, especially with Wolverines help.

It soon got the to the point where she didn't have to rely on her touch to knock someone out but could actually use her newly forming skills and reflexes to her advantage.

She felt emotionally good this morning, Something she would never admit openly. It had been an entire year since she and the x men has helped save the world from apocalypse and his mad plans. She still couldn't believe that she had been a major part of it. The girl who hated the world saved it. Of course it didn't help that she couldn't really be part of the world since she was unable to touch anyone without making them loose consciousness. But Rogue had learned to accept that she would never be touched or loved by anyone. She took comfort in that she had found her place with the x men. And for the first time she felt like she belonged and even had some real friends.

Rogue turned the corner and stopped suddenly her breath somewhat steady as she stopped to put her thumb on the identification pad so that the gate would open.

"Welcome Rogue" the computer voice said to her as the gates opened.

She started jogging again making her way to the front of the Xavier Institute for the Gifted.

She saw two figures sitting on the porch, as she got closer she noticed that it was jean and scott they were looking at each other while holding hands, talking softly to one another.

They saw Rogue approaching.

"Morning Rogue", Jean said smiling at her and then returning her gaze to Scott.

"Morning you two."

She came to a stop in front of them and stopped her stopwatch.

I made good time this morning she thought.

Not that it really mattered since she didn't have her usual training session with Logan since he left last week to Canada.
A short vacation he had said. But she was used to Wolverine taking off at a moments notice.

She walked up the stairs passing the lovebirds, kind of happy for them and yet somewhat depressed, but not in the way she might have been in the past. She still cared for Scott but she found that is had turned into a more sisterly feeing than anything romantic. And she knew when that happened too. It was when she met a certain Cajun.

She went into the kitchen and got out a bottle of water, twisting the cap she started drinking the cold refreshing water. She looked at the clock on the wall.
7:02 it said. She still had about 20 minutes before this house would get really busy. She grabbed an apple and ate it while heading up to her room..

Opening her door she noticed that Ktty was still sleeping. But that was fine with her.
She went over to her drawers and picked out some clean pants and a shirt to wear, stopping for a second when she noticed the queen of hearts card that Gambit had given her after there adventure in New Orleans.

She still thought about him a lot.

It had been over a year since she had seem him and yet for some reason she couldn't get him out of her head. She was somewhat upset at her self for having the beginning of feelings for someone that was so foolhardy and obviously a big jerk seeing how he used her to help him free his father from the assassins guild.

But it didn't matter.

She knew nothing would ever come of it due to her mutant gift/curse.

Not that I will ever see him again she told herself.But one thing she was grateful for was that it did help her get over Scott.

She closed her drawers and quietly exited the room making her way to the bathroom.

Rogue didn't know what was wrong with her.

Why am I in such a good mood today!

After taking her much needed shower and getting dressed and putting her heavy makeup on she found Kitty waiting out side the door half awake.

"How long have yeah been there?" Rogue asked her.

"Actually not long this time" Kitty said as she stifled a yawn.

After Rogue deposited her exercise clothes into the dirty clothes bin in her room she made her way downstairs.
She could already feel the place coming alive as the sounds of people laughing and carrying on filled the hallways.

But for some reason all the sounds didn't anger her this morning.

She headed to the kitchen again where she found Jean and Scott making breakfast.

That task was always rotated between the students and Rogue was glad it wasn't her and Kitty's turn that morning.
But of course their idea of breakfast was taking 3 different cereals, orange juice and milk and putting it on the table.

Needless to say, nobody ever really looked forward to when it was their turn.

Jean and Scott were both busy, as Jean was scrambling some eggs and Scott was busy making pancakes.

Now she knew why they were up so early. They had the radio on and she could hear "my girl" playing softy in the background.

Jean looked up at her after putting some butter in a pan for her eggs.

"Hungry Rogue"? Jean asked.

She smelled bacon cooking on the grill, and her stomach started to rumble.

"Ya I guess I could eat a bite."

"Good then you wouldn't mind watching these eggs for me for a minute I need to go to the bathroom"

"Ok ah Guess"

"Thanx", she said after she pouring the eggs into the sizzling pan and handing Rogue the wooden spoon.

After Jean left the room Rogue started watching the eggs stirring them as they cooked.

"You ok this morning?" Scott inquired as he placed some finished pancakes onto a big plate.

"Why do you ask that?"

"Because you said you would help out and didn't even make a sarcastic remark or complain about it."

"Can't ah girl be non argumentative when she wants?"

"Not you" he said.

"Well excuse me for trying to have ah good day, ah will be sure ta go back ta being miserable, and mean just in time for the danger room session we have later today."

"No need to do that on my account." He said looking up at her and giving her a huge grin.

"Gee thanx", she finished up the eggs and placed them on a plate that Jean had set out.

"Wow you guys are all done" Jean said as she came back into the room.

Jean grabbed the bacon put it on the plate with the eggs and started heading to the table.

"Thanks Rogue."

"Your welcome." She glared at Scott. And almost stuck her tongue out at him barely stopping herself.

What am I a two year old she thought? Scott always made her feel so immature.

Scott took the finished pancakes and after checking to make sure the burners were all off headed toward the table himself.

Rogue grabbed a plate full of toast and made her way there too.

The thee barely managed to make it to the table and place the items down and sit at the table when Jubilee, Bobby, Kitty and a couple of other students made there way into the kitchen.

"Wow that sure does look good" Bobby said grabbing a piece of bacon and stuffing it into his mouth.

"Sure does" Jubilee said while sitting down at the table.

He was about to grab another piece when all of a sudden the plate started hovering over the table and then away from him.

"You want to eat something put it on your plate" Jean said as she barely managed to get it away from him placing it on the other side of the table.

"Yes mom" Bobby replied.

Everyone started grabbing plates and filling them up with food.

Twenty minutes later Rogue made her way to the Professors office for her daily schooling lessons. Her and many of the other students had stopped going to Bayville High due to recent anti mutant violence that seemed to be spreading throughout the world... Which she still found hard to believe since they just saved the world! But that only stopped the hatred for a little while. But Rogue was fine with the arrangement, and between Professor Xavier and Dr McCoy she learned plenty and actually found some of the stuff somewhat interesting. She never liked that school anyway. And not many of the students. And it was only one year until she finished her senior year anyway.

She knocked softly on the professors door.

"Come in Rogue" he said.

She opened the door and made her way into his study. She saw that she was the first arrival.

"Well your a little early this morning" he said as he maneuvered his wheelchair out from behind the desk.

Rogue placed her books on a chair and sat down. She looked at her watch and noticed that she was actually about 5 minutes early.

"Looks like it".

"Well since you are, I would like you to be the first to welcome our latest addition" he said while looking over her shoulder.

Addition she thought? And someone else was in the room? She sure didn't notice anyone as she came in .

She turned around in her chair to see who the Professor was talking about.

She couldn't stop her mouth from opening slightly from surprise.

She couldn't believe it.

"Hello dere chere."

And with that her good mood disappeared.