Pretty Kitty

Tyson, Max, and the Chief are out for a tournament, leaving Rei to fend off Kai. That in itself sounds bad but it gets worse when Driger and Dranzer decide to turn Rei into a chibi so Kai will loosen up and leave Rei be. The problem starts when they can't change him backā€¦ Got some Yoai at the end.

Chapter one

'thoughts to bitbeast'

thoughts to self



Disclaimer: If I owned it, why would I write a disclaimer?

"Kai, c'mon it's late. I'm tired of training."

The Chinese boy flopped down onto the couch of the Bladebreakers hotel room as the bluenette captain went to the kitchen.

"You'll thank me later when were World Champions." said Kai.

"If you haven't killed me first." protested Rei. He closed his eyes and clasped his 'blade to his chest. 'Driger, please talk to Dranzer about doing something about Kai.' He thought. 'I'll see.' answered Driger. 'Thanks. I'm too young to die.'

Ever since Tyson, Max and the Chief left for a two-week beyblading trip (Kai had practically kicked them out the door, but Rei assumed it was because they were the most annoying), it had been nothing but practice with Kai until you dropped and then some. And the neko-jin was getting sick of it, yet Kai was relentless as always. If something didn't change, either Rei would make a change or he was going to go mad.

"Eat." said Kai from behind him, holding out a half empty box of pizza.

"Reassuring to know I can do something besides practice." said Rei.

"Whatever." said Kai, turning on the TV.

Rei was on his third slice of pizza when a strange thought occurred to him. At first he didn't voice his thought but curiosity of Kai's answer got the better of him.

"Kai," the captain turned to him. "Wouldn't it be nice to be kid again, or even have a little kid to look after for a while?" asked Rei.

"No and no." Rei said nothing as a mischievous grin played across his face. 'I think you get the idea.' thought Rei to Driger. 'I'll see what Dranzer and I can cook up.' Rei's grin grew even wider.

"Goodnight, Kai." He got up and left for his bedroom.