Kagura stood in Shigures kitchen. When she had arrived to visit Kyou, no one had been home except for Tohru, and so, Kagura had agreed to help her friend prepare dinner for when the others arrived. As she prepared the pots and such that would be needed to cook the meal, she looked over to see the younger girl placing some leeks on the counter and she blinked at her. "Tohru….you do remember that Kyou doesn't like leeks, don't you?"

"Oh!" Tohru blinked as a droplet of sweat trickled down the back of her head. "I nearly forgot! Thanks Kagura" she smiled some as she went to get some salmon out, since she knew that Kyou would eat that, if nothing else. "Oh dear…"

"Tohru? Is something the matter?" Kagura walked over to Tohru.

"Oh no….everything's fine Kagura! I'm sooo sorry if I made you worry…it's just we seem to be out of salmon!"

"Well…" the older girl gave her cute little smile to Tohru "that simply wont do! It's my Kyou's favorite after all! I know! I'll run out and get some!" She began to unfasten her apron but Tohru shook her head.

"No Kagura…let me go…it's my responsibility, besides, don't you want to wait here for Kyou to get back?" Tohru took off her apron and headed out the door calling over her shoulder, "just work on the rest of dinner till I get back!"

Kagura set about preparing the leek stew that Tohru had selected to be the main course. It was good to know that when she was gone, her Kyou was in such good care, although she couldn't help but wonder sometimes whether he liked Tohru more than her. She sighed slightly at the thought. Well…..she'd just have to try harder to show Kyou how much she loved him. At that moment she heard a sound from the porch, and hoping it was the boy she loved she raced to meet him at the door, flinging it wide open with a rather dramatic flourish that would have made her older cousin Ayame very proud.

There on the porch stood Haru, he was wearing his usual white coat, with the fur around the collar. He blinked as he saw Kagura standing there, and then smirked a little. "If you're here that cat must be around…"

"Oh….hi Haru. Kyou isn't here…but hopefully he'll be back very soon!" Her eyes glassed over slightly as she thought of the wonderful welcome she would give him. How she had missed him having not seen him for so long!

Haru raised a brow at her "yeah…ok then, I can wait…but you'd better let me get to him first…I don't want him any weaker than he already is when I fight him!"

Kagura blinked at her younger cousin "Hatsuharu Souma! Don't you lay a hand on Kyou while I'm in this house!" She went back towards the kitchen and went back to preparing dinner.

Haru followed her into the kitchen, still having his heart set on fighting the cat. Last time he had tried to fight Kyou; the orange haired boy had been stronger than he had thought he would be. This time, Haru would win, "nah…I'm gonna fight that stupid cat…and I'll win this time." The mere fact that Kyou wasn't even at the house had started to irritate him, all that way to fight the baka neko, and he wasn't even there. Even if Yuki had been there, it would have made the trip a little worth while.

Kagura turned to face him, her eyes blazing some as threats were made to her Kyou. She wouldn't stand for it. She knew, somewhere in the back of her mind that it was a stupid move, but Haru had upset her, and she had a dark side of her own if she got irritated. She poked a finger at his nose as she glared sternly at him, "Don't…..touch…..Kyou!"

Haru brushed her hand aside, as if she could really do anything to him. Her pushy attitude was ticking him off even more; his eyes gleamed dangerously as he was on the verge of snapping. "I'll touch Kyou if I want to touch him!"

Kagura made the final mistake of smacking him hard in the back of her head, Haru's eyes snapped wide open and he suddenly grabbed her by the back of her shirt, lifting her slightly off the ground as he glared into her eyes. "Oh, now you've done it…I know just how to hit Kyou where it hurts! I'll just take his little pet piggy!"

"H-Haru!" Kagura's eyes widened with fear, she'd seen Haru black before, but this was something new and scary. "What are you doing? Stop! You're scaring me!"

"What I'm DOING is trying to make my little trip worth while! I come all the way out here and Kyou's not even here…" he pushed her roughly to the ground.

"HARU!" she started too tried to get to her feet, but was once again shoved roughly down as his foot connected with her chest. She landed on the ground again, the breath knocked out of her as she stared up at him in horror.

"Now stay still…" he pinned her to the ground, kissing her neck roughly, pulling her hair some. If Haru had a white and black side, this was an even darker, third side. He shoved her skirt up around her hips. Unfastening his pants, letting them drop around his ankles, smirking as he watched her horrified face. He grabbed her chin roughly in one hand, "scared Kagura? Don't be…I won't hurt you…too bad!" He threw himself down on top of her, viciously kissing her lips as tears began to well up in the poor girls eyes. Haru's hands roughly grasped her wrists, pinning them over her head. Using his knees he forced Kagura's legs apart, slipping himself in between.

She could feel him probing at her, as she tried to scream out for help. She was stopped as one hand released a wrist, delivering a harsh slap to her face. "You scream and I'll just make it ten times worse Kagura!"

Tears poured from her eyes as she could hardly manage out a whisper. "Please…Haru…stop…"

But the cow wouldn't be reasoned with. She cried out as he roughly shoved himself inside of her. He grabbed her hair in one hand, yanking her head to one side, biting and kissing her neck. He shoved himself as far into her as he could, and she let out another cry. He began to thrust himself upon her viciously, a steady, pulsing beat. She was shuddering with fear, and he trembled with rage and lust. "That's right!" he snapped out at her, jerking her head about by the hair as his steady thrusts picked up tempo. Faster and deeper he drove himself into her.

All Kagura could do was lie there whimpering as Haru ravaged her savagely. If she had known that he was hiding something inside his mind, something even darker than black Haru, she never would have risked provoking it. Her face was red, and stained by tears; her choking sobs reverberated through the kitchen as the vicious rape continued.