Hey it's me…Ok the thing is…it may be a while before my story is updated. I've decided to rewrite it. So far I am almost done with chapter 1. Forgive me for this delay as it may be a few days before the new chapter one is posted. Your patience is appreciated. The new story should have fewer errors in it as it is greatly elaborated. I have decided to put it back to my original way. Elrond shall have another daughter. I know many of you aren't happy of this news but I shall not gripe about your gripe…right well…as I see it this story is my creativity. I try to get things as close as my writing abilities allow me to so please try not to verbatim everything that I have already been told. Elrond only fostered Aragorn…Only has 3 kids…Aleiria was never there…I know quite a bit so far and please I ask you forgive me for not knowing all of the Elvish language…I do my best. I have even downloaded the script so I may improvise on some parts of the story. Thank you reviewers for your input and I once again ask your forgiveness for the long delay.