Chapter Warnings: This series of drabbles was written for the Stages of Sex challenge, and thus are thremed desire, excitement, plateau of arousal, orgasm, and resolution. These are a bit graphic, but no more than you might find in a fairly racy R rated movie.


The First

It could've been an accident that Naruto was there when Neji made his lap around the outer wall. The village wasn't so big that coincidences like that weren't common.

Neji didn't have to stop when he saw Naruto. He could have kept running.

Neji stopped, and his white eyes took in Naruto patiently. "What are you doing here?"

Naruto opened his mouth. He could have said, nothing, and then Neji could continue his training. Naruto opened his mouth, a lie twisting on his tongue. He

stopped, swallowed it, and said instead, "This."

It could've been an accident.

But it wasn't.

The Second

Naruto pushed Neji against the outer wall of Konoha. His hands tore down the zipper on Neji's flak vest; he rucked up Neji's shirt, curling his fingers so blunt nails dug into skin and muscle. The Hyuuga's stomach quivered, taut and feverish

Neji's mouth tasted of salt, of metal, and sugar, but underneath it all, something astringent. He was hardly a flavor at all. He tasted clean and vaguely sterile, but in a way that stung Naruto's mouth.

If they didn't move, it wouldn't be long before the next patrol found them.

They kissed frantically as Naruto counted the minutes.

The Third

On the training grounds. In the woods. Hidden in the backroom of a sake house while their friends drank and celebrated up front.

Naruto bit Neji's shoulder, stifling a growl as the Hyuuga jerked him roughly through his fly. Slow, sticky warmth flushed his body. Sharper, tingling heat pricked up his spine. Neji's other hand held Naruto's bicep as though steadying him, but worn nails dug into Naruto's skin hard, drawing blood.

Neji choked on his own gasps, and each hot breath fanned Naruto's face.

"Someone will miss us soon..." Neji whispered.

Equally soft, Naruto answered, "We'll finish quick then."

The Fourth

Risk drew Naruto to Neji time and again; the risk, the sounds, the salt and sweat of the other man's body as it moved with his.

Neji's white eyes looked down at him, strangely remote, until Naruto couldn't bear to meet them. He closed his eyes and braced himself on Neji's hip. His tongue curved across the underside of Neji's cock.

He heard the catch in Neji's breath, tasted precum, felt Neji trace his ear. He saw the way Neji's muscles tensed, the way the twitched.

Their teammates waited not twenty meters away.

Luckily, Neji wasn't vocal when he came.

The Fifth

"I should go," Neji said softly, voice smooth, not quite whispering against Naruto's skin.

Sheets tangled with their legs, clinging to damp skin and holding close the smell of their sex. Naruto's fingers tangled in the other's hair, holding him still while he nuzzled Neji's neck, his ear.

"Fifteen more minutes."

Neji's scent was thick in Naruto's nose; flavor, sharp on his tongue.

"You're cutting it close."

Neji stroked Naruto's side. It was a gesture Naruto was starting to recognize.

"I'll worry about that," Naruto murmured.

And for fifteen minutes, they ignored the photo laying face down on the nightstand.