CHAPTER 1. Your what!

"Riku your nuts." Alexis Orton, sister of Randy, was speaking over the phone to her boyfriend Riku Showron.

"Lexi don't you get it. I'm joining because I love to wrestle. Besides, it's what my grandpa would've wanted me to join the WWE." Riku replied, "I may be nuts but you loved to wrestle when I wrestled in my backyard federation."

"What are you implying Riku."

"Alexis come with me. I would appreciate it."

"Okay Riku I will."

They went to the airport to get tickets to Connecticut. The home of WWE Headquarters where they were to meet Vincent Kennedy McMahon. When they arrived however, someone else was there to see them.

"Riku, Alexis what the hell are you doing there." A voice said behind them.

Alexis turned to find herself face to face with Randy Orton.

"Randy, me and Riku are joining the WWE."

"YOU'RE WHAT!" He couldn't believe it.

''Keep your voice down or I'll tell Stacy you like her."

That shut Randy up.

"Does mom know." Randy asked quickly. Alexis nodded.

"Okay." Randy looked at Riku and nodded. "Tell me how it goes okay."

"Okay man" Riku replied and stuck out his hand which Randy shook.