When Mary Attacks!

Hehehe…I like the reviews I got. Here are a few notes:

I'm not bashing OC's entirely. There are some very beautiful, well mastered stories out that have made me smile, shake and shiver all at once. But I am so sick of the same generic set up: A beautiful Diva comes to Raw. A 'certain legend killer' catches their eye and they begin a very hasty and amazing romance. Triple H usually attempt to tear them apart. And Trish. But I don't like her, so let the Mary Sue kick her ass.

I am planning on an OC fiction, using my nickname and dream of becoming a WWE wrestler. Not the kind like Maria and those girls, but one who wrestles and can proudly say she hurts people for a living. If I do chose to lead a romance, there will be a slow building of relationship and trust, as is in real life. Not 'wow her eyes are so beautiful he thought and suddenly before he knew it they were passionately shoving their fucking tongues down each other's throats and having wild sex.' Well…that was a little harsh. But true.

People have flaws, by the way. Mary Sue's don't. Except for the fact they're always crying. Drama queens. Che.

Anyways, enjoy reading Chapter Two of When Mary Attacks!

The Hurricane was a kind soul, and a good person at heart. He was, after all a superhero, with former S.H.I.T., Rosie. But even superheroes have their slight flaws. Like the Hurricane talking loudly.

"Citizen Orton!" Our favorite green masked choke-slammin' hero cried as Randy Orton attempted to duck behind a trashcan. Several feet away, a Mary Sue stood in her nauseatingly immaculate beauty, talking to a stagehand, who was staring at her with a dumbfounded look.

"Shhhh…" Randy said, pressing a finger to his lips quickly. The Hurricane quirked a brow, and took his super-stance, saying, "Your hiding, Citizen Orton. Is there a problem? You are going to end up smelling like trash if you stay there too long, and I do not believe Miss Keibler will find that attractive. Wazzupwitdat!"

Now, fortunately, the Mary Sue didn't hear a lick of this-she was far to busy with hearing her own smooth voice pour from her cherry red lips. Her hair was red-yep. Lita/Kane and/or Hardy offspring, judging by her brown/blue eye(s).

"I'm…" Randy thought desperately, and said slowly, "…undercover. That's right. See, Undertaker even leant me his coat and hat. That woman over there is a very evil villain…she wants to…umm, take over Raw and make sure Triple H and La Resistance and the Coach rule the roost. And she's going to…kill the Divas?" The Legend Killer finished weakly. Never fear, though-the Hurricane had used his hurri-senses to figure out that Mary Sue was hurri-ohh, forget it, even he saw she was EVIL.

"Ohhh…Okay then, Citizen…uhh…Ken? Ken. Citizen KEN." He emphasized the last word, and edged from the trashcan, "Go back to checking for your lost keys, Citizen KEN. I'll be right back with…help."

Ten minutes and one slightly smelly Orton later, Randy was hiding behind Rosey and the Hurricane as they snuck out towards the ring.

As for the rest of the roster, they were huddled in Evolutions locker room. Since it was, of course, the biggest, and the Mary Sues passionately hated Flair and our dear Hunter. Because, of course, RANDY hated them. For now. But Ric and Triple H weren't even at the arena. They were huddling in little balls in their hotel room. Why? They had ordered a cake from a bakery down the street, only some dumbass Mary Sue decided to replay the events on the night Randy Orton jumped from the stripper cake thing. Unfortunately for our dear Evolution, she jumped in the batter before it was baked. Happily for us, she died a slow and cakey death. Unfortunately again for Evolution, they still had to pay the cake bill and Ric Flair had found an eyeball in his icing. Eww.

So there they huddled around the screen. A few guys were sitting in the closets, stretching in the cramped spaces, for their matches that night. Several boyfriends were looking very discomforted and their girlfriends sat on their laps and applied makeup. Therefore, blush was blown onto their faces, giving them an attractive and boyishly ruddy appearance. But it felt ger-oss.

Kane and Lita, coming out from where they had chokeslammed the Mary Sue, entered the room as Randy's match against Maven began. Lita looked around and blinked, "Hey guys, we have Mary Sue body parts, wanna see?"

Kane held up a bloody arm.

As it turned out, the strange couple had discovered the way to defeat Mary Sues. Unfortunately, it was difficult. When Kane choke slammed the non-daughter of Lita's, she sort of went all…dead. Not that it would have killed her, but the fact was that she had been beaten. And no handsome male had come to her aide. After ten minutes, Lita had walked back to check the Mary Sue's pants pockets for any change to use the soda machine, and discovered she was deteriorating. She got very unpretty within a few seconds or so, and basically fell apart. Mushy. Ewww.

Kane and Lita quickly came to the conclusion that since no one had come to the aide of the dastardly Mary Sue, she had died. Because, of course, Mary Sues cannot live without dashing men saving them or tight knit friends to rescue their asses.

Thus became the opening statement for a plot so evil, so twisted that even Undertaker approved. They would kill the Mary Sues. Then feed them to Snitsky. But how would they catch all the Mary Sues?

Chris Jericho's eyes fell on the TV screen as Randy battled out Maven, "I think I have a plan…"

Dundundun…Jericho has an idea…everyone run.