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(A/N: First POV)

Screams and singing, tormenting fire and comforting cool, combinations of the both at the same time a total nothingness surrounded me. I remember helping Tristan, and I remember Cerdic surprise attack me from behind… Am I dead?

"For now," a musical voice stated simply. What the hell? I open my eyes to see the very image of heaven and hell as well as limbo. G is on my right in 'his' billowing robes even though there is no wind or elemental change.

"G, where am I?" I ask trying to take in my surroundings; I find that I myself am in a flowing gown similar to the guardian's.

"This is the in-between, where souls with a greater destiny make their choice. You were not meant to be sent here until much later. That sword was not for you, very noble of you, princess." G stated off-handedly.

"Alright… then send me back if I'm not s'posed to be here." I stated shortly crossing my non-corporeal arms across my chest. I have things to do, like make sure Lancelot still lives.

"You're not supposed to be here, yet Princess. But now that you are, you may as well be given your choice now." G replied taking my hand.

"Choice, what choice?" I asked skeptically.

"Hmm, where should I start? I believe the beginning is the best. Understandably, things are complicated, but because of it you are where you are." My brow rose in confusion, "You see, because of the events that happened in your life, the death of your family, being taken in by the guilds, losing Connor and all that the past was altered. I mentioned before that all of it wasn't supposed to happen, but it did. Because of what happened to you, your entire family line was to be wiped out and your existence would be as it never was. All the years of planning for you would be wasted, if your family gets wiped out in one blow, it's confusing, I understand. However because you are destined for something greater, I won't tell you what, The Powers That Be have made it so you will come back save your family. You were chosen because you are the strongest descendant left, the future can save the past so it seems. And you have proven that on several occasions; it is why you were given the visions in the first place poppet."

"So, what's my choice?"

"To live or die."

"I kinda figured that G, geez you made it sound so dramatic just then." I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes. I mean it's an obvious choice isn't it?

G chuckled, "Oh, it's not that simple Poppet, you see if you choose life you must return to the life you had, altered a bit but it will still be your present. You cannot stay with the knights, the legends will continue even though you don't wish them too and your love for Lancelot will never be known. Until the Powers That Be need you again, you will stay in that life, unchanged. If you choose death, you will suffer in hell with little chance to redeem yourself until those you have killed find peace, and that could take over three millennia with all those who've died by your hands."

"Some choice, G. Are the Powers That Be so against me being happy? First my family, my friends, my life all lost at 5, then Connor and now Lancelot? How fucked do they want me before turning me into a loyal slave?" I demanded.

"Make your choice, pet." G answered before my eyes closed and pain seemed to course through me.

(A/N: third POV)

She was breathing, but just barely. How she would survive a wound clear through her middle none of them would ever know, but her will was strong and would not die. Yet, they all were relieved that despite it, she lived.

Although Lancelot was more than livid that she had shed her armor in the midst of battle, as they all were; it was the simple fact that she lived despite the circumstances had them all in awe.

Dagonet had treated the other knights and had just come back to check on her when she started thrashing violently knocking over anything within reach. At the noise, the knights not seriously injured ran into the healing room where Dagonet and the aged healer woman struggled to get the assassin under control without getting hit.

"Don't just stand there. Help us, else she will pop her stitches," the healer scolded Gawain, Galahad, Bors and Arthur, shocking them into action for she was a small woman with a big voice. Immediately the other four knights went to assist in trying to calm the girl and give her a healing potion. Yet, as quickly as the young woman started thrashing, she stilled and her breath came in quick shallow gasps.

"What is happening to her?" Gawain asked the healer, Roxie began muttering under her breath foreign words and bits of Latin that sounded like 'go away' or 'leave me alone, please.' They realized that her words were pleas and cries for help, but yet they could not do anything.

"I feel it is best you leave her to rest now. Her body is healing," an ethereal voice spoke from the door, the conscious occupants of the room turned to see a tall and handsome being in layers of grey cloth that did not dwarf 'him', his violet eyes seemed to stare them all down whilst 'his' dark hark was pulled back in a low ponytail. Slowly the being's eyes caught the form of Roxie on the bed, "Hmm, she's healing far too quickly than she should. Everyone please leave."

