Hey all!

I wrote this peice many years ago and published it on my friends and my own site, but I found it again a few days ago and thought...'why not!' lol

Its set in season 6, before we know the true identity of Chris :)

There's a few more parts to upload but I might spread them out if you all want me too lol Hope you enjoy!

With a full mug of coffee and a blueberry muffin in front of her, Paige read the entertainment section of the local paper. Well, more like looked at the pictures, she had too much running through her mind to actually understand what the words meant. She stared at the picture Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston holding hands and being all couply. She might have actually found a love that resembled their relationship. Meeting Richard the week before had changed her outlook on things. She suddenly liked life again. Not that she hated it before, but everything was in turmoil. Phoebe had a new annoying power; Piper was dating again, and requesting a divorce. What was the world coming to?
Phoebe walked into the kitchen, grabbed a cup of coffee and joined her sister on the kitchen counter. Paige hadn't even noticed.
'Spill' Phoebe said. Paige awoke from her daydream with a start.
'Huh? Oh, its nothing' Paige replied turning the page on paper.
'It must be something, you've not drank your coffee, and you've been up since six!' Paige hadn't been sleeping well; she was worrying about Piper too much. She turned to Phoebe, trying to find the right words.
'I'm just thinking about Piper and Leo. She doesn't want a divorce really, why is she asking for one? '
Phoebe had a look as if she's been thinking the same thing. ' I know, but you know Piper, she's made up her mind-'
'But it's the wrong mind!'
'We know that, and I think Piper knows it deep down. She's just hurting after what Leo did.' Phoebe said, grabbing the muffin from Paige's plate.
'There has to be something we can do. We have to try, for all their sakes, including Wyatt's'
'You're the social worker, Paige. What do you suggest?'
Paige got up and emptied the cold coffee down the sink and refilled it from the pot. 'I've been thinking about this for a while, and I think I know what to do' She walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs to her room.
'Paige? Paige! What are you going to do?' She called after her, running up the staircase after her baby sister


Closing the door behind herself, Phoebe sat down on Paige's bed and made herself comfortable. She watched as Paige got a box from her closet and sat it down on her lap. Phoebe was intrigued. 'So what's your big idea then?' she asked
'Well, we've tried the whole counselling thing, and it didn't work,' remembering the time that both Phoebe and herself were transported through Piper and Leo's memories thanks to a spell gone awry. 'so I thought, 'she took a folded piece of paper out and placed it on the box lid, 'what if we just put them into a room and made them sort it themselves.'
'They are never going to agree to that, plus how are we going to keep in a room when Leo could orb and out and Piper blow up the door?'
'I have that covered' Paige said handing her sister the paper. Phoebe read over it.
'This could actually work' Phoebe said. 'But what about personal gain?'
Paige thought for a while. 'Its not like her powers have been up to scratch recently is it? I mean, last week, she blew up the door instead of the demon'
'Yeah, I suppose. Our powers are connected to out emotions, and Piper is defiantly suppressing hers'
'I thought you couldn't read our emotions any more' Paige asked curiously
'I cant, its common knowledge!'
'That's true.'
'So how long are we going to keep them holed up?'
'As long as I takes' Paige started to pace the floor.
'But what about demon attacks?' Phoebe asked
'That's the only point I'm not sure about. But, if you think about it, we have us two and Chris. Its not like we haven't battled demons on our own before' Paige said.
'That's true. But what about Wyatt and the club?' Phoebe asked. It was a good idea, but they had a few things that they needed to iron out first.
'Wyatt's got that pretty nifty force field going on, so he can protect himself pretty much, and if we need to go off protecting the world, Sheila?' Paige asked. Sheila was Daryl's wife. Daryl being the only mortal who knew their secret.
'Sure, I mean, I guess. But what have you got up your sleeve about the club?' Phoebe asked with a playful smile.
Returning the smile, Paige said ' Well, I've got no temps jobs this week, so I could look after it '
'Okay, now all as we need is when and where'
'As soon as possible' she said with a smile ' the faster they're together, the faster this whole thing is sorted out. And as for where…' Paige shrugged.
'Er…her bedroom?' Phoebe asked
'Okay, sure, I mean they'll have old pictures and whatever in there to bring back memories '
'Exactly. Okay so its sorted. Piper and Leo, her room, ASAP' Phoebe recalled.