To all the readers of Pet Project.

First off, take a deep breath. Don't panic.

Secondly, since FFN frowns on authors using these spaces for "notes," I've included a snippet/drabble from the upcoming chapter.

I have been urged by several readers to leave you guys this note. I have been sort of derailed by life in general and the hype surrounding the coming out of Book 7. Now that the book is out and certain things have come to pass -- things that as Snape fans we won't speak about -- I realize that some of you may have a few fears that I'll abandon Pet Project.

Have no fear. I have had this story outlined from beginning to end since the day I put the first word down. I admit that when I started writing, I had no idea that I would still be working on this story two years and two books later. But if you, the readers, are willing to continue to read, then I'm willing to continue to write. Keep your fingers crossed and the new chapter might be to the betas by the end of the week.

And Hailey – I would never be so rude as to just brush off one of my readers. You guys have been incredibly loyal to me throughout this whole writing experience. You comments are always carefully considered. In fact, the comment you left actually prompted me to leave this here because you didn't leave me an email addy to respond to you directly.


"Ears are flapping."

Hermione switched her attention from the still comatose Snape to Rink. She was getting rather used to some of the odder things that Rink would say. She also felt herself to be rather good at translating elf-speak into the Queen's English. This one though had her stumped.

"Ears are flapping?" she repeated back.

Rink, his face particularly serious, nodded decisively, causing his own rather large ears to flap forward.

Hermione hid a smile behind a feigned cough and raised hand. She wouldn't want to hurt Rink's feelings. Getting control of her grin, she asked as nonchalantly as possible, "So, what are earls flapping about?"

"Elves are very impressed with Hermy."

Hermione let out a rueful laugh. Everyone else in the house was treating her like she was some kind of pariah -- actually they were treating her rather like they treated Snape. And now the house-elves, who wouldn't even get close to her a year ago, were now proud of her for acting like an elf and serving Snape.

Good Lord, when did my life get so odd?

End of Snippet