"Who are you? I remember you from the ice, but you spoke not." Arthur asked drawing himself into the being's vision.

"I am her guardian, G, her angel if you will. As much as I'd love to answer questions, I can't right now, I must look after my charge. So kindly leave." The being, G, said politely, but when the others didn't budge 'his' countenance darkened, "If you care for her at all you will allow me to heal her properly."

"We'll not leave th'lass, she's our kin," Bors said gruffly, G noticed how the others tensed and sighed.

"The methods I use are beyond your comprehension and will be compromised if any are present. So again I'm asking you to leave."

"How do we know you won't kill her?" Galahad demanded not trusting this person/creature/thing for one moment. "You may have saved her on the ice, but that still doesn't make me trust you."

G was getting irritated and rubbed 'his' temples, "I don't have time for this and at the rate your Roxie is clutching to life, neither does she. Will it put your mind to ease if one of you stays?" The knights looked desperately at her and then at one another before tentatively nodding agreement. "Wonderful, who will stay?"

At first it was to be Arthur, but he was needed elsewhere; so Dagonet was chosen for his healing knowledge. Each of the knights and the healer cast a look to the pale form of Roxie on the bed before exiting, leaving G and Dagonet to look after Roxie.

As soon as they left, Dagonet grasped the front of G's grey robes momentarily surprised at the soft and silkiness of the material as it was none like ever he felt. "You promised to heal her, I suggest you get started or I will finish you."

"Dear boy, I'm sorry." Was all G said before Dagonet passed out into a chair. "Now, my dear girl time to bring you back."

(A/N: Roxie and G's words are in English, so therefore it is in italics)

Roxie slowly got up and looked at her surroundings to see G smiling down at her, "Hi. What are you doing here?"

"Making sure you came back, it was your choice anyway, Poppet." G replied. Roxie's eyes caught sight of Dagonet slumped in the chair next to her bed. Immediately she sprung from the bed, rushed to her gentle giant and shot G a death promising glare. "I had to, he's not supposed to see me heal you. Don't worry he'll wake up soon enough. How about a little wake up kiss, I won't tell."

"You're evil, despite anything you do or say, you're evil," Roxie replied as Dagonet began to stir, she looked back to see that G had already disappeared. "Hey Dag, whatcha sleepin' for?"

Dagonet's eyes widened to see her up and smiling before he took her in his arms for a bone crushing hug and rained her face with kisses.

Roxie squealed with laughter as she tried to make the big man let her go, in that instant Bors, Gawain and Galahad rushed into the room followed by the healer to see Roxie being assaulted by kisses from their friend. The other knights rushed over and pulled her from Dagonet's reluctant hold to hug and kiss her as well.

Finally able to free herself from the overwhelming affection, Roxie ran behind the small healer woman in attempt to shield herself from her friends. "Okay, okay, I get it you're all happy to see me. Geez, I'm barely up for a minute and already I'm getting attacked. If that's the way I'm gonna be treated, I'm probably better unconscious. How long was I down?"

Regaining their masculine composure, they explained that it was a week after the battle; they weren't sure how long she would live or if she would wake. Her face fell.

"A week? Fuck, I've only got three weeks before I go back." They looked at her oddly before she reassured them that she was fine and healed; lifting up her shirt to where she was stabbed to reveal a pink puckered scar on her soft flesh. "I'm fine, see? Madame Healer, if you would be so kind as to have someone draw a bath for me? After a week of lying in bed, I probably don't smell so good."

The healer nodded her head understanding and herded the knights out of the room.

Feeling clean was just the beginning for Roxie, it was her prerogative to make the memories with the knights last, the conditions for her life meant servitude to the Powers That Be when she was sent back to her time. As she left her quarters wearing a blue long sleeve dress that was loose on her body with bell sleeves and buckles on the shoulders. It was surprisingly loose because she had lost weight from her time in Honorius' dungeons and from not eating much while unconscious.

She rolled her shoulders in attempt to loosen her muscles as she made her way to the kitchens; it was in Roxie's best interest to spend as much quality time with the knights, Guinevere and Vanora. If not then it'd add to her list of regrets.

The first stop was Lancelot's room, apparently he had been up and about long before Roxie and it was only Dagonet and Arthur's strict instruction that the dark knight couldn't visit her until she was awake that kept Lancelot from her. Knocking on the door, she was greeted by her dark knight, who looked more than happy to see her. Before a word was spoken, he swept her into his arms crashing his lips to hers with bruising force all the while pulling her back into his room with a slam of the door. His hands roamed her body over the gown she wore while Roxie's fingers found purchase in Lancelot's curly hair. She sucked his lower lip making him groan and gently but firmly push her up against the wall. Lancelot then fluttered his kisses down her throat to the neckline of her gown and back up again to take Roxie's earlobe between his teeth. This time it was romantic and everything she wanted, they needed to take it slow. Unwillingly, she placed her hand on his stilling his movements from removing the gown.

"Lancelot," her breath came in pants, "let's take it slow, yeah?"

He chuckled pressing his forehead to hers, "Forgive me, love, I needed to be sure you were here." He wrapped his arms around her waist as her arms and legs encircled themselves around his neck and hips. With his legendary smirk, he nuzzled her neck, "I knew you couldn't resist me for long." She grinned mischievously at him before pressing her lips to his for another passionate kiss.

"Oh… wow." Roxie breathed heavily as she fell back onto the bed, her head hung over the edge with her eyes closed blissfully. "I heard the barmaids sing your praises, but GAWD…"

His deep chuckle rumbled against her skin as Lancelot kissed a path between her breasts, up her neck and to her lips, "You are not so bad yourself, Lady… I must ask where you learned such things, but I fear the answer."

"A little thing called Kama Sutra," She replied lazily tracing his scars on his back while his lips sought the skin of her neck again.

Suddenly Roxie began to giggle, Lancelot looked down at her to see what was so amusing, "So much for taking it slow huh?" Before the dark knight could respond, the assassin pulled to him for another passionate and vocal interlude.

Several hours later, the two exited the room to be greeted by cheers from the able knights and a disapproving look from the healer.

"Madame Healer, there are things in this world that would be better for me than resting in a bed," Roxie stated to the older woman's glare. In her mind, Roxie counted down the time she would have; only three weeks would remain.

The month had gone by very quickly and during that time, Lancelot and Roxie were inseparable. She had moved into his room and often the sounds of their passions could be heard throughout the fort, for they were very vocal. At her request, they all treated everyday as though it were their last; going on picnics, teaching Roxie how to ride properly, spending time with the children, learning to use the weapons Roxie favored, learning the kicking and jumping moves she knew, etc. It was a blissful month and for Roxie, an emotionally painful one.

Arthur and Merlin had come to some kind of agreement that would mean to unite the people of Britain, a marriage of political views. Arthur to Guinevere, as the legends say they should be. There was the hope of no more fighting between the Woads and the Britons that would reside in the country because of this union. No one realized that their dear Roxie would not be there for the happy occasion, except the assassin herself.

Yet, not many noticed how anxious Roxie was getting as the month closed until Merlin called her on it one day before the month's end.

"Child, why do you pace so? Are you not pleased with the outcome? You are with the man you love, the knights have lived and there is reigning peace." The wizened old man asked her, his gaze was on a site far away, the site of Arthur's new home…Camelot.

"You don't know?" She looked at him curiously. "I thought you would; the Fates and stones you cast have told you nothing huh?" Merlin shook his head.

"Nay, my vision of what is to come is clouded. Tell me, what troubles you?"

With a deep sigh, Roxie briefly told him of the choice she was given. "And the day after tomorrow, everything I love, the man I love will be taken from me. I have lost so much for the joy of the Powers That Be, and for what?"

"Tell him. Tell him what you have told me, it may not change what will be, but at least he will understand why you have left him." With those words, Merlin left her to ponder her thoughts.

(A/N: First POV)

I returned to our room, Lancelot wasn't there yet and I tried to work out what I would tell him… aside from the truth. I had to tell him everything, well everything about the choice I had been forced to make. I stared out the window watching the sunset, its colors held a sad beauty reminding me to soak up everything and appreciate the little things I know I'll never experience again, like the children both "The Brood" and the ones from the village who'd all followed me around whenever Lancelot was busy.

I was wrapped up in my thoughts I hadn't heard the door open admitting the man of my every naughty fantasy and dream until he wrapped his arms around me.


"You'll be a mother someday," He whispered in my ear as he kissed my hair. Lancelot sounded so hopeful we would be together forever. And I had to tell him that wasn't going to happen… I don't think I hated myself anymore than at that moment. "We'll have lots of children and give Bors and Vanora a run for their money…" He's telling me his dreams…. Oh God, I'm such a horrible person! "…live in Sarmatia..."

"Baby," I turned in his arms and pulled him in for a light and teasing kiss, "love me like there's no tomorrow."

"Not that I'm complaining, but what brought this up?"

"You want kids yeah? We should get in as much practice as possible," I gave him the best impish grin as I pulled him closer to the bed, tugging his shirt off.

"Yes, we should practice. I'm in love with you Roxie, and I will always be in love with you." We made love countless times that night, but as he finally exhausted himself I held him tightly, how would I tell him?

Bright light woke me the next morning, there was a weight and warmth that held me but did nothing to take away the soreness I felt; yet a very pleasant soreness. I had definitely made my knight work very hard last evening. I thought back to how loud we were and smiled, oh yes we were very loud.

It was then I realized what day it was… my last in this time with him. Struggling to get up, my lover holds me down while nuzzling into my neck. "It's too early wench, go back to sleep."

"And I was having such a wonderful dream," I replied running my fingers through his curls, "Do you want to know what it was about? A handsome dark haired man came to me and fucked me senseless then curled up against me… and whaddya know, it came true." I whispered huskily before managing to flip him off of me and running behind the changing screen to hurriedly pull on my old clothes all faded, black Dickies flood pants, black sleeveless tank and black Converse Chucks. I barely make it to the door only to be pulled bodily back to the bed.

"I think we should continue that dream, no? It is too cold anyway, I need someone to warm me."

"Then I'll get you some hot food, let me go," I struggled half-heartedly until there was a knock on our door.

"Roxie, Lancelot, we need you in the Round Table Hall," Jols called us. Sharing a look we shrugged and got dressed, not before pinching and kissing and the like.

"G? Wh-what--?" I started, my guardian was sitting at the table next to Arthur talking, the atmosphere was incredibly tense. Everyone was looking at me with sad eyes. They knew, they all knew, except for Lancelot.

"Hello pet, it's time."

"Time for what, sir?" Lancelot stood in front of me protectively. I smiled slightly and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Babe… there's something I have to tell you." Tears started to flood my eyes, "G, can I have a few moments, please?"

"Sure pet," G nodded as I led the dark knight away.

"What's going on Roxie? What does that person want with you?" I pulled him in for a passionate kiss against the wall before I broke down and told him about the choice. Needless to say he was angry… at everything.

"I'm sorry, I would rather I see you one last time then never see you at all. I will never love any as I love you." He held me tightly and whispered that he would never stop loving me.

"So how's this gonna work G?" We stood with the knights, Guinevere and Vanora at the battlements after having said my good-byes.

"You need speed, the amount of speed you had when you first came needs to be mimicked in order for it to work."

"Are you fucking with me? Couldn't you just snap your fingers or something?"

"Where's the fun in that, besides it's more dramatic princess." I had told them all everything, including my real name that had been lost since I was five, Nerina Elaine LaRuse. With a final hug and kiss to all I stood with G on the wall.

"2005, here I come." I whispered as I let myself fall, behind me I could hear him call my name, Nerina

"Miss? Miss? Can you hear me? This is Constable Carrington, are you alright?" A male voice with a British accent addressed me. I felt cold, too cold and wet; blinking I lifted a hand to shield myself from the white beam of the flashlight.

"Yes, I think so?"

"What's you name miss?" I was being lifted from a deep hole… the same one I fell down all those weeks/months/time ago… the one with the blue flames.

"N-Nerina, Nerina Elaine LaRuse. What year is it?" I croaked as they wrapped me in blankets and put me in an ambulance.

"It's the year 2000, Miss LaRuse." Constable Carrington stated.

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