Sweet dreams never last

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Chapter 1. Memories

Joey's POV

It all started when I was 7. My family and I were living happily together with no major problems in our lives.

But a few weeks after my 7th birthday, my mother started acting strangely and she wasn't hanging around home anymore.

As soon as I started to get really suspicious, my mother and father sat my sister and I down at the dinning room table for a 'family talk'.

Little did I know that, that night was the night that my heart got shattered forever.

That night, I found out that my own mother, the one I cherished, loved and looked up to was leaving my sister, father and I for someone else!

A couple of nights after that, I started to become extremely depressed and I didn't talk to anyone about it. Not even my best friend Yugi.

Over the year following that, I have observed myself when I was happy, so that I could perfect my mask and wouldn't seem to be upset.

Although it worked on most people, I was a broken soul on the inside with no happiness left, until the day my life once again turned a different direction.

My heart was over-joyed when I heard that my mother was returning to us.

I could put away my mask and show my true emotions again.

I know that deep down, I could never truly forgive her for this but I was just soo happy to have her back that I didn't care about that.

I was so happy that could've jumped to the moon if it were physically possible.

All the while that I hid behind my mask, my true friends could easily see that I was upset and broken.

They did try to help me but I just made the mask thicker.

Eventually, about half a year later, my mother once again met someone new. That's when everything went back to square one. I was even more broken that time because she had completely shown to me that I could no longer trust or believe in her.

What made it even worse this time was that she took my sister away from me.

I was so overwhelmed in depression that even though I was wearing my long forgotten mask, I couldn't work properly at school and my grades were rapidly declining but at a steady speed.

Unfortunately, the teachers weren't so oblivious and they could tell that something was interrupting my studies. Although they didn't confront me about it, they just gave me looks of sympathy or annoyance on odd occasions.

I didn't really care to be honest.

During this time, I felt like an out cast, like no one else knew what it felt like to be betrayed and forgotten by your own mother.

I was still wondering why my mother had left us and I soon started to think that it had something to do with me.

I know I was being stupid by thinking that but that's how I felt.

I started to think that she wouldn't come back to us again. To be very honest, I can't really blame her, who would want to come back to this dump?

I was over whelmed with emotions. Sadness, depression, hate, confusion, the list goes on.

My dad didn't help much either, he was starting to get into a lot of mood swings, but fortunately, he's not abusive.

I soon fell deeper into depression with no way to relieve the pain that I felt and I didn't really care if people could see through my mask or not.

Not that anyone noticed anyway, they just kept to themselves and minded their own business.

Somewhere around this point, I was soo upset that I didn't know what to think, do or even believe anymore and nothing helped this condition.

I am now 17 years old and I am in 11th grade at Domino high school.

My name, Joey Wheeler.

My sister Serenity Wheeler has come back from somewhere in America to live with me, after all those years of being apart. This helped my state of mind to recover a little, but not much.

I moved out of my father's home about a year ago and I don't think he was too thrilled about it either.

I visit him now and then to keep him company.

Since the 'incident' where my mother left for the second and last time, I haven't gotten any better in my state of mind. Sometimes I wonder how I managed to live on.

As I said before, my sister coming back did help but not by much.

I am now loosing more friends with each coming day, except Yugi Ovcourse.

The teachers don't even care anymore, they just say that I am a lost cause. But sadly, I agree with them.

The only person who cares for me now besides Yugi is my sis, Serenity.

I can safely say that I have reached the point beyond depression, I have become a self-mutilator, unfortunately.

At times, I just can't help myself. I would just sit on the floor of my bedroom for hours making large enough slits to bleed into my already scarred arms and just watch the crimson coloured liquid drip and stain my navy blue coloured carpet.

Ovcourse, no one knows about it.

Everyday I went to school acting like myself, but people would question me about why I wear long sleeved shirts in summer.

I would just simply reply that I like to wear them and it's not that hot.

Then they would give me strange looks and then comment on how hot it was.

I would just shrug my shoulders and walk off.

I will admit that sometimes I would feel light headed due to the heat and loss of blood due to the previous night of mutilating my arms. (Yuk!)

I have a few friends left and I wouldn't let them go even if they threatened to kill me.

They are known as Yugi, T'ea, Tristen and Ryou.

On the odd occasion, I would see their Yami's, Bakura and Yami but they don't go to school so I don't see them that often.

If u are confused about how I can see their Yami's, I will tell you.

Yami and Bakura got their own bodies about a year ago, around the same time that Serenity came back

Bakura has supposedly changed due to Ryou teaching him on how to behave but I'm not truly convinced although I suppose he has gotten slightly better.

I've heard from Tristen and T'ea that both Yugi and Ryou are together with their Yami's.

Sometimes I wish that I could be them. Not because they are together with their Yami's, but they have someone to love and cherish them, someone to look out for them, to be there to comfort them and tell them that everything will turn out ok.

Every time that I thought about me being alone all the time, I would go to my room, my sanctuary, and do what I think relieves you of reality for a short amount of time.

I have school tomorrow, oh joy! Not! I'd better go polish off my mask as to not draw attention to myself.

End of chapter 1

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