This is the second story of a trilogy. It can be read alone but a few things will make more sense if you read 'Hiei and Kurama a Love Story' first. This story has 18 chapters and a short epilog.

Full disclaimer posted in first chapter only. Yu Yu Hakusho and it's characters are the property of Yoshihiro Togashi, Fuji TV Shueisha, Jump Comics and Studio Pierrot. The only thing I own is a love for Yu Yu Hakusho and it's awesome characters.

Chapter 1

Story… Dreams… 'Thoughts'

I smile to myself as I see the look of pure pleasure that crosses my lover's face. He is always so beautiful as he steals away with the shiny treasures he loves so much. The only time he is more beautiful is when we are making love. Being both his partner and his lover means I get to enjoy his beauty frequently.

He turns to smile at me now as we make our escape from a castle that was thought to be theft proof. Of course for us this job is child's play, for my lover just happens to be Yoko, the legendary bandit and best thief in the Makai. As his partner I am fast making a name for myself as a thief as well.

We have left the castle and are making our way through a bamboo field when something brushes against my neck and my most treasured keepsake is torn away. I know he calls to me as I turn back for it, but I must get it back, for he gave it to me. Just as it is within my reach I feel a searing pain go through me, I feel my life draining away. Again I know he calls to me but it is too late, I tell him to run, to save himself, but before he is gone I see a look I have never seen on my lover's face, his smile is gone replaced by a look of pure fear and I hear him cry my name one last time … …"KURONUE!"

"Ah…" Hiei woke with a start. He turned quickly to see Kurama still sleeping peacefully at his side, unaware that his mate had just had a very disturbing dream. Confused, Hiei quietly slipped from the futon and padded over to the large chair by the window. 'What the hell was that dream about? It seemed so real. Why would Kurama, no… Yoko, call me Kuronue?'

Hiei, bothered by the strange dream, was still deep in thought as dawn approached. Kurama, missing the warmth of his fire demon mate, found him looking with unseeing eyes and a frown on his brow out into the Makai forest.

"Hiei, is everything alright?" Kurama asked softly.

Startled for the second time that night Hiei nearly jumped at the sound of his fox's voice. Hiei replied without really making eye contact with the Youko. "Hn. Just couldn't sleep."

With a sly grin and a sultry voice Hiei's beautiful silver Youko lover pulled him from the chair and into his arms. "You mean I didn't tire you out enough last night Koibito? You should have woken me. I'm always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you sleep like a fire baby."

With a none too gentle swat on his fox's behind Hiei growled. "Then get your fuzzy tailed ass in that bed and show me Kitsune."

Kurama playfully jumped then proceeded to do just that, after which Hiei took a long dreamless nap.