Hi guys, here is a story that I've decided to write up while I'm still writing my other story. So don't worry I should have the next chapter for 'forbidden love' up real soon!

Chapter 1

"Come on Kelly hurry up now!" Yelled Matthew to his sister Kelly outside their apartment. He was 6 years old and a huge wwe fan. He was over the moon when he found out that the superstars were coming to his home town for Monday night Raw, he had told his sister Kelly about it and it was hard for her to explain to him that she couldn't afford tickets for the event for him but said that he could defiantly go to the autograph signings they were having in the main street. "Ok, I'm coming Matthew!" She said to him as she walked down the stairs to meet him at the entrance. "Yeah, but they might have left before we get there!" Matthew said. "Oh Matthew, the signing doesn't start until 9:00 it's only 8:00 in the morning." She explained. "Yeah, but I want to get there real quick!" He giggled as he grabbed her hand and ran to the lift. "Ok." She giggled back. Kelly pushed the button to the door and the doors opened, they hoped inside and Kelly pressed the button for ground floor. "Have you got your poster that you wanted to get signed?" She asked him. "Yeah, I do, I wonder if Brett will be there?" Matthew asked her. "I don't think so, he had work today." Kelly explained to him. Brett was a young guy that lived in the room next to Kelly. He had cable TV and let Kelly and Matthew come over each Monday to watch the wrestling. She was so grateful that he let them do that. Matthew was so happy when he was over there. Kelly wanted to get it for them but she just couldn't afford it. Her parents had died when Matthew was just nearly 2 years old in a tragic car accident, and at her young age of 19 she was here in some run down apartment block caring for her younger brother like a mother would do. When she could be out with friends partying and having fun but she didn't mind though, she never knew any other way anyway.

They got out of the evaluator and headed down towards the main street. Kelly was giggling as Matthew jumped up and own as he told her of all the autographs he was going to receive. "I'm gonna get HHH, and Chris Jericho, and Kane and….and ….um Oh yeah! Randy Orton's too!" He said excited. "Whoa, you'll have a lot of jealous friends at school if you get all those autographs!" She giggled.

They walked around the corner and Kelly gasped at the huge crowd there, the road had totally been blocked off for the traffic. "Ohhh, we'll be here all day!" Matthew sighed. "Oh Matthew, no we won't, come on lets line up." Kelly smiled at him. She took his small hand and walked over to the line.

After about an hour, with putting up with Matthew's consist complaining, they got to the area where the superstars were. "Look! There's Batista and Oh Randy Orton!" Matthew jumped up and down watching them sign autographs for fans. Kelly bit her lip as she got a glimpse of Randy Orton, she thought that he was so hot, and brushed her long brown hair back into a ponytail. She sighed as she saw a few girls in front of her screaming for Randy. They were pretty with blonde hair and nice and slim. They looked like supermodels. She put her head down and looked at herself. She was wearing sweat pants, and a baggy jumper and wasn't exactly skinny either. Her best friend Lisa told her that she should shut up about her weight as she thought that Kelly just has curves like every woman should, but Kelly didn't take her seriously as Lisa was just like the girls in front of her. She wanted to buy all the latest fashion trends for her age but she just couldn't afford it. She put her head up when she heard the security guard let a few more people through including Matthew. "Maam, are you going through?" He asked Kelly. "Err no I was just waiting in line with my little brother." She explained to him. "Fair enough, but do you mind standing over there so others can move up?" He asked. "Yeah, sure." She replied and walked over to a near by park bench.

After about 15 minutes Matthew came over to her with tears in his eyes. "Matthew what's wrong?" Kelly gasped and pulled him into a hug. "Did you get any autographs?" She asked him. "Yes….but….but Randy told me to go away!" he cried on her shoulder. "Oh really did he?" She said starting to get angry. "Yes." He mumbled. "Matthew give me your poster, I'll make him sign it!" She said grabbing Matthew's poster and marched right past the barrier towards the superstars. Hot or not, Randy had done the wrong thing she thought.