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A wind was blowing down the street, creating small waves in the large puddles. It had been raining for a week straight now, for Itachi it seemed rain was the weather he knew. For three years straight now, no sun had broken through the pitch black fog that was his thoughts. His younger brother had turned three years old and life had moved on for his family. One thing was tabu and none spoke of it ever after Sasuke's birth, chosing to treasure what they had instead of thinking of the past. He couldn't let the past go that easily, applying himself to his studies with a frenzied vigor that amazed most of his teachers and scared the common kids away from him, fine with him he carried no need for the approval of the masses, the only thing he wanted was to once again look into those blue eyes and apologize for his failure. Any price was worth paying. He grduated at the top of his class a year agao an went on to basic missions. Even though he had small amounts of spare time, he opted to use it all for broadining his knowledge and increasing his powers.

He passed several stores as he walked towards the designated meeting place for the day. His socks were already soaked, while other people scurried along the edges of the street, obviously anxious to get indoors, he walked in the center of it as if this eight year old had no care in the world. At the moment he didn't his little brother seemed content. At least he couldn't feel anything in particular at the moment.

"Hey Gloomy, wait up ehh," Itachi frowned briefly, though when he had turned none of this was visible on his face. Mitsuko had a way to hyper attitude for his tastes, unfortunently they were both apart of the same team.

"Good morning," he replied as he assumed walking.

Mitsuko clasped her hands togheter and leaned backwards, her back made cracking sounds. "Good? You are getting pelted with rain and you call it a good morning, at least have the decency to bring an umbrella like normal people," she pumped hers up and down as to illustrate her point.

"It's merely a figure of speech," he twitched at the mere thought of bringing an umbrella into combat, now that would be a sight. "If you don't mind could we get a move on, I wouldn't wanna be late."

Itachi leangthened his strides and gained a bit of space between them.

"What dull things do you think sensei has in store for us today?" Mitsuko had managed to catch up to him, her walk actually seemed more like bouncing along than walking. "Not even you mister serious can say that you see the point of some of the stuff he puts us through. I mean like hauling lumber for the old geezer, that ain't the work of a ninja."

"People hire us to do what they need to have done and obviously we can't afford to be picky. Besides there is value to be gained from the smallest of chores, you just need to apply yourself."

"Ah yeaash, sometimes you sound very stuck up for an eight year old you know?" Mitsuko had extended her tounge in a taunting geasture despite being several years his senior. "Would it hurt you to relax once in a while."

"I don't have the time to relax, I want get stronger. No, I need to get stronger and I'm the only one that can do what needs to be done to set things straight." From the look on her face Itachis could tell that his statement had passed straight over her head.

"Creepy kiddo, just don't go all psycho on me, Gloomy."

The keept walking and soon the city was out of sight and they had entered the woods. The day would pass without nothing serious happening, but for Itachi each day passing wasn't lost, they merely meant that he was one day closer to seeing his little brother again.

"One day brother, one day I will attone," he clenched his fist as he and Mitsuko steped out into the clearing that was their destination.

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The next chapter will be from Ranma's point of view and we will get to see how his life turned out. In the end of that or the chapter after I plan to bring him back to his original world. The only thing I can say is that I mean to make full use of the fact that the two worlds are separate from eachother. I know where I wanna take this story but I really get bored on the journey to the fun stuff. These first chapters seems a lot like repeting old stuff that has been done in fanfiction for ages. Well I hope to get more original in the future.

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