"Hi Grissom" said Catherine Willows.

"Hi Catherine"

I continued looking at the happy couple. Nick and Sara looked so happy and well to tell you the truth that made me mad. I wanted Sara to feel what I felt the anger and sorrow I felt inside and to break Nick's heart. But I knew she would never and the only thing she probably felt right now was happiness and joy. Nothing I could do would ever break them apart.


"Hi Grissom can I talk to you?" asked Nick. I removed my glasses and pointed to the chair that was in front of my desk.

"Grissom, I met the women that I want to spend the rest of my life with and well tonight I intend to propose." Nick said

"Who might this women be Nick?" I asked almost afraid to hear the answer.


Well the shock had worn off and anger and resentment soon entered. "No Gil you gave her up! Why should you care if Nick proposes to Sara? My head pleaded. "Gil if you let Nick marry Sara where will you be .The thought alone sickens you. Don't let him! My heart shouted. My head won.

"I don't know, Nick"

And with that he walked out

Later that day I saw Nick propose to Sara. I looked only for a moment and in that moment the look on Sara's face, pleading for me to take her away, almost broke my heart. "No Gil you gave her up!" my head said and I continued walking. I never looked back.

End Flashback

I see them happy and I realize that I've lost and the battles over. I leave my gift and walk out.