Sweet dreams never last

Chapter 14

An unexpected phone call?

As the doctor was driving away from the Kaiba mansion he thought to himself that the behaviour of the young CEO was odd.

He had never seen him around anyone else his own age, let alone have that person in his personal bedchambers, in his bed.

'What's going on? Was he a relative? No that can't be it. They have no other relatives. Either way, it's not looking good for the boy. I should have performed a few more tests while I was there.' He continued driving to his office. He was going to make a few calls to other doctor's and ask their opinions on the symptoms the boy was showing.

Back at the mansion Mokuba and Serenity were sat in the kitchen eating breakfast and serenity's cell phone started buzzing in her pocket.

As she looked at the caller ID she didn't recognise the number. Feeling slightly confused she pressed the answer button and pressed the phone to her ear.

"Hello?" she waited for the reply.

"Serenity?" she gasped a little. It's been quite a while since she last heard this voice.

"Mom?" she asked still shocked.

"Yes honey its me. I was hoping to speak to you're father if he's around?" she said a bit too formally.

"Umm… he's not here, me and Joey are visiting friends and we don't live with him anymore." She didn't give away too much.

"Oh? Ok then can I speak to your brother?"

"He's… um not here right now. Just quickly popped out to run to the store." She found herself lying.

"Ok darling well I will be visiting soon. I'm getting a plane tonight and I would like to see you two when I arrive. I have a lot to talk about with the both of you." She said seriously.

"Oh um ok I could come and get you from the airport? When do you arrive?" she sounded uncertain. She knew her brother would be upset.

"I should be arriving about 9 o'clock tomorrow morning with the time difference and everything. So see you then?" she explained.

"Yeah Mom, I'll see you there." With that the conversation had ended.

Serenity put her cell phone back into her pocket and looked at Mokuba worriedly.

"What's up?" He asked reaching for her hand, which she accepted without another thought.

"It's my mother, she's coming to visit and wants to talk to me and Joey. He hasn't spoken to her in years. They don't get on. He's going to be upset." She explained quietly.

"I'm sure he will be ok Seren, when he gets up we will tell him and if he doesn't want to talk to her we wont make him. Where did she want to meet with you two and when?" he tried to soothe her.

"She arrives 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. I'm meeting her at the airport. But I don't know where to take her after that. Joey is still sick." She said.

"I will talk to Seto in a bit and we will figure it out ok?" he smiled and she smiled in return.

In Seto's Room, Joey had just fallen back to sleep and Seto was beside him. He held Joey in his arms against his chest as he slept. He was silently thinking to himself. About Joey, about what the doctor had told him, about what could happen if Joey didn't get better and what the possibilities could be if he did. It was a lot to think on and he was starting to work himself up.

He was becoming restless but didn't want to let go of Joey but eventually he had to move.

Venturing downstairs, he heard the TV on in the living room and went in to find Mokuba and serenity watching 'Soul Eater'.

"Good morning, you two." Seto said as he entered the room.

Both teens looked up as he spoke his greeting and smiled in response.

"Seto we need to talk to you about something." Mokuba piped up once Seto had settled down on the other couch.

He glanced at his younger brother expecting him to continue, on which he did.

"Seren got a phone call earlier from her mom, she says that she wants to see her and Joey and she's arriving tomorrow morning at 9 at the airport. Is it ok to bring her here to see Joey?" Mokuba spoke quickly.

Seto looked to Serenity who looked worried and replied after a moments thought.

"I cant really stop you from seeing your mother Serenity but your going to have to ask Joey if he's up for the company. I don't mind you bringing her here. Have you let her know where you both are?" he asked.

"um… no I'm meeting her at the airport tomorrow." She replied quietly.

"That's fine I will arrange for the chauffer to take you. When Joey wakes up you can speak to him ok." Seto smiled. So unlike him but he guessed that Joey brought out a better/nicer side to him. This made Mokuba beam at him also. He only ever saw his big brother smile when they were alone. It was nice to see the nicer side of him more often now.

Serenity smiled in return and turned her attention back to the television, as did the Kaiba brothers.

Back in Seto's room, Joey was stiring in his sleep. He was covered in a cold sweat and his breathing had worsened.

He suddenly shot upright trying to catch his breath. He's just had a nightmare but couldn't remember what had happened in it. That scared him even more. He was having a bit of trying to breath as he got out of bed and half stumbled to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, he located a fresh glass and filled it with cool water from the tap. He drank it slowly, a sip at a time.

Finally he found it easier to breathe as he sank to the floor. His back supported by the wall. Not finding the motivation or the energy to get back up, he started to drift off not hearing footsteps entering the bedroom.

Seto had left the living room, he didn't want to be away from Joey for too long and thought that while his puppy was sleeping he could work on his laptop to pass the time.

He was a little shocked upon entering his bedroom to find his bed empty. He didn't hear any sounds coming from the bathroom or closet either. He didn't want to assume anything so he entered the bathroom and saw his puppy slumped against the wall behind the door.

In a panic he bent down and put his hands on Joey's shoulders.

"Joey? Are you ok? Answer me?!" He asked worriedly.

Joey half opened his eyes. He wasn't quite awake as he answered.

"I'm fine Seto." It was almost a whisper.

Seto lifted Joey up bridal style and carried him back into the bedroom, The fragile puppy in his arms shivering slightly.

"What were you doing out of bed?" He half scolded.

"I needed water. Couldn't breathe." Joey answered quietly.

'Couldn't breathe? This really isn't good.' Seto thought to himself sadly.

He put Joey back into bed and picked up his cell phone. He quickly typed in a number and waited a little impatiently as it rang.

End of chapter 14

Im so sorry about the wait guys. I just don't seem to have the time off work to keep on top of everything. And ive had writers block for so long. I think im finally getting back into it though. This chapter seemed to write itself for the most part. Had no trouble. I guess I was just in the mood for typing lol.

Anyway hope you enjoyed